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Let's Be Clear, Says Mexico Environment Minister, 'Parasitic and Predatory Neoliberalism' to Blame for Climate Crisis

Yeah, just like the predatory corporations destroying indigenous populations in Mexico by strip-mining, clear-cutting, encouraging agricultural monoculture, and expanding into and destroying natural habitat. Look in the mirror, boffo!

So true.

Thatā€™s telling it like it is!

Good to hear bullying doesnā€™t always work. We need more socialism, more realism, and more plain courageā€¦this present gaggle of neo-liberal know it all, know nothings will pick the bones of the planet if we let them.

Why do we let them?

What a crock of mansplaining bs. Indulge in a little science readingā€¦some history wouldnā€™t hurt either. The Scandinavian countries are socialist my dearā€¦and doing very well. They consider taking care of all their people the mark of good governmentā€¦and a prosperous society. Up here in Canada we have universal medical care, thanks to our socialist third partyā€¦and propaganda about how it doesnā€™t work is just thatā€¦propaganda.

Your sweeping generalizations about just about everythingā€¦and your feigned ignorance about neo-liberalism, coupled with your bogus certainties about socialism expose you. Iā€™m sure T-rump can count on your vote.

Victor Manuel Toledo Manzur is 100% correct. He probably just made the Pompeo/Bolton hit list.

I wish we had this gentleman heading the EPA!

And the White House is now the ā€œShit Houseā€.

I recall that Sweden wasnā€™t doing so well in the 1990s. The Danes joked that Swedenā€™s monetary unit was the peso, and that Swedes have less discretionary pocket money than some third world countries. Sweden has backed off a bit from full-of-it socialism since the 1990s.

As for your own country Canada, you call it socialist, but how ā€˜socialistā€™ is it when it has a stock exchange, profit-making corporations and Canadian David Thomson has $9.5 billion and is #27 on a recent Forbes magazine list ?

More than a decade ago I exchanged emails with someone in Alberta. He said that when Alberta adopted single payer it was ā€˜universalā€™, anyone who showed up at a hospital was covered. Then they noticed the number of Montanans coming up to get ā€˜free healthcareā€™ and amended the ā€˜universalā€™ part of it and issued health-cards to every resident. So Alberta isnā€™t 100% ā€˜universalā€™, at least. As for working, your own Fraser Institute reports that wait times for Canadian healthcare have doubled in the past 20 years. How can you describe that as ā€˜workingā€™?

As for ā€˜neo-liberalismā€™, Iā€™ve heard a couple of different definitions. I would like to know what your definition is. (Just like there are apparently several sorts of ā€˜socialismā€™ and even though Cuba and Venezuela proudly and loudly proclaim they are socialist you point to Scandinavia or Canada as the examples to emulate, not anything the Cubans or Venezuelans are doing.)

I appreciate your graciousness regarding m error, I should have used the verb ā€˜serā€™. I also agree with your statement that ā€˜to go or not to goā€™ is relatively comparable, in this situation in particular!

Busy in the garden so will just respond to one thing. The Fraser Institute is not a think tankā€¦its a shrink tankā€¦funded in part by Koch brotherā€™s dark money. It decides what it wants to prove and then sets out to do itā€¦its right wing, neo-con propaganda and no reputable news agency should be quoting it.

As to socialism versus neoliberalismā€¦neither system is a panacea in a world where war is still considered a money maker, guns donā€™t kill people so lets sell lots of them, and taxes are hated and tax shelters for tax evaders tolerated.

My point in responding to your first post is that bashing and trashing isnā€™t analysisā€¦and winning a dualistic argument by twisting words and issuing blanket condemnations, is a waste of time.

Your country has more problems than should exist in the richest nation on earthā€¦and I suspect part of the reason for that is your free market ideologyā€¦and feigned ignorance concerning what your war lords have been doing to the people of the south and third world for decades.

Yes. Neoliberalism is the new fascism, from my understandingā€¦but it took all of us too long to realize that no regulations, low taxes and massive privatization would bring us to where we are now.

Where we are now isnā€™t pretty. And it wonā€™t be solved by ideological talking points. Nor will regime change in countries your leaders want to control. Nor will climate change denial and the continued creation of war and climate refugees. Nor will walls along mythical borders and fanning the fires of racist bigotry and fear.

Weā€™re in real troubleā€¦and unrestrained, unregulated, military industrial pseudo growth economies have brought us here. Time to think and work together if you ask me.

And on that noteā€¦back to my garden. Be well.

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To Maryinga:

I just want to commend you for your excellent down-to-earth response to a2plusb2. As a retired Maine native, Iā€™ve worked and lived for 36 years in Europe, The advanced social democracies of Europe are light years ahead of the U.S. in balancing equitably and constructively social and capitalistic values in the interests of All citizens. Their social democracies are improved and correctied when necessary through the democratic give-and-take of multi-party systems. Our nation with its bought two-party political model is in a late stage of becoming an autocracy where neoliberalism and a thoroughly corrupt political system empowered by Money are indeed the parasitic and predatory demons step-by-step destroying our.democracy. Yes, we are in real trouble made catastrophically worse by the mentally unstable, mendacious, divisive, verbal bully now leading the country.

Hi sLiMsHaDy:
LOL, well that was my tutor self speaking, as tutors are meant to broaden ideasā€”not to discourage! Gringo that I am I still canā€™t trill my Rsā€¦but answering the phone in Spanish confounds the evil telemarketersā€¦ although gibberish works well too : )

You define neo-liberalism as the new fascism, or perhaps the new fascist imperialism, since Iā€™ve most often heard it mentioned with respect to third world nations and their economic relations with the first world.

Iā€™ve read a statement by the ā€˜sonsā€™ of the people who originally coined the term and defined the concept. It happened post WWII, during the ascendency of FDRooseveltā€™s New Deal meme that national economies depended on governments to function correctly. Feelings of despair at the wreckage of the ideas associated with Cleveland, McKinley and Coolidge, and with neo-Classical and Austrian economists. So they thought up a sort of Eisenhower economics, which accepts for the time being what government does, and also advocates for freer markets and pushes back against the worst of what government is doing. They called the concept ā€˜neo-liberalismā€™, with the ā€˜Liberalā€™ referring to its meaning in Europe, somewhat equals ā€˜libertarianismā€™ in America. (Not the liberal meaning in America, synonymous with ā€œfree and profligate spendingā€.)

There are many varieties of multiparty systems. Some, like Italy, or France before 1958, or Weimar Germany, are so divided and politically ā€˜Balkanizedā€™ that they couldnā€™t form a government that lasts even one year. Some of those countries are notorious for being badly governed.

Looping back to another idea expressed somewhere on this forum, the USA ought to get out of NATO and out of Europe. Europe has been described as a military midget, whose influence in the world is steadily decreasing. I would like to see what Europeā€™s situation looks like 20 years after the US pulls out, and takes its defense umbrella with it.

ā€œBuenoā€ - tan bueno, actualmente!

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What interests me are the capitalist roots(and branches) of fascism. I suspect there is something intrinsically corrupt about a system whoā€™s chief 'raison dā€™etre is the accumulation of abstract moneyā€¦regardless of who goes without the necessities so you can pile up money in cavesā€¦or computer printouts.

I further suspect that as money and power conflate, the most venial of individuals put their heads together regarding how to form government and how to govern. War is their chief metaphor, because somewhere deep in their psyches, reality still lurksā€¦and reality tells them their actions and behaviors are hated by the many. So they create authoritarian militaristic laws, they exempt their fellow hoarders, and they tell the people to hate governmentā€¦all the while monopolizing all government powers.

Neoliberalism is the modern wolf in sheepā€™s clothing for this class of windigos. And in whatever corners of history you lookā€¦you will find them. They are arch capitalists. Everything is for sale. Guns? You bet! Nubile young girls and boys, our sons and daughters? For sure.

Whatā€™s more, as they consolidate their wealth and power, everything is for sale under monopolistic conditionsā€¦there are few owners, only the barest illustion of competition. The real competition is down on the mean streets where the people struggle for mere survivalā€¦up at the top of the heap its all gravyā€¦for the very few. The winnersā€¦or as our family calls them, the weiners.
The fear of socialism is one tool in their black box of liesā€¦because socialism whould attempt to care for the people, the windigos spew out fears about ā€˜over spendingā€™. OVER SPENDING???
Something they know all about when it comes to their own narcissitic buttsā€¦but god forbid any money goes to feeding kids, or educating them,
or teaching them good birth control.

Oh no. Women must bear in sorrow and wantā€¦children must taste the bitter fruit of poverty. for the good of their souls.

The hatred and fear they spread across the land is as bad a drug as fentanyl ā€¦and you can see it, in every post that says we can regime change where everā€¦thereā€™s big money in thatā€¦but heaven forbid we give any aid, comfort or opportunities to the poor.

The War on the Poor, being the real source of their wealth creationā€¦when all is said and done. Because if any value or belief system that said all of us deserve a liveable existence got hold of the population, theyā€™d have their heads on spikes in every large city, within weeks.

So I donā€™t spend much time comparing capitalist societies of the pastā€¦I try to help people imagine a government that knows our people are the real source of our real wealthā€¦itā€™s hard to doā€¦because money worship has gripped most of usā€¦

But its necessary. Since money isnā€™t real in the way a child is. Money is an abstract measure of exchange. Everything real that has been builtā€¦for good or illā€¦is built by peopleā€¦by their labour. So if we focused on that source of prosperityā€¦weā€™d see neoliberalism for the thing it is.

Mussoliniā€™s government by ā€˜corporate elitesā€™ā€¦fascisms facile belief that ā€˜whatā€™s good for business is good for the countryā€™ā€¦

And weā€™d stop arguing black versus whiteā€¦liberal versus conservativeā€¦capitalist versus socialismā€¦

Weā€™d begin imagining something more inclusive, humane and satisfying.

And donā€™t ask me where weā€™d get the money!!! We could print itā€¦just like the banks do presently. We could tax it back from the 1%ā€¦just as they do in Scandinavia. We could learn to live on less, just as we did when I was a girl.

The problems of neoliberalism arenā€™t insolubleā€¦neoliberals just work hard to make us think that.

Thanks for your corroborating commentā€¦I thought I was responding to you below, but actually sent my morning rant to the guy with the algebraic handleā€¦have a look if youā€™re interested.

I think its long past time we all started doing some ā€˜deep thinkingā€™ā€¦knee jerk repetitions of the talking points provided by wall street and the fossil fuel industry are going to get us nowhere. Climate disasters pile up by the hour, evidence of ecocide by our capitalist overlords accumulates, poor people in other countries are threatened with the four horsemen of regime changeā€¦and we continue to discuss the dangers of socialism???

Coming from a country that still doesnā€™t have single payer medical care for all its citizens, that makes me want to laugh until I die crying!!! Talk about the theatre of the absurdā€¦on steroids.

Attention: maryinga

Enjoyed reading your substantive and moving return comment.

Itā€™s late now in Europe, so I will get back to your thoughts a little later. I agree with how you poignantly paint the deplorable social-economic-political state our nation is in. For some time now, Iā€™ve been writing about whatā€™s happening to our country (climate crisis, healthcare, huge income gap, marginalization of the working class, dysfunctional political system, etc.) for the journalistic blog, California Free Press - Frank Thomas. Below are a couple examples relating to the climate crisis:

Mr. President, Whatā€™s Worse? The Majority of Climate Change Scientists Being Wrong, But We Act Anyway, Or Climate Change Deniers Being Wrong, And We Donā€™t Act? ā€¦ Shockingly Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations & CO2 Emission Levels - Perilously Worsening The Warming Up Of Planet Earth

You may find interesting a recent article by Thom Hartmann:

How Republics Die, Thom Hartmann, May 22, 2019.


You are very reasonable. I want to respond to your ā€œDonā€™t as where we would get the moneyā€. It is the key to all the financial problems, and thus to many others. To wit: Money is a man made creation. It does not fal from the sky or spontaneously rise from the earth. People create it.
'1] about 3% of the money supply is created by the central bank of the Country, that is by the Federal Reserve Board, in USA or Bank of Canada Or Bank of England etc.
2] about 97% of the Money Supply of each country is created by the ā€˜commercial banksā€™ or ā€˜country banksā€™ or private banks , in each country. The amount of the money supply varies greatly, depending on the definition used and that is done, I think, to confuse the masses of people, who still think that the government creates the money supply. The government gets the blame and the bankers get the profit.
and the people get the shaft and the sweat and tears,
Gold and silver are not any more used as money.
All money in every country is ā€˜fiat moneyā€™ . The Federal Reserve has not owned ant gold since 1934.
The creation of money is the key to liberty or the method of enslaving the people of the republic.Learn about it.
President John Adams said " Our problems are not the result of lack of honor or virtue, but of ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation." In all my long life I have never heard any Americans repeat that statement. If I published a newspaper I would put that Quotation on the front page