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Let's Call Bolton What He Is: A War Criminal with Terrorist Ties, Not Just "Hawkish"


Let's Call Bolton What He Is: A War Criminal with Terrorist Ties, Not Just "Hawkish"

Juan Cole

John Bolton helped lie our country into an illegal war of aggression that killed several hundred thousand Iraqis, wounded over a million, and displaced 4 million from their homes, helped deliver Baghdad into the hands of Iran, and helped create ISIL, which blew up Paris. In a just world, Bolton would be on trial at the Hague for war crimes. Instead, he has been promoted into a position to do to Iran what he did to Iraq.


Not much more to be said, Cole pretty much says it all. I mean we have Sessions, Devos, Perry, Pruitt and Zinke. Now he adds maybe the worst of the bunch with the “walrus”. I wouldn’t want this ass hole to clean my septic tank, or for that matter any of the others ether. What a great fucking country!!


Make Armageddon Great Again!


The country has gone absolutely insane. I feel a calm before a very terrible storm.


This is an excellent analysis! Cable news today is not only worthless and misleading: It is downright dangerous! Iran is not our enemy, except to the extent that we make it so. Ditto
for North Korea! Our greatest enemies, the real threats to our freedom and well-being, the entities who are very successful at keeping us divided, confused and afraid, are to be found
right here in this country: the Corporate Media, all who profit from war, the Right-wing Think Tanks, the vampire “Financial Services” industry, Big Ag, Big Pharma, the corrupt Congress,
the insane Executive Branch, Corporate Lobbyists and those they serve, the NRA.

Why do you rarely, if ever, see or hear people such as Juan Cole, Chris Hedges, Andrew Bacevich, Michael Hudson, Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky, Brian Stephenson, Phyllis Bennis
or Nomi Prins on Cable “News”/Broadcast Networks? Why do you think that is? Surely they
are all recognized experts in their particular fields.

This is why: For about 40 years, give or take, right-wing positions/beliefs/theories/interpretations are about all that
the majority of Americans are exposed to. This is by design!
Those under the age of about 50 have heard very little else!
And…it’s getting worse!


If the country allows this appointment to stand, it will be the final proof that the U.S. has forfeited the right to exist. We can expect the rest of the civilized world will recognize this as well. Our future as a relevant world power will be over, our designation as a rogue terrorist organization, like ISIS, to be neutralized at all cost, will be assured.


As usual we get a very comprehensive and tragically accurate view of where we and the world stands from professor Cole. If only his message could reach the millions who are denied truth in media, and suffer thru maddening drivel and pablum, lies, and distortion…one critical aspect of “democracy” is informing the public, now functionally entirely absent.
The utter madness of the trump regime, corruption of truth in media, and vanished wisdom in the halls of power are frightening. In any sane world and mechanisms of governance the inmates of the asylum would not have control…No nation can long survive under such madness.and corruption…


Barbara McQuade at UM’s Law school appears 2 or 3 times a week on MSNBC. It’s not like Juan Cole’s office is a few hundred miles from hers. A few hundred yards maybe.


If they could string up their cojones, Congress could stop this jerk. He and Trump probably figure they can attack Iran off the 9/11 terror resolution. Don’t think the public will support it–even with a dozen Bay of Tonkins.

And what the hell? Iran has fairer elections than Russia! and more of them than Saudi Arabia has ever had!! Again, what the hell!!!


I’m not sure the networks approval of fascism had as much to do with the time they devoted to Trump as just plain old greed. In any event, their constant airing of every Trump fart and slobber for advertiser money surely paid a significant role in the monster being elected.


Anyone who only gets their news spoon fed from the TV isn’t probably interested in the news as much as being entertained while being able to say they watch the news.


So again and again more blatantly, the government hires for war, for torture, for murder. It is significant in a practical sense as well as an ethical sense that these people could be prosecuted for their crimes with no change in law or form of government, just by losing the favor of leaders, mostly unelected.

This means that they are quite owned, more so and differently than politicians who are simply selling out for bribes. They are owned as confederates in organized crime–and this is not simile.

These thugs become candidates for appointment or election when jobs arrive that more clever or subtle foils would turn away from, jobs that the corrupt will not face personally for money.

What is that job today, in and around the United States?

Perhaps the large project has to do with all this noise about Russia, no?


With the backing of Sen. Lindsey Graham and the other worthless Republican Senate scum, Bolton will be " normalized " and treated as if he isn’t a completely insane madman.
The Republican Party has gone completely mad itself, " normalizing " all sorts of abhorrent policies and subterranean creatures like Cheney, Bolton and their Zionist secret funders. And, possibly worse still their secretive political action comittees, et al.
The Republicans are the only ones who can intercede and stop Trump from going any further in his quest to escape legal scrutiny. This is why Bolton was chosen; he’s " the gun at your head " threat Trump’s mafia-soaked wet dreams are made of. He’ll pull the trigger, too. Count on it.
Enough is enough!!


“Don’t think the public will support it…”
Please explain how the public will stop it, and if they can’t, what does it matter to the powers that be ?


The biggest factor in his getting elected: The D-party running HER.


Taking a page from the Trump playbook, everywhere Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, Kushner go the chant should be “lock him up.”
But I wish Juan Cole wouldn’t overstate things, he can’t know that Iran “never had a nuclear weapons program” - he just wants to believe it just as many on the other side who say they did have one. Maybe they did, maybe not, it doesn’t matter that much as it surely has been suspended even if they did, and either way, attacking Iran is a war crime act of aggression.


Yes, another terrorist, mass murderer bolton, to steer the # 1 terrorist nation, imperialist amerika! The fall of the evil empire, must come soon, for the very sake of our Sacred Planet and its People!


I agree but think it can be said the DNC and party has morphed into something very similar to the right wing you mention.


Are we not addicted to war?. I read this cartoon book over 10 years ago. I haven’t been here in a very long time.
Please check this out. The book was really good to read and would be great for grade school children.



In a slightly less INsane society people like Bolton would be in irons. In a sane society they would be in heavily guarded research facilities attempting to cure their psychoses and learn how to prevent them from arising in the population at large.