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Let Them Have Fun: Polish Women Strike To Protest "Barbaric" Anti-Abortion Law


Let Them Have Fun: Polish Women Strike To Protest "Barbaric" Anti-Abortion Law

Thousands of Polish women have declared a national strike against a new law, proposed by the far-right government and supported by an all-powerful Catholic Church, that would make it almost impossible for women to get abortions. Over 5,000 angry women marched in Warsaw on what they dubbed "Black Monday" - in mourning for their reproductive rights - with signs reading, "We want doctors not missionaries" and "A government is not like a pregnancy - it can be terminated."


Are these women offered the choice of birth control, like the pill or is that forbidden by the catholic church also- Seems like this would be A very big part of the solution, even though, I believe that the church has no right what-so-ever over a woman's body....


Far right government finds a way to force itself into the bedrooms of a nation...pretends it just happened to find evangelical elites already 'enjoying' the show.
How very, and precisely opportunistic of the voyeuristic.
Who is actually having the 'fun'?


The expression in the headline, "Let them have fun," is a quote of the Foreign Minister and this offensive remark ought to be in quote marks so to not be furthering the offensive idea.


I'm not trying to "force" anything here- I said: "A very big part of the solution"- NOT the total solution!
You and your sister may be the exception but not the rule-
I do agree with you that this is women's business first and foremost, but I also have the right to free speech-
I find your reply rude and disgusting-
Oh, and by the way, it is personal "beliefs", not personal "believe"....