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'Let's Do This!': Progressive Powerhouses Swiftly Endorse Nina Turner After House Run Announcement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/lets-do-progressive-powerhouses-swiftly-endorse-nina-turner-after-house-run


Me wonders whether Fudge will now be ‘asked’ to withdraw her name from consideration for the position. Can’t imagine the dem hierarchy is too pleased that Nina will be taking her place in Congress.


happy hunting, sister Turner.

and watch your back.


Nina Turner for Speaker of the House.


Run Nina Run.

Everyone make way for my sister who has something to say.


Nina Turner is the best positioned candidate for this ( soon ) open Democratic Congressional seat. She’s been there for progressives and will represent this district with the fierceness and distinctive unique qualities she developed over this last decade. Washington needs her earnestness, fire and energy.
Go Nina Turner!


Wouldn’t that be something


Game changer.


Oh Boy another puck on the team of nasty women to help do some good trouble. I sure wish I could see Mitch’s face react to Nina Turner speaking on “the house floor” (Yes I know he is a senator)

There is strength in numbers !!! She is a force and many of those other folks may not want to hear her and maybe will do something in order not to quiet her, for example take some action ? Wouldn’t that be something!


Nancy has failed for the families and citzens for the past 13 years. She just got re-elected speaker. Here are my questions?
AS third in line to be president, do we want this corrupt loser to become president if some wild catastrophe befalls the prez and VP?
She cannot negotiate a single dollar past McCorkell. Then, settles for half of whatt he offered before.
Who is on the other end of her phone call? Hillary and Bill, Cuomo, Obama’s? Or lobbyists promising insider info, campaign contributions and easy access to their well funded PAC.


I truly relish seeing Ms Turner turn their necks around, ja ja ja


Point to a Democrat or a Republican who has accomplished something net positive in the last 10 years at the national level…


Go Sister Nina!!! Yeah! Our country needs you.

Just watch your back. The DNC/Pelosi/Schumer/Clinton cabal sees you as a threat and will actively work to undermine you.


According to local news, around a dozen people have announced candidacies for this seat. It will be a contentious primary, and since Pelosi and the DCCC hate Nina, I’m sure their fingerprints will be all over the election to try and prevent Nina from being elected. It will take a yeoman effort for her to win this election against the establishment.


“‘Let’s Do This!’: Progressive Powerhouses Swiftly Endorse Nina Turner After Hosue Run Announcement”

Progressive powerhouses? What an absurdity. The word “power” is the last word to be honestly associated with these sheepdog faux progressives rushing to feather their personal political niches by “endorsing” Turner. Using the phrase “progressive powerhouses” with regard to those individuals is about as “real” as is using the word sanity anywhere in the proximity of Donald Trump. In the realm of influencing politics in Washington, these people are as irrelevant, as powerless, as are their supporters.

Oh, they certainly excel in political duplicity and fraudsmanship, AOC and Turner herself, perfect practitioners of their craft. They’re political hucksters and, at least in that respect, not all that different from Trump. Luckily for them, they really don’t have to be very good at it, considering the way all the so called progressives on CD fawn all over them. They have nothing to worry about, those progressive powerhouses. They can sleep soundly in the knowledge that their rubes, the voters they need to string along, show not the slightest sign of waking to their deception. Easy peasy.

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Two more years in Ohio’s State House, and then Nina for President in 2024.

I second that emotion!

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You mean, just like the corrupt DNC threw Bernie under the political bus?

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That’s a new level of cynicism I haven’t yet achieved. GO NINA!

One could hardly find a group more unreceptive to the truth than those progressives still clinging to the false hope that these Sanders-style members of the unDemocratic Party in the Congress are actually going to turn the Party around, even as the truth stares them smack dab in the face. Clinging to the irrevocably corrupted un Democratic Party sustains the duopoly and undermines the potential for comprehensive progressive policy in government.

Turner’s latest embrace of the neo-liberal unDemocratic Party is a “game changer”? Really? That statement, my friend, reaches a new level of its own, a new level of naivete. In the unlikely event the woman’s elected to the office, she’ll change just about as much of the game as have those progressive powerhouses this ridiculous article is selling.

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