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'Lethal Inequality': New Study Shows Millions at High Risk of Covid-19 in US Lack Adequate Health Insurance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/09/lethal-inequality-new-study-shows-millions-high-risk-covid-19-us-lack-adequate


Yes, FFS, Bernie and his team have the answers.


Yep. What good does it do to have state-of-the-art medical facilities and innovation if masses of people cannot access it? Are we going to keep allowing them, those who deny us Expanded, Improved M4A which combines Medicare with Medicaid, to make care only for those better off? I should the hell hope we do not!


Tone deaf Biden and the DNC are not moved–they are happpy at the prospect of war criminal W. Bush endorsing Biden. I will vote against Trump then only support ecosocialists and ongoing protests and direct actions for social and environmental justice.


Coronavirus hospitalizations rise sharply in several states following Memorial Day

From CD:
Among this increased risk group, those with low incomes, residing in a rural area, and of non-white race had higher rates of inadequate insurance," the research found. “High-risk persons living in Medicaid non-expansion states had 52% higher odds of being inadequately insured relative to those in expansion states, and high-risk individuals residing in states that had not issued stay-at-home orders had 23% higher odds of inadequate insurance relative to those in other states.”


People do not need insurance. They need HEALTHCARE.

We all Need Medicare-For-All.


We might as well refer to COVID19 as the Predatory Capitalism Pandemic. Exploding not only in the sphere of health, but as a revelatory ‘sand- in- the-gears’ fully flanked with mirrors reflecting the full scope of what predatory capitalism has deemed necessary to eliminate/externalize from the institutionalized premises dating from the founding of this country; the 16th century consequences of Roman emperor Constantine much earlier conflating the newly emergent Christianity with empire; these societal constructs pumping out the symbolic ‘Quasimodos’ - warnings from the artists of every stripe THROUGHOUT THE CENTURIES

Mother Earth / Spaceship Earth to inhabitants: heed the warnings!
The balances necessary for a healthy planet with all her aspects is the only basis that is sustainable in terms of human systems engagement. The youngsters - for the most part - GET IT.

Globalized Predatory Capitalism must have an unmistakable mirror held up in perpetuity to accurately reflect what it spends to assuage mortally sick minds scrambling to kill and take.

No more.


Well, duh!
Covid did not create this problem. Prior to the pandemic, the USA had nearly 30 million people who were uninsured. It featured over 100 million with employer sponsored group plans that are so expensive with such high deductibles and copays that employees carried the bare minimum of coverage and rarely used their insurance for anything but a catastrophic health event. The same with Obamacare, as many of those policies are high deductible plans that are basically catastrophic only as well. Medicaid was being cut back, Medicare continues to be privatized, and the VA is completely over taxed.
And almost half the hospitals in the USA have closed since 2001.
Covid didn’t cause inherent problems in our for profit healthcare system, but it may just end it.


Almost as if the overlapping waves of new COVID cases from Memorial Day, Black Lives Matter protests and “re-opening” of unprepared urban center businesses, transit, churches… is meant to facilitate obfuscation of Federal, State & Local governments sending vulnerable workers & our older loved-ones, or those with co-morbidities to the reefer trucks… again? All they’ve learned is how to hide our corpses, behind statistics? Herd Immunity, with impunity?




~https://magazine.jhsph.edu/2020/convalescent-plasma-covid-19-treatment-speeds-clinical-trials (Bloomberg C&P)



That’s mighty astute of you, PonyBoy. CD could decide to stop selling “insurance” in its headlines.

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Coronavirus confirmed cases per capita have been increasing in several low-insurance bad Medicaid states.

The worst state is Arizona. After that a huge number of states are all jammed together in infectuousness. I’m taking out the ones with highly suspicious CDC data. In order, D.C., Arkansas, Utah, North Carolina, Iowa, Alabama, Minnesota, Virginia, Nebraska, Mississippi, New Mexico, Illinois, South Carolina and Louisiana. Finally way down the list we start hitting a couple of well-urbanized states with ok Medicaid and dependable CDC numbers, Rhode Island and California.

I have been updating my statistics daily since March 22 at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


Barack Obama, the gift that keeps on killing; ACA, DOD, NSA, CIA, EPA(lousy diluted regs) Climate change(do nothing Paris Agreement).

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I love my healthcare plan.
I have the “pray to god you don’t get sick or you’ll go bankrupt plan”.
Most everyone I know has the same plan and they are quite happy with it.


I will try to refrain from passing harsh judgements on you or anyone else who chooses to hold their nose and vote for Biden. i get it.

i will also not “blame” anyone who chooses not to participate in the sham charade that the 2020 election has already proven itself to be.

The increased activism that we’ve seen in recent weeks continuing on - beyond the election - is much more important to me than which of Biden/Trump gets selected by the plutocrats to represent their interests.
Much love and appreciation to you


Take your pick . Die of a horrible disease or go to the hospital , become bankrupt and die on the street after you become homeless because you cannot pay the bill.
Fuking disgusting and downright evil.


Someone needs to let Bernie know that there are continued cuts to Medicare and deregulation of Medicaid funds. It might be better to directly address these issues instead of the pie in the sky approach of M$A. Or those the folks at Harvard could recognize M$A doesn’t adequately affect or reduce costs. It caps cost and deregulates them by global budgets.

Where did 18 million people over 65 not have access to healthcare come from? And, states that did not pass Medicaid expansion, what is their public health plan and why did people vote for it?

Paul, I can confirm through my daughter-in-law, who works in administration, in a small county hospital, that MS. data is compromised. She told me about a month ago they were told where she works, to list all deaths related to respiratory issues, whether confirmed or not, as a COVID 19 death. She had no idea where the order came from, or why they would do that. Keep in mind this was before testing for the virus was mainstream in this state.

Seema Verma, just reduced the requirement for infection control in long term care facilities where having access to health care can have an adverse affect on your health. What about that??

The places where employees have walked out because it is to dangerous to work.

Apparently fun overrides caution. Getting back to work then overrides virus dangers. Only the brave get sick or die. Seems there is some justice in that.

Exactly, who needs factory farms to increase the rate of community acquired infectious disease, it is the other herd that needs tending.

Well that could be a serious problem as in fraud if it changes hospital funding.

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