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Let's End This 'Together,' Sanders Tells Black Youth in South Carolina



I don't understand why people who want to end racism would NOT vote for Sanders...


Your example is well taken but she is only one in a long list of crooks that make the so called US government.


Because they are addicted to lamestream media. If you can get them to read CD and the like there would be a huge vote for Bernie.


Cornel West's passionate introduction was impressive, Bernie was interrupted only by applause.


Becasue some black USAns - rightly or wrongly - associate the Jewish-economics-professor-looking Sanders with white affluent liberals - who engage in their own subtle but more effective forms of racism notably urban gentrification-displacement, public education, and public transit-racism.

But Sanders is finally doing all the right things to throw off this association and gain black allies - and Prof. West's endorsement is excellent news in this regard.


As a government employee for MSHA, if I was caught communicating with the mine operators regarding agency business - and particularly politics - on my personal e-mail, I would be in violation of a number or ethics rules (such as the Hatch Act) and could get fired and possibly face criminal charges.


Sanders continues to look impressive here in the cloistered left-of-center news-site-o-sphere. But sometimes we need to mix with the general public and get a cold dose of reality. Last Friday, I was sitting at a bar next to two travelers in Salt Lake City Airport - and they were talking politics - one talked about the relative merits of Hillary and Donald Trump - with the person (a woman) leaning toward trump for some or another "horse-race" type reason - treating it all like sporting event. So I inserted myself into the conversation and asked "What about Bernie Sanders - who is currently polling ahead of Hillary for the nomination in Iowa and New Hampshire?" One of the 30-something travelers (the woman) had never heard of Sanders, and the other (a guy) only had a vague recognition of his name "he's some senator from Connecticut or somewhere?" he said.


Since you can be relied upon to act as Hillary's Reputation Protector in these threads, it's a good bet that you are in fact paid to do so.


You always mention the Jewish item. It's quite reflexive in many of your posts.

To the crowd who want to see Jill Stein, I wonder how many closet anti-semites could get behind a Stein-Sanders ticket!

I remember a long time ago you coddling Rita (Ready to Transform) for being a Jew who made "your grade." And just so you know, when I grew up in N.Y. my neighbor had to change his name in order to be hired as an engineer. With a generic-sounding last name, he could "pass" for not being Jewish. He was a brilliant engineer but his Jewish ethnicity would have meant NO job during that era.

You self-identify as an engineer, albeit one with a heckuva lot of time on his hands (given your daily postings)... so you either are inured to a very real prejudice strongly held by members of your field, or you identify with it.


i had a similar experience last week here in "one of the most progressive cities" Seattle, with a late-twenties white couple talking about the relative merits of Trump and Clinton. They knew who Sanders was but gave his candidacy no real consideration. Basically just parroting the "horse race" they are fed.


Apparently, your "superiors" have no problem with your posting during workday hours continuously on THIS site. Right?


The lack of Sanders "savvy" is due to a deliberate media blackout. Make sure to leave THAT factor out. In that way, the C.D. tag team can instead stay On Message in blaming voters. Their favorite meme.


Excellent. Next stop Pine Ridge "Reservation" (a.k.a. concentration camp).


Bernie Sanders is one of the best presidential candidates to come along in a long time. His contenders are a big pack of losers. First we have Honest Hillary, than the brother of the biggest loser of all time. We have the Vice President who doesn't know if he is up to running the country or not. Last but not least we have the Rich Fat Man, with the Davie Crockett style toupee. The Corporate Media makes believe that Bernie doesn't exist. Their big favorite is Davie Crockett and Honest Hill. I wonder how the media is going to handle it when Bernie Sanders wins.


Salt Lake after Pine Ridge as a needed stop.


Dr. West, being someone who is truly not anti-Semitic--being pro Jew AND pro-Palestinian--will hopefully serve as a bridge for the plight of Palestinians with Bernie.


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In order to win the nomination, Sanders needs to win the Black community the same way he is winning the White progressive community.

He heard the message of Black Lives Matter in their actions that impacted him and listened. He has done a good job of incorporating the issues of structural racism and reform of our criminal justice system into his agenda, realizing that just his focus on economic class inequality was not enough.

But he needs to do more. As others have pointed out in these comments, he has an uphill climb. So what are some more things that will win in the Black community, get his message out, convince them he's both electable and will work for them?

1) He needs to turn to other Black leaders like Dr. West and make his case to them. Every Black leader who supports Bernie the way Dr. West does will get him heard in the Black community.

2) He needs to go to Black churches.

3) He needs to go important places in the Black struggle and make speeches there, especially if he can do so on the anniversary of the struggle.

4) He needs to participate in actions, the same way he marched with union members on strike.

5) He needs to find ways to highlight his criminal justice bill so the community knows about it. Maybe another filibuster?

He also needs to take concrete steps to win the Latino community too.