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Let Your Greatness Bloom (As Long As You're Not, Ewww, You Know, Gay)


Let Your Greatness Bloom (As Long As You're Not, Ewww, You Know, Gay)

Sigh. Just as the country needs healing, we get the Nashville Statement, a vengeful, unholy manifesto on "Biblical sexuality" from 150 godless evangelicals preaching that, yup, gay, trans and other sexual "others" will definitely go to Hell. They call this a much-needed "moment of gospel clarity." Other Christians call it a vile regression to an "Iron Age belief system based on ignorance and fear" by an endangered church: "We’re preaching hard to what’s left of our hateful choir."


Love the cartoon! That would be great on a t-shirt.

The people who wrote this “manifesto” and those who agree with it, are one of the main pillars of Trump’s base. White supremacists are another one. There is a good deal of overlap between the two. Now add the NRA folks. Again, much overlap.

It is these people who make me very uneasy. This is why I had to vote for Hillary, who would not have been my choice. I had to vote against Trump, and the hatred and intolerance of his base. At least she wouldn’t have pandered to these people. They will never be for a Democrat.

And, I would do it again.


My imaginary god tells me I must hate … nothing new here …


These people are everything Jesus warned people about.


Let’s not forget the central implication of such a horrendous statement, which these freaks, bullies, morons, sanctimonious twits and cowards can’t even say: anyone not like themselves should be, in the Bible’s terms, simply killed. Fuck them. Fuck every single one of them, and their “holy book” too.


I’ve been to Nashville, this ain’t Nashville.
Yo Beale Street !!!

America’s apology to Nashville for our fellow cretin Pharisees.

First of all, let’s get this straight!

Everyone goes to Heaven…Unless…You choose to go to Hell.

Anyone who has died knows this.
Talk to anyone who has died they will explain

Second, Nobody gets Sent to Hell. It is a choice.

The choice is to choose the Darkness. Much like you see these people doing. Usually it is because one is afraid of the Light.

Thirdly, there are a great many who are indeed lost and choose the Dark with the self worship and the associated violence of an uncontrollable self lost to one’s vices.

Trust me, these people are Afraid of the vitality of the Light and would rather hide in their holes.

Lastly there is no Final Judgement. We are our own harshest critics. And our sins which we think so dark and lowly are burned away by the Light, the Freshness of Truth and the Abundance that is the Creative.

The Universe which brought you forth in Loving Awareness will not abandon its own Child. For those Biblical in nature, meditate on Infinite Forgiveness not the wrath of a man made god full of an author’s personal prejudice

For all those who find entertainment in visualizing sending others to hell. Watch out lest your hate bring you to the same destination.

There is Enlightenment in us all. With Enlightenment comes the corresponding Rebirth and Reconciliation

The same Creation, created us Equally and Cares for us Equally.

You just have to Choose

But make it soon there is a lot of cleanup to do and we need everyone’s help


Funny. Hmmm… Are they referring to the King James Bible? King James was gay. Look it up. Google it. see: “was king james gay”. Only takes a moment. :slight_smile: