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Let Them In


Let Them In

Nick Tabor

After this month’s attacks in Paris, it didn’t take French authorities long to determine that the suicide bomber whose body was found outside a soccer stadium had only posed as a Syrian refugee in order to get into Europe. The numbers on his Syrian passport weren’t legitimate, and the picture on it didn’t match the name.


Instead of dropping bombs, what if they dropped money on refugees? Some of the trillion Americans spend on the M/I/I Complex. I'll bet that would stop the wars and immigration.

But it would run contrary to the oligarchy's plan to kill off 5 billion "non-productive" people...


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Seems some are good at denying, deny immigrants, deny global warming, deny refugees, deny it is they that are the problem.


Ugliness is not the only thing that has that effect. Fear does too, when you've the sneaking suspicion that your government officials are not on your side.


All summer long MSNBC,CNN, played full speeches of Trump,and only tiny little clips of Sanders as they constantly repeated the word socialist. And now these same commentators are aghast at the popularity of Trump and the hate he spews. Recognition to UTUBE, I have been able to see Sanders speeches,and Sanders speeches are about compassion and bringing people together;one of the last things corporate media wants.


"The origins of the Syrian exodus are in March 2011, when the government
tortured a group of teenagers for painting revolutionary slogans on a
school wall. News of the act sparked a series of popular protests, and
President Bashar al-Assad’s regime responded by slaughtering
demonstrators in the streets."
Good to know that the US didn't have anything to do with instigating, manipulating and accelerating this. Except Mr Tabor hasn't made it clear what happened to cause Syria to end up in this current situation. It's not like plenty of governments don't suppress and attack demonstrators fairly frequently. In fact I believe Bahrain, Egypt and Turkey have both done as much or possibly worse and yet they haven't fallen to civil war. How is it that these countries didn't result in such an outcome? Some facts and a whole lot of connections to the wider machinations of US policy are missing.


The day after the Paris attack we were treated to the view on CNN of the French president saying, "Assad must go." My first thought was, "WTF? Your priority is to remove the enemy of the group that attacked you? And who the frack are you going to put in his place?"