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Lethal Shooting of Sheriff's Deputy in Texas Described as 'Ambush'


Lethal Shooting of Sheriff's Deputy in Texas Described as 'Ambush'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Law enforcement officials in Texas are still trying to determine the identity and possible motive of the individual who shot and killed a sheriff's deputy near Houston late Friday night in what has been described as an "ambush" at a local gas station.


Where does this all fit in? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Have Gun Will Travel? The Dalton Gang? Back to the wild west?


The way i see it is that this is literally a product of the system. Im not for the death penalty, but when cops have the legal right to murder children on playgrounds, we have to expect at least som blowback. Its ignorant to think otherwise.


Absofuckinglutly! How many senseless murders by cop have we read about in the last year alone? One cop investigator, in a different news report I read, said he has never seen anything so cold blooded. Really? How about the several recent instances where cops have shot someone in the back for no reason? Where cops have choked people to death who were begging for their lives. How about those people who have been tased to death or beaten to death by cops?

If the cops are going to murder then they better expect to get it back. At least they are armed when they are shot which is a hell of a lot more than the civilians who are murdered by cops usually are.


It'd be good, tho, to target the psychopathic cops rather than random ones the way the psychopathic cops themselves do. It does the movement no favors to shoot and kill Joe Schmuck just because he has a badge, since he might very well (the odds are in favor) be a decent human being.


Was he hollering I can't breathe?


I second your opinion. Is it so hard to say that the murder of this innocent man was a tragedy? Is there any reason for anyone to celebrate the death of this husband and Dad. Are we back to "an eye for an eye?" He hadn't done a thing. Prayers for his family. I hope they catch the guy.


Oh shut up! You know that's not what I was saying. I'm saying that if you belong to a group who routinely gets away with murder then expect pay back. By the way do you have any messages for Eric Garner's kids and wife? How about for the dozens of others who have been shot in the back, choked, beaten and hanged by the cops in the last year?

A large percentage of cops are psychopaths which is fairly obvious. About 10% of the guys I did my tour with in Vietnam (I won't say serve because the only people who were served by that war were the profiteers) were murdering psychopaths. Professions like police and military draw psychos like moths to a light bulb.


Blow back........ same thing with ISIS, the Taliban, Alcadia,............... this is the making of the police state

We will all see that the killer did this because of police brutality.


How many blacks assassinated by cops did not get secretly filmed when executed?????

hundreds of thousands blacks have been killed since the 1700.


The polarization of the US citizenry continues unabated. I notice that the Louisiana cop who was gunned down by someone that was stuck in a ditch and who he stopped to help (in other words it was an ambush on the part of the "stranded" motorist) remained unreported in CD. But them both the perpetrator and the victim were white as were several citizens who stopped and subdued the gunman and used the police cruiser's radio to summon help to the scene.
Now they are charging the guy with first degree murder and in Louisiana that means he could be given the death penalty. Count on CD to notice this "travesty of justice" should it happen.
Then there was the white Mississippi cop who, again, stopped to help an apparently stranded motorist (he was African American) who proceeded to slash him in the face with a box cutter while he and two of his companions (also African American) choked him and told him they were going to slash his throat as they dragged him into the nearby woods.
The officer managed to release his K9 partner by remote control from his cruiser. "Officer Lucas", a black Belgian Malinois, after biting two of the assailants then chased all three back to their "stranded" car and was hurt when he was dragged for a ways because he would not let go of the assailant in his teeth's grip. These aren't just "interesting coincidences", they reveal the desire to radicalize the police and set them and the public they are to protect against each other just as surely as the black slayings are attempting to set the races against one another.


It's very sad for anyone to be violently victimized, and it will only bring on more violence to more innocent people. So the lost of life and the decline of a once admired society is spinning rapidly, as if in a funnel. My condolences to both!!


I am compelled to point out that this ambush took place around thirty miles from the Waller County Jail, where Sandra Bland died. The officer was probably a target of opportunity for revenge. Blowback, as others have suggested.


If I drive down to Texas, I have to go through Oklahoma where the state police openly stated, "...if your a woman and don't want to be raped, then dont get pulled over...". How does that fit in? Are you now going to defend rapist cops? Im sure you would. Besides, why are you even concerned? It didnt happen to you. And dont forget police sign up for their job, just like our troops in this endless war. I dont care about the excuses that law enforcement has about their job. They getpaid at minimum, triple what they were paid before 911. But if you want to backup rapist and murders because they wear a bagde, then keep going through Texas and go to Louisiana, you'll fit in just fine.


Lowsy-ana is a poor example. Those cops are top 10 most corrupt police force, and right now is the second most corrupt stae, down from first this year, which brings me to my point...our police are too corrupt right now. There are less examples of good deeds than there are of corruption. When police states come about, historically speaking, this is the behaviour that citizens take. Right or wrong becomes irrelevent. Getting someone back in our society is a very welcome idea when you feel oppressed. It happens, its going to happen, and it has happened. This is nothing different from any other police state or oppressed society. And by the way, there is ample evidence that shows these conversations are exactly the same in history. So if critical thought is allowed to prevail, then all things would be considered, such as keeping police off the streets after they kill someone so they can receive treatment for it. But that is common sense, something lacking at these moments.


Wxactly. In the Watts riots, our fellow citizens of African descent where peaceful until the police set a dog on an 8 year old girl almost killing her. It was that particular incident that turned African Americans seeking civil rights into a militant group. Hell, the Black Panthers , before the riotswere a peaceful group that helped feed poor children before school and would buy them school supplies, etc. So when the police state acts, citizens react. That is literally the consequences to a police state. For more infromation, study East Germany. Why were they sneaking out? Because of Communism? Bull-dink, thats American propaganda. It was beacuase of the police state.


WiseOwl, oh, so this is not far from Waller County Jail? Sounds like this may be a retribution murder.


None of what you said above validates or justifies the deliberate setting of an ambush designed to lure a police officer into an attempted assassination--any more than shooting Michael Brown in the back however many times he did by some cop who thought he was Dirty Harry was justified by that circumstance.
By the way, if you google police or cop ambush you will find out that this kind of idiocy is happening from coast to coast and not just in "lousy-ana" as you term it.


That was my initial reaction, but I'm not able to "channel" the suspect's mind.


Dean Corso--
Since the Communist party ruled and ran the DDR (East Germany), wouldn't that make them as responsible for the Stasi police state as the Nazis were for the Gestapo police state or the Communists were for the NKVD police state?