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Let Them Eat A $353,000 Dinner


Let Them Eat A $353,000 Dinner

Today's study in contrasts as reflected in the dueling hashtags #BernieAtTheVatican and #HillaryAtTheMansion: Bernie went to Rome to urge "a moral economy" after releasing his "very boring" tax returns - income $205,271 - while Hillary flew to the infamous Clooney fundraiser charging $33,400 to $353,000. Hundreds of peasants for Bernie defied the "corruption-fest" with a pot-and-pan protest and #DineWithThe99 potluck - price tag $27.


I don't care how nice George and his wife are, it is not possible, on the one hand, to rub elbows with the %1, get their money, and be for the common good on the other. Ain't possible. Hillary's Blue Dog, Third Way, advocacy is being unmasked with every syllable she utters. Only the willflully blind could watch that last debate and not see the depth of her inherent conservatism. Let the Great Unmasking continue, it's fun to see the squirming of the likes of Maddow and company having to stretch the very meaning of meaning in defense of the indefensible Clinton agenda.


God gawd. You would have to pay me $33,400 to be in a photo with Hillary.


Some poster pointed out: Do you think the big money guys, banks, Wall Street, etc. are pouring all this money into the campaign so that they can be ignored?

Hell, if they don't want ANYTHING for their money, why not give it to their employees, who DO give them something....mainly work and productivity. Ever had to go into an executives office and ask for a raise? Where's all that loose change then?


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george clooney is a major player on the neoliberal-capitalist -masters-of-the-universe team. He would have been a perfect Courtier at the Palace of Versailles when the Revolution came.


Excellent point.


I'm proud of my San Francisco 99%er's


Don't be so hard on yourself. If you want to be paid to have your picture taken with Hillary, ask for the whole $353,000.


I have never been to a pot-luck where the food wasn't delicious, especially the baloney and egg salad sandwiches! Worth every penny of $27.00!


Poverty is the direct result of stealing, of being robbed. In order for those folk's to pay for this obscenity they had to steal from someone. It just isn't here at home either, take a look see to other lands, other peoples. Everyone globally is being robbed and it's not just money. Their soul, the soul of the planet, their rights and the rights of Earth itself are just examples of this thief, is there another word to use other than obscene? Do these folk's have no sense of shame? How do they sleep at night? Or tell their loved one's they love them as they destroy the Planet, well, how do they do it?


George Clooney made the excellent point that this event as to raise money for Democratic House and Senate candidates. He was gracious enough NOT to point out that Bernie is not raising funds for these candidates and has not even promised he would campaign for them. All those $27 donations are going solely to his own campaign.

The reality is that without congressional support, neither Democrat could get anything done as president. All that talk about "political revolution" is meaningless unless other democrats are elected.


Always be wary of celebrities who do great philanthropic works...half way around the world while our own children sleep in cars and allies and cardboard boxes, often a short drive from their residences.


Attention Walmart shoppers:

Obviously you are not on Bernie's email list. I have given to the Bernie campaign and he has sent me MANY requests for additional donations that would be split 50/50 with other progressive candidates. So he IS working to get reasonable people into Congress.

And all Democrats are not created equal. There are many that should not be in Congress.