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Let's Acknowledge That the Russians Love Their Children Too


Let's Acknowledge That the Russians Love Their Children Too

Robert Naiman

Apparently some folks in Beirut couldn't get themselves completely jazzed about the global outpouring of sympathy for Parisians following the ISIS-Daesh attacks there on Friday.


And that's the long and the short of it.

It's not enough that Russian criminals now own everything in Russia. For the US psychopaths to be satisfied, they must be the owners.


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Shrub said (sh)it the best: "either you're with us or your against us." Until the American "mind" accepts that America is not exceptional, expect no progress. This meme, along with poverty inducing fiscal policies, keeps fingers on the triggers itching to kill for the profits of the ghouls who care for nothing but their Almighty PetroDollar$. TPTB play this nation like a fiddle using bread (but not too much) and circuses; the whole world suffers as a result.


I watched a bit of that. It was funny that she didn't actually translate the first one, even tho "plombir" means nothing to an English-speaker (it didn't even mean anything to me, so I had to look it up. According to Smirnitskij it has 2 meanings: ice-cream --which doesn't seem right: ice-cream flavored ice-cream?-- and sealer(!) (plombirovat' means to seal, stop, or fill, presumably like a pothole or tooth cavity. Bizarre.)

Her little bit of imperialist propaganda didn't go unnoticed either (not by me, anyway).


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В чем же дело?


I agree, except that I think it's not so much a racial difference as what's being revisited (or should I say regenerated) in the form of "the spirit of the Crusades." (Bush, jr. used that allegory as more than a Freudian slip.)

Most people think of the present and make the mistake of thinking that behavior and responses are totally generated from the present.

The ideas of collective memory, habits retained by the collective consciousness, and patterning are dismissed. The truth is, these patterns and collectively held UNEXAMINED beliefs run very deep. The original Crusades as a clash between Christianity and Islam left major psychic scar tissue.

The rise in Christian Fundamentalism as a force that's organized to own TV networks, radio studios, an entire political cartel, and significant sects of the U.S. military is very keen on this idea of fighting a religious Holy War. (Holy War is the black hole of oxymorons.)

How many times has a secular TV pundit used inflammatory language to describe an "Islamist" or Islamic terrorist. There is a deliberate equating of the RELIGION with brutality which would be deeply amusing were the average Christian Zealot or Jewish Zionist to see his own face in that same mirror.

I think it's time to honestly look at this factor. I notice that very often, this deliberate use of Christian chaplains to excite blood-lust within the military (since nothing says "break the commandments" more than "god's" alleged word) is ignored just as complex cognitive jujitsu is performed to leave gender out of all equations of brute power.


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Pretty to think so, for sure, but who does if they don't? Have you heard of any economic democratisation? I haven't, though I'd love to!


Так точно. Она сказала, что эти вкусы мороженого доступни везде «в русскоговорящих странах, Россия, Украина, и т. п.» (или словами такого значения, во всяком случае). Зачем не назвала она Белорус? Зачем не Балтические страны, где много русских? Империализм, по моему.


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К сожалению, думать что «только мороженое» слишком просто. Россия (в лице Путина) хочет всосать Украину, как и было во время недавных царей. А то когда кто то называет Украина «русскоговорящая», это не о мороженоем! Некоторие люди живящие в Украине говорят по-русски родным языком, а множество имеет Украинский язык родным. То, что она сказала - я просто не верью, что было какую-то ошибку.

(Беседовать чудно для меня также - где учились?)


er, what?


What about the part about Ukraina?




Russian. (Cookies asked "are you a racist?" which bewildered me, so I asked back "what's that about?"


"Adel Tormous, who would die tackling the second bomber" was praised in the NYT, but they did not mention he was a member of Hezbollah, of course.


Yes-I realised it was Russian. Just jealous.


I said

? Quote me, please.