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Let's Be Honest About Something Else with Trump: He's a Male Supremacist


Let's Be Honest About Something Else with Trump: He's a Male Supremacist

Will Bunch

It didn’t make a lot of headlines the other day when word came down that President Trump has picked two of his three U.S. attorneys for Pennsylvania — and why would it, in a strange time of human sacrifice, mass hysteria, and cats and dogs (a.k.a. Chuck and Nancy and Donald) living together?


I agree with Will Bunch. It is glaringly obvious that Trump, his base of supporters, and much of the Republican party, are all Racist and/or Misogynist. Their words and their actions say it all!


In my lifetime, I would never have imagined how so many people here in the United States of America could have enabled such a horrible human being such as Trump is, to become president.

Is is wrong to wish someone would martyr themselves to rid our nation of this curse?


Is The Donald Sexist? Yes. Does that mean he won because America approved of his sexism? No. Does it mean the electorate itself was sexist, or that sexism was a deciding factor in the election? No. To say that a willingness to overlook The Donald’s sexism is itself a case of sexism is like saying a willingness to overlook Hillary’s warmongering sociopathy is itself a case of warmongering sociopathy. The reality is both candidates came bundled with an assortment of attributes, few people who voted for either candidate liked everything about the person they voted for, and they certainly didn’t endorse the worst of their attributes. And many, if not most people were not even voting an endorsement of the best attributes of either candidate so much as voting against the worst attributes of the other candidate.

I’m highly skeptical there was a significant bloc of the electorate who liked and preferred Hillary’s policies and character attributes, but who voted against her anyway because she has ovaries. If there was such a bloc at all, I expect it was massively outweighed by the bloc which did not like Hillary’s attributes, but ultimately turned out to vote for her precisely because she has ovaries–so the net result of sexism could well have been to reduce the margin of her loss. And well up on the list of her repellant attributes is her brittleness, her self-absorption, her lack of self-reflection, her lack of general awareness, her lack of accountability, and her need to fix the locus of blame for her failures, or any fallout from her misdeeds, on anyone and anything but herself–as she is doing here.


Pony, you put into words what a lot of us are thinking, and sad to say, wishing. Even Hitler’s henchmen were planning a mutiny… Thanks for your courage. To hell with our real AND wannabe Nazis.


Duh… CD, duh…means duh…


trump is sexist and a warmonger too.


No one ever disputed the fact that he’s a male supremacist. The thing is that his supporters consider that to be a feature, not a bug. Just ask any fundamentalist christianist, a very large part of his base, whether or not males are supreme over women or not. They’ll be glad to set you straight.


No one is claiming that misogyny was the deciding factor. It was just one of many and was the basis for other reasons for not voting for her. Other reasons for not voting for her is her record as a neoliberal, but that does not preclude misogyny from entering into the mix.


I paraphrased it as “a” deciding factor (one of several or many) because for it to have “played a role” in Hillary’s defeat, as she suggested, presumably it would have to have had some real effect on the outcome. If it had no effect, it’s hard to see how it could have played a role. Even if there is no scenario in which the outcome of the election could have been reversed if all sexism could have been eliminated, it could still qualify as a deciding factor if removing it would have been enough to reverse individual vote decisions. And I do think sexism played a role in that regard, but that doesn’t mean it played a role in her loss. The number of people I encountered or heard about who liked Hillary’s positions and would have voted for her except for her gender was zero, whereas I heard of many who had no enthusiasm for her or her policies, but were excited to finally get the historic opportunity to vote for a female presidential candidate from one of the major parties. If sexism played a tangible role that actually shifted the results, my sense is that, on balance, the shift was in her favor.

I also think Hillary’s argument that Trump’s win itself counts as evidence that sexism played a role in his win is doing women no favors. It plays right into the stereotype that women struggle with logic. (You can’t invoke an effect as evidence for a particular cause of that very effect.)


Has no one here ever read at least James Baldwin - to realize the depth and long history of our inherent racism, classism, misogyny, war-mongering, etc. ?? Maybe there is a lot we have to learn yet before we think that Trump or even the Rethugs (or the Dims) are our worst problem. I fear our own blindness and ignorance, and unthinking ways mean more about REALLY seeing the problems that we have earned for far too long now .We are Trump! Pity. Love.struggle, Elizabeth Sarfaty
Malone, New York.


Yeah like where’s the worthless CIA when we need them?


When all is said and done, it was the anachronistic electoral college system, period. All factors for and against each candidate can be argued for the next century. Nearly three million more people voted for Hillary, whatever her faults. If the 2000 election had gone the other way, the electoral college would probably have been gone by 2016. The Republicans would never stopped raising hell over the popular vote winner if it had been Dubya.


points very well made


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