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Lethal Levels of Radiation Found in Damaged Fukushima Reactor Will Have 'Huge Impact' on Shutdown, Regulators Warn

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/30/lethal-levels-radiation-found-damaged-fukushima-reactor-will-have-huge-impact

When I got out of my undergraduate program the Navy was heavily recruiting me to operate a reactor in a submarine (12-hour shifts, six months out at sea). The money was great and what a chance to save it as where in the hell does one spend it underwater? I said no way because I value my sanity among other reasons. So glad I made that choice. The training I received in reactor operations scared the hell out of me and Chernobyl had not even happened yet (but it was a totally different design). Fukushima is fucked my friends. It will be a no person’s land forever. There are no fixes to the innumerable problems that began on 3 March 2011–none. The amount of water run through the plant will ultimately end up in the Pacific as there is only so much storage for it on site. Much Life will perish–Life of all of forms. Largely because they chose to put the four reactors low and near the beach rather then up on the hill. Why? To save a few yen. And now this clusterfuck. Greed kills!


My understanding is they have been dumping contaminated water into the Pacific for quite some time now, the Pacific, and those who rely on it’s bounty, is/are also “fucked”.


Thanks for that post WO !

Four hundred or so commercial nuclear plants still operating around the world - France is especially dependent on them as I understand it.

Every one of those four hundred a ticking time bomb.

What is left to believe in ? Right now not so much.

Maybe I am just getting too long in the tooth ~

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Do you not think it is similar to 3-mile Island and, with the proper equipment,the ultra-high dose debris can also be cleaned up?

It’s all moot… That water will end up in the Pacific Ocean…But that is very distracting, as the nuclear cores melted down into the Earth with no way to retrieve them. Were there not 3 that collapsed?.. This was not a Japanese problem, no this was a problem with all governments of Earth that should have responded… the bigger issue is that Fukushima and TMI & Chernobyl should have been the end of Nuclear Power…way more dangerous than coal plants…

  1. Eliminate all Nuclear Power plants and Nuclear weapons.
  2. Eliminate all old Coal plants.
  3. Ban Fracking.
  4. … actually, leave em all in place, this will depopulate humanity, and then you can design to scale the energy needs needed by the remaining humans… wood fuel then… and passive solar…

… sure no need to worry, Joe’s got the plan.


I wrote a big article on Medium dot com today. ~Medium@jrallen1200~ for my take.

Fukushima may be a human extinction level event. Slow motion, for sure, but as far into the future as ones cares to look. 3 Mile Island was a sneeze compared to Ebola, SARS I, Haunta Virus, MERS, SARS II( COVID-19)combined.

Yep, 3 that will burn for a long, long, time.

Most of the nuclear reactors in the US are fission reactors almost identical to Fukushima Daichi. Something as innocent sounding as a solar storm could start us on a fast track to multiple nuclear meltdowns all around the country simply by knocking out the power for an extended period.

This is why the schemes afoot now to ramp up nuclear* are BAD BAD BAD policy.

Nuclear fission is not even remotely “Green” and the more we know about the incidence of solar storms, the more dangerous we realize it is.

“Green New Deal” is more likely than not to become “Nuke Deal” A very bad deal.

We barely missed a potential “loss of the ultimate heatsink” disasters due to a near miss by a coronal mass ejection event just a few years ago. That made us realize the frequency of these Carrington class solar storms is higher than we thought. That should be a wake up call to not build any new nukes.

No revolutionary new inventions have been discovered. Thats all BS.

Corporations will happily collect profits but dump the cleanup bills by declaring bankruptcy after an accident.

Insurance has exemptions so would not pay people impacted by a nuclear disaster.

Look at what has happened in Fukushima. People have been forced to eat the loss.

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You think Fukushima is the only seaside nuclear reactor? Reactors need a lot of water. Can you believe nuclear reactor along the east coast of Florida with all the hurricanes they have?

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…or nukes could shield critical circuitry from EMP events like the military does.

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The problem has nothing to do with seaside. It would be caused by the wave of electric current induced in long electrical wires, by a solar flare like the one that hit us in 1859. It would make power transformers blow up and the US East Coast is hugely vulnerable to it. There are a great many of these Mark 1 reactors all around the country. Many are in the most vulnerable areas. Near cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, etc.

They need to be able to withstand extended power outages because of the need to keep them cool. There is no way to prevent multiple thermal runaway events without an effective backup system that could keep them cool for a very long time, the assumptions they make that power could be restored within a short period are known to be wrong. So smart people are trying to get them to prioritize taking them offline not building new ones.

We need to reduce usage substantially and decentralize power generation.

We cannot rely on electricity for heat or in an extended power outage people will freeze. (In addition to the potential meltdowns caused by the loss of the ultimate heatsink and Carrington class CME.)

We have two spacecraft that are supposed to give us an early warning, only a few minutes, or the solar mass ejection coming and that is supposed to give power plant and energy transmission network operators a signal to bring the transformers and the power grid offline. But …

Its just insanity to build more until we have resolved this problem. But thats what they are hell bent on doing because… they really want to sell off that natural gas.

Even though the shift will likely make a huge number of people in cities homeless if they cant afford to rent there any more, because the older buildings are going to be much costlier to heat. So will be torn down.
Rent stabilization laws are tied to a certain apartment.
If its gone they wont have some other alternative.

We currently have the cheapest energy in the world, but thats because of a moratorium on export we had for many years that is no more.

Renters are going to find they cannot afford to rent. Real estate developers will get a huge gift, the land those buildings sit on today, a lot of it.

See Kelo vs. City of New London.

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The problem isn’t the same at all, its completely different, compounded by the fact that large parts of the US have been cursed by picturesque but electrically dangerous geology. That makes it particularly vulnerable.

When CMEs occur, we lose electrical transformers. Sometimes they cause power outages.

But a Carrington class CME, if we were not ready for it in advance, could cause an unknown but quite possibly catastrophic number of power outages. We dont know. And I think there are so many things that could fail, we’re nuts to think we could avoid this. Is the question how many could fail, or if any would fail?

Unless we could both bring the long lines offline before it hit, AND provide all the nuclear power plants with power to keep their cores and spent fuel pools safe. Otherwise, we’ll have multiple meltdowns just like what happened at Fukushima., we can bet on it.

Its obvious, looking at what happened at Fukushima.

Its a problem thats inherent to that design.

Unfortunately, that’s the design most (almost all) of today’s nuclear power plants use.

There really isnt a good alternative. The hype train thats telling us there is is BS.

The radiation at fukushima is astronomical. Its so high that robots cannot work in that high a level of radiation. The kinds of hardening you describe seems unlikely to be adequate to meet this challenge.

The fact that the Japanese who are experts in automation, are stymied by the radiation levels inside of Fukushima should tell us something.

All the imaging that comes out of there shows the effects of that radiation. Its covered with static. That is what it does, it causes errors.

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Hi WiseOwl;
Have studies been done on the sea life all of this time, or are governments ( Japan and America ) acting as if there is no problem? Have there been studies on the sea life—and too----- how does nuclear pollution move in water? Are radioactivity and nuclear wastes already, by now---- in every ocean?

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Makes me want to take a geiger counter with me when in Sushi restaurants


We don’t need nuclear power. It is the same lie as tRump, himself!

Or you could do like I did here on the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon blowout, stop eating seafood. I dearly miss our Gulf Shrimp.


“Just don’t eat fish or anything from the Pacific Ocean”. That’s how somebody I know who still lives in California put it to me.

What could possibly go wrong?


Don’t waste your money. One day there won’t be any fish left for sushi.

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