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'Let Us Go Forward Together': In Campaign Farewell Video, Sanders Calls on Movement to Carry on Struggle for Vision That Lifts Up All People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/10/let-us-go-forward-together-campaign-farewell-video-sanders-calls-movement-carry


Bernie, You should have stayed in through the Convention.

Prof Richard Wolff’s Solution
Richard D. Wolff Interview: How the COVID-19 Crisis Is Reshaping Our Economy

This link is an extract of an ~50min interview


You’re damn right the struggle continues, but not the way the establishment says. Most of us were Bernie only, and #NeverBiden. We are not available to be had. We already left the party after the way we were treated in 2016, vowed to never go back and would ONLY have supported Bernie in November. You will find there will be a lot of under votes for POTUS in November, because you have left us the choice of two old, corrupt, senile perverts, which is no choice at all. There is not enough lipstick on planet Earth for this pig. Don’t even think about trying to shame me back, I’m too old for that, just pisses me off more.


“Please stay in this fight with me.”

Looks like the only fight you’re going to be involved in now, Bernie, is the fight to get your "good friend,’’ the corporate-owned, warmongering, probable rapist, demented fool Joe Biden elected. No thanks. You had some great ideas, but you were the wrong person to deliver them. We needed a revolutionary with balls and we got a Mr. Rogers who was more interested in being liked than overcoming the evil inflicted by your “friends” in the oligarchy. Buh-bye, Bernie. F#ck you and the DNC horse you rode in on.


The conservative ruling power elite will never allow a leader who wants to lift all peoples up as this would cut into their personal enrichment and their power base.


The oligarchy will indeed not let their successful half century downward spiral to neofeudalism be reversed.


Focusing on this is feeding right into the greedy sociopathic hands of the right and trump.

“If you’re following the presidential race, you’ve heard plenty of sniping about Medicare for All and whether we can afford it. But when it comes to endless war or endless profits for Pentagon contractors, we’re told we simply must afford it — no questions asked.” (h)ttps://www.nationofchange.org/2019/12/05/its-our-choice-medicare-for-all-or-endless-war/

How many times— Joe— do you ask the above questions about endless war profits?
Or subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, the bail out of the banks and monstrous planet killing corporations?

What you seem to forget:

We don’t have the answers or have a clue about the monetary costs for surviving on a planet whose Co2 levels are nearing 418 ppm and the oceans are dying.

What will it cost to fix that?

Can we itemize that?

If we can’t (and I believe we can’t) does that mean we shouldn’t try to survive?

If you are laying on a hospital bed dying, have a few seconds to live, do you stop to “itemize” the costs of what it will take to save you?

In this country many who don’t end up in debt, dead or both.

Not having universal health care is that serious Joe. It sounds like you might have a good health care plan?


So true. And Bernie’s problem was that he had too many “friends” among that power elite. He was more interested in maintaining their friendship than with overcoming them. All he ever did was to ask their permission to be “radical” for a little while. Ever since day one of his campaign he had assured them that he would fall back in line like a good little trooper and support whoever they appointed after they screwed him over every step of the way. Now he’s going to ask us to support a guy who is the embodiment of everything he was supposedly fighting against? F#ck Bernie.


I still have to have trust in Bernie - although him getting out now stresses that trust near the breaking point. Does anybody know how big the campaign’s treasury is still? I hope (after whatever dismal POTUS we have “elected” in November) he uses most of whats left as seed money to start a new (or bigger Green) party, educate the nation and lobby for Ranked-Choice-Voting, and investigate the private for-profit un-audited computerized voting used in the primaries that took him down (like pay to count/compare the paper ballots).

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Let’s follow Bernie in the way he talks, not the way he acts. Let’s all vote for the Green New Deal, and the party and guy who developed it: Howie Hawkins.

It hardly matters Dem or Rep this November, neither will address the existential problems facing American human citizens. Last time some caved and voted for Hillary, and WE are in the same place 4 years later. Many of us didn’t want Hillary and voted for her anyway, and the lesson the party learned was, “well maybe senile Hillary can win in 2020.”

Those of you who wanted the Green New Deal and didn’t vote for Jill Stein in 2016 got ZERO for your Democrat vote again. And that’s all you’re offered again. You remain powerless while you don’t vote for what you want.


There goes the very necessary new New Deal.


Would have liked to have seen it being made clear that Biden has no capacity
to be president – or even to debate Sanders.

Anyone excited about Biden’s promises re Medicare lowered to age 60 – or
wiping out some part of student loans connected to state universities?
Or any other promise by Biden now?

Bernie Sanders is the leader of the DP now no matter the lies of the primaries and he
should act like it – certainly staying in touch with his followers at least on weekly basis.
Granted, he is due a rest period now and hope he will remain well.

His leaving the campaign will also impact those like AOC and other new liberals in Congress.
And the ability to continue to hold onto the House – and what of the fight for the Senate now?

Dem Party has done so much to destroy liberal leadership in last decades that who can we
look to as a voice for the people other than Bernie Sanders?

Trust that for all liberals there will still be a strong commitment to get rid of Pelosi – and what
are the chances on that? California supported Bernie Sanders – maybe there is a chance?

The question remains, how to overturn fascist control of our people’s government?

Bernie Sanders needed our full support – out on the streets support for the primaries to stop
what happened in 2016 – and, yet, as we waited to see something different happen this time
the VIRUS arrived to pretty much sweep Bernie Sanders and the primaries away – and now
also the Wisconsin primary amid the peak of the VIRUS.
Generally 182 polling places and there were only 5.


Bernie was always more concerned with pointing out how Joe Biden was his “good friend” and how “electable” he was than with giving clear, indisputable responses like you have shown. He was always lame in his answers. Now he expects us to join the fight with him to get Biden elected? No thanks, Bernie. You’re either with us or against us. There’s no playing both sides of the fence in this fight. The unconscionable bastards in the duopoly are never going to give an inch for the people and for socialism in any degree or form, and now here you, playing the “any blue will do” game. Go to hell, Bernie Sanders


Normally agree with you C but on this I think MfJ has a point. It would have won over many more people if he’d used his pulpit to educate them on the costs and not let the M$M obfuscate things. At the same time he could have been pointing out your arguments that in this country the powers-that-be can make the money available for the things it prioritizes. Now whatever pulpit he did have is going to be shrunk even more.


Paul Wellstone? I know he died (?)


Trust in Bernie? Why? He has shown his true colors over and over again. He was never really a revolutionary, and that is what we needed. Now he is going to be spending the bulk of his time campaigning for his “good friend,” someone who is the embodiment of everything he was supposedly fighting against. Bernie was always more concerned with being nice to his old friends in the establishment than with leading a revolution, and now he has fallen back in line, just like he had promised he would from the get-go. Trust him? Screw him.


I don’t believe you’ve made an honest effort to inform yourself on this matter. Searching "funding M4A returned several explanations.


Yes, we needed a Revolutionary but Bernie was well, Bernie. And he knew there WAS no real revolutionary stepping forward so he did what he could. I can’t fault him for not having the guts to get himself assassinated or jailed for us. He knows better than either of us how rotten things are in the swamp and what it would take to make real change. But even with the approach he took he DID get Medicare For All more into the national discourse than would have happened without him. Same for the Green New Deal (I doubt many Americans even now know it was a Green party idea). Now, if there IS money left over in the Bernie camp (and some of it was mine) and it disappears to Biden or anywhere less useful than the issues I’d raised above, THEN it would be time to screw him!


Thanks for your response 1Nall. I appreciate your thoughts and welcome most all the comments here that help us sort through this mess . . or I should say predicament . . we find ourselves in with this dysfunctional oligarchic duopoly as we move closer to fascism/authoritarianism . . ???

None of it is good. I don’t see light---- only a collapsing tunnel that humans dug and are now destroying.

I’ll admit: I clung to the idea of Bernie/a movement like I clung to my stuffed animal (guinea pig) as a child hoping for some comfort and solace in the dark of night.

As the planet heats up, ecosystems die and people get angrier, I wanted to believe enough people would join to work on the side of compassion and truly implement what Bernie’s mantra was: Not me, us.

The stuffed guinea pig eventually disintegrated. And judging by some of the comments here, I was clinging to evil in Bernie!

My response to your quote above:

You are giving people a whole lot of credit! Unfortunately many people (most?) don’t seem to take facts and mull them into their brains for critical thinking.

I don’t believe having a simple pat formula to show how the costs would be covered and then perhaps join in all the other countries who provide universal health care((h)ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_with_universal_health_care)
would have changed the results.

The plutocrats would not let Sanders win even with solid M4All numbers. All one has to do is follow the good ole DJIA/rise and fall of big Pharma stocks to verify this.

And yes MSM obfuscates but they would obfuscate anything Bernie did because of corporate greed and control.

In the meantime, this is how the right (and neoliberals?) will keep trump in office:

The first thing they did was lump biden and Bernie together (I do visit right wing media sights to learn, albeit while gagging).

Then they trotted out their narrative:
Biden ( who in their minds is channeling Sanders) will:

“Raise taxes on the middle class”

“Eliminate the oil and gas industry – including the jobs they support”

“Have free healthcare for illegal immigrants”

This is their mantra and one that will hit their rabid base like a huge hit of meth to an addict.

Woo hooooo. We are in for some ugly, soul crushing times.

And escaping into “nature” doesn’t help these days. The AGW enhanced ticks are out in force!


Oh, you’ve mirrored and expressed my emotions better than I could!

I have a good friend who consoles me with " well things may have to get a bit worse before they get better". Trouble is he’s been saying that since Reagan was elected (doesn’t work on me anymore).

This Pandemic though, isn’t done yet messing with the Status Quo. Its awakening more and more people (globally) than any little election in our Plutocracy could. And the fates may bring us more surprises yet (hopefully not all of them soul crushing).

We’ve got to hang in there and continue to do what we can. Wiser people than me have opined that it is about the struggle more than the outcome.

I’m wary of the ticks too!