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'Let This Be the Moment': Dr. Abdul El-Sayed Says Coronavirus Makes Undeniable Case for Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/let-be-moment-dr-abdul-el-sayed-says-coronavirus-makes-undeniable-case-medicare-all


Well done, Doc. Keep banging that message like a Salvation Army tambourine.

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It’s really that simple : The “for-profit” Healthcare system we currently have in the U.S. is geared to serve the corporations and maximize their profits. Americans who must navigate the complex systems of insurance before ever receiving any real healthcare, come “second” in this current system.

Medicare-for-All simplifies this by making all Americans in need of real healthcare, the “primary” concern. The need for insurance would no longer apply and save huge amounts of “overhead.”


And use Bernie Sanders’s name!


Just repeating the same old rhetoric doesn’t make it valid. You might be surprised at how close you are to having M$A and how it doesn’t fix health care costs. It should be called Global budgets and block grants for all. Read the fine print.

This healthcare-insurance scheme is working as intended actually. It’s always been about profit.

This is as silly as selling elixir to the healthy ones of us.

Moon says this bill may create a US financial superpower but will destroy US industrialization.