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Let's Burn All Illusions in 2021

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/13/lets-burn-all-illusions-2021


Good analysis. The People have to lead and not be led. Obama did a head fake with the Hope & Change routine, that brought too little of either. The People have to do the lifting. It will always be this way.


"The future depends on what We the People will choose to do."

Will We awake to the division this Duopoly has wreaked upon us all and seek to create a political party devoted to true “Representation of the People, by the People, and for the People?”


We must resist the snooze button. Expect nothing transformative from the governing class. The future depends on what We the People will choose to do.

Thank you, Faramarz . Some supporters of the Democrat’s establishment characterize me as worse than Trumpian insurrectionists, for articulating this message.

در همبستگی - برادرم


What this guy said – every word of it. I do not think for one second that Biden and the Dems are going to do anything besides what they have always done – pay lip service to democratic values and social justice while bending over backward to serve their corporate sugar daddies and keep the war machine of the MIC running full-throttle. And I likewise have little hope that the “squad” is going to actually do anything. They seem to have learned all too easily and quickly how cushy their job can be if they play by the rules. They’d rather win the respect of “Mama Bear” than stir things up and defy her.


Our only hope is for “push” to come to shove

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Finally – a voice from our collective hearts. Thank you, Faramarz.


As soon as I am able to register for #Peoplesparty I will do so. A viable pro-worker 3rd party combined with continued strikes and protests is our only hope for change.

I just watched an ex-cia anti-terror chief on cnn saying the problem with America is that our freedom of speech and freedom to protest is what “allows” right wing extremist groups to build and grow. It makes their jobs “impossible”. Keep your eye on the corporate media, they are all going to frame it this way - our freedoms are making us less free.

We are at a very dangerous juncture.


Perfect clarity here. Every word. We must have the courage to fight against going back to the terrible ‘normal’ that produced Trump, and risk looking unreasonable when the mainstream gets disturbed that we’re interrupting brunch, though perhaps all of what the author writes is becoming clearer by the day even to them. God, I hope so.


Can we not agree that (1) the neoliberal order has led to greater public disempowerment, resentment, and distrust of institutions, and (2) blocking social democratic alternatives under such conditions only paves the way for even more retrograde and reactionary forces to come to power?

This is the central question. Unfortunately, so many on the left refuse to see this truth. It is so much more comforting to believe that Biden will be good for the country.