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Let Trump Off the Hook in the Name of Elusive Unity? Some Critics Say That Could Be a Big Mistake

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/20/let-trump-hook-name-elusive-unity-some-critics-say-could-be-big-mistake

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The orange manure fountain should be charged with high treason and executed along side all those that enabled its constant treason.
It could be said the first moment the orange manure monkey announced its candidacy it committed treason.
Those around it for sure did, by not preventing it running and ruining the country even more.


There will be no unity if Trump is not investigated for his numerous crimes. It will only embolden others to do more of the same. We need Dejoy and other Trump “appointees” investigated as well, if they sought to undermine the government and democracy itself. We can no longer pretend that our democratic culture will save us if we are not willing to prosecute people who do not care about that culture and recklessly violate the law.


If something like this does not show you that we have One-Party government, nothing else will. You know the Catholic church and the Boy Scouts were guilty of this as well. Protect your own…Gotta say this as well, police departments too are guilty of such acts, protect their own, blind eyes, and system goes on…I hope all of you 3rd party voters think about this…and the 3rd party voters, who voted for the lesser evil…


HA - its hell to have - almost as many - skeletons in your own closet !
I believe it to be true that if he is tried many others will be shown to have done nearly/almost/pretty close to the same things - the dumpster fire becomes a house on fire - could be for the better -


yeah, the giant oom-pa-loom-pa (Willy Wonka film)…needs to face reality.


When us peasants commit tiny crimes, such as “illegally” protesting, we are beaten, cuffed, crammed into vans and jail cells, charged with false charges, held without attorney or bail, threatened with felonies.
When Trump and his mob commit genocidal crime, Democratic senators and Biden talk about not doing anything to hold them accountable, in the name of “unity.”
Just like the fools did appeasement with Hitler.
Prosecute Trump and all his cronies for treason and all their other crimes, and give them the most severe penalties allowed by law.


Absolutely not! The new justice department needs to investigate Trump and his administration and if there is evidence that Trump or any member of his administration or other sycophants have committed either civil or criminal laws they must be charged and prosecuted. If these people broke our laws or have done any extra legal activity and are not held accountable any and every American can have carte blanch to break any law they we at any time. If we do not want to live in a society ruled by law, fine let’s all collect as many guns as possible to use in both defense and the commission of any crimes we deem necessary.


Biden needs to be bold. He won’t have trump ti run AGAINST next time.


Very well stated. It will be interesting to see how Biden’s loyal followers defend Biden’s decision not to go after Trump, after all the misdeeds and war crimes which he committed when he was in office. Apparently doing next to nothing to combat the coronavirus bothers neither Trump nor Biden. American exceptionalism at its finest. One of our intrepid journalists needs to ask Biden once he finally becomes president why Trump should be allowed to go unpunished when other people are prosecuted for their crimes. It would seem like Trump Biden does not have much of a conscience. And to think this is the best that the Democrats could come up with. Thankfully there are people who had the good sense to not vote for either Trump or Biden.


— UNITY ??
— With some PEOPLE, maybe. But NOT with TRUMP!!
… THAT would be an INSULT to Law … & the Constitution !!


Butt . . .   Butt . . .  In the name of “Looking Forward, Not Back”, O’Bummer and P’Loser let Cheney & Haspel & Mnuchin & Prince & Yoo and dozens of others off the hook in 2009 – including The Lying Son-of-a-Bush – and look how great THAT turned out!!!

Give It Another Try — What Have We Got To Lose?


UNITY ? Don’t be naive , there will be NO unity with trump , his
minions or the GOP , never .
The left will bend over and play the High Road Uniters , while the Right will look at the left as a bunch of pussy’s s that invite abuse .
Biden is a fool if he allows trump to go free . it will just prove once again that if you are an elite , hold high office , are wealthy, etc. you can commit any number of atrocities and walk free.
The rule of law will be flushed down the toilet .
Indict , convict and incinerate the MF


Yes. Regardless of what transpires, Trump and his cult followers are only going to double and triple down and more on what they are doing right now. This is not over with the election. Not this time. This really is different in several ways to forever. These “pea-pul” want nothing more than total control, by election or violence. 70+Million want to shoot and kill the rest of us. Our foreign wars are coming home, the same way Iraq went from divisions living with each other to internecine divisions slaughtering each other. They are not interested in a political process or in legislators and elected officials who actually govern, just in scorched earth.


time to stop letting the well connected and wealthy criminals walk away from their crimes–time to start prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law-ask yourself why Trump acts in so many illegal ways–it is because the politicians in charge-both parties-- will not hold the political criminals to account and haven’t since 1968–letting treason after treason----war crime after war crime- slide while they stuff their pockets with corporate cash(also the Dems know that they too are guilty so it benefits them to let the crimes slide–this is called corruption)


Did you really mean “incinerate” or “incarcerate”.? (Either way, both would be appropriate.) :))


Dammit Joe grow a pair!
As one who supported Biden over a would be demagogue I did not go into that vote with eyes closed. Biden is an old fashioned centrist certainly, one who believes in compromise as a tool of governance. There was a time when he was absolutely correct, but that time is not this time.

This nation will be better for a Biden presidency certainly, heck, road kill would make for a better president that Trump. But Joe is not a panacea, he is a stop gap, giving us a breather to elect more and better representation in 2022. I believe he can be persuaded to move at least a bit more to the left, by both his Vice President, those in Congress like AOC and her so-called posse and, most importantly, by an outpouring of support for progressive legislation from the electorate.

Many may believe that letter writing or texting, whichever, is a waste of time, and, perhaps, they are correct. But I know of no other way to try and influence president Biden than mass mailing and texting.

Already Biden’s list of potential administration figures contains far too many disappointments. I joined a mailing of almost one hundred urging him to forgo lobbyists and those with strong ties to oil and gas corporations as choices, I would hope that , if he received thousands of such he might understand his error. At any rate, polite responses must be more effective than constant negativity.


If the Dinos of the democratic party, once again, “allow” the fascists republicans to get away with it, and if we progressives, once again, “allow” the Dinos to get away with screwing up the obvious right thing to do. Then we deserve what we continue to “allow”, but definitely not the rest of the planet’s peoples.


I agree with you, but “investigated” is just too soft in this case - The country only missed by a hair of becoming a fascist hell. They must be punished. I know they can’t be officially punished until the investigations are completed, but they MUST not be “allowed” ANY quarter, none at all.


HEY JOE, where ya goin with that purse in your hand? The trump/GOP regime is what should be seen as what the oath speaks-of - all enemies, foreign and domestic.
The actions and subversion of our electoral processes by the malignant orange Mussolini ego-mad trump & co are just such and threat in so many ways and will only expand! His last-gasp environmental bloodbath is happening as we speak! ~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/21/trump-environmental-protections-rollback-climate-crisis

The latest treasonous move is “inviting” two Michigan Republicon officials to the WH to “just have a chat” - right - the definition of the appearance and fact of a subversion and Unconstitutional abuse of power and attempt to sabotage and alter the will of the people, as it’s called.

The orange child emperor is a legend in his own mind and must be met with all the force and gumption needed - demanded - to end all the threats and hold the treasonous loser accountable for ALL his subversive, abuse of power along with crony accomplices for, deaths of innocents, utter failures and criminal personal profits driven/created by public policy decisions, selling the US to Israeli racism, - again THE definition of a criminal enterprise that puts personal greed/advantage and criminality before the Oath of Office he swore-to - and makes a mockery of with every breath!

HEY JOE, get goin with that righteous demand for justice in your hand!
The people will not respect your weakness or attempt to “heal the nation” by coddling treason and undermining our Republic, they will despise you and the trump evil will continue and grow! - don’t follow the most “irresponsible prez in our history” with your own version! - don’t make the mistake of thinking the threat by this ego-mad creature will end with your - our - inauguration, it will increase and make your tenure and hoped-for reversal of all the crimes, abuses, and the lives of the public and all trump’s destruction impossible to re-build/reverse;; prison is waiting for the orange Destroyer in Thief! - do not shy away from that justice or your responsibility!