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Let Them Play Tennis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/08/let-them-play-tennis


Eva Braun had more class.


Do believe there are severe long term impacts from dependency on stilettos. Makes me wonder about the brain stem…


Maybe she is auditioning for Saturday Night live.

Just love people who are their own parody.

Can’t make this shit up.

Another day and the “First Family” exceeds expectations.

She deserves the this word salad.

If you are going to be a rich prick at least marry someone with some class. Oh that was Ivana but she was classier and had more business savvy than himself-so down the road she went.


After reading the Trump family tell-all Too Much and Not Enough by one pissed off Trump granddaughter and niece, the whole family refuses to acknowledge anything untoward happening to them or to others. Zero compassion. Zero empathy. Zero ability to deal with hard issues.
They were members of the Positive Thinking cult of Norman Vincent Peale and his Power of Positive Thinking church. Patriarch Fred didn’t care about his wife’s almost fatal condition after Robert’s birth. He didn’t care about his eldest son’s final illness or that he was dying of thirst. He refused to see middle son Donny was totally useless in business but he did back all the glitz and glamour of his lifestyle, throwing good money after bad in mind-boggling amounts.
It makes sense for Melania to follow the Family’s cult belief. And it all fits in so well with American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny. Nothing bad is ever supposed to happen to America or Americans. Nothing…but if it does, just ignore it or declare a war on it.


Taste is another matter.

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Sorry, but kill the rich whether they’re cultured philanthropists or vulgar arrivistes. The only class there is the ruling class, and both contribute to the wealth inequality that by now has redlined in the US.

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A very good read.

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That “pavilion” looks like a mausoleum—how apropo, considering the number of people the Trumps have allowed to die!