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Let's Get on Board With High-Speed Rail


Let's Get on Board With High-Speed Rail

Jim Hightower

Practically every wealthy nation today is making major investments in building high-speed rail networks to transport their people: Japan, Canada, France, Russia, India, England, Morocco, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Italy, China, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Turkey and more. But not us, the wealthiest nation, with dozens of cities dotted across a continent with millions of people who need fast, convenient rail connection.


"The U.S. is in the caboose of transportation innovation because special-interest politics continue to thwart our national will, leaving you and me with a rickety, malfunctioning rail system that is a national embarrassment. It's unforgivable that corporate and political leaders have intentionally failed to maintain, much less improve, the quality of America's rail infrastructure for future generations."

So true! Add in the fact that oil producers like EXXON also utilized those same demonic think tanks to fund anti-science/anti-global warming, truth-smearing campaigns in order to retain their primacy and divine corporate right to poison the atmosphere and now send our planet reeling into destabilized climate shift frenzy.

They also thwarted fuel efficiency standards in order to beef up sales of oil.

It's 88 degrees here in North Florida. It should be 65-70 at most. I fear that NO winter will come and the plant life that's taken thousands of years to adapt to a cooler climate may suddenly collapse leaving the animals with no source of food or shelter.

It's MURDER to nature... and ongoing.


That sounds really sane and rational


Does anyone here watch the business reports?
Raytheon, Booze Hamilton etc. are being forecasted for record profits directly due to the wars.
in a very happy tone.

Some of these companies earn 80% or more of their revenue from the Government.

Their CEOs take a significant portion of the revenues that they receive.

Why build trains? So that there can be more money for other businesses?
You must be joking


Boeing and the automobile lobby are going to make sure that no stinkin high speed rail cuts into their air travel or road travel markets.


During the cold war, capitalism became religion. It became unquestioned, almost sacred - at least to the wealthy and powerful. There was capitalist philosophy where capitalism would improve the third world and raise living standards for everyone.

That was the story as corporations began to gobble up the smaller businesses and consolidate (absorb their competition). That was still the story as American corporations began to expand overseas in and to welcome foreign investors. Firestone rubber stopped being exclusively American owned and so forth.

Look back in time and memory about how corporate capitalism used to talk about putting profits back into the company and rewarding worker productivity with regular raises and bonuses. Capitalism was God seemed to be the outlook for many.

So what happened? Capitalism the 'raw capitalism' that exploited resources and cheated the people of those nations that we extracted resources from began to get so big and so hungry that upper limits began to fade from view. No heights of profit, too big to fail, not big enough mega mergers and all the rest... that ultra raw capitalism became turned around and began cannibalizing us.

American corporate might saved the world in WW2 and now... it had created a frankenstein multinational version of itself. Profit uber alles was its only code.

The same way a corporation used to go into a jungle and take out billions in profit from the resources there while ignoring the citizenry's rights of ownership now turned its baleful all consuming multinational gaze back at us.

America and Americans were exploitable and that was all there was to it. Gone was the patriotic capitalism of yore. What was good for GM (corporations) was good for America - that was old school thinking. The corporate world wanted nothing to do with national issues. Profit was its only perspective. Corporate was not patriotic anymore...it was multinational and proud of it!

Thus while once profit (greed actually) conspired to remove mass transit, they did replace it with something else that worked better - it was just more expensive.

Even that has process has ended - the replacing the old way with something better. Just like the way corporations ignored improving the lives of third world populations in the countries they were exploiting... corporations are ignoring improving the lives of Americans (which they are exploiting). What can be said about this but...



Watch your language!!! Sheesh!


CSX freight train service brags how their service can move many more tons of freight using a tiny fraction of the fuel of comparable 18 wheel tractor trailers. High speed rail can beat the time and hassle of flying on trips of 500 miles or less (a big reason why even the inept Amtrack service is so heavily used in the Northeast corridor of the US instead of flying).
For a more detailed look at the destruction of the light rail systems (IOW trolley lines) in US cities after WWII and into the 1950's that Hightower wrote about check out this documentary:


The NASA budget - 17.6 billion in 2015, is miniscule compared to the 600 or so billion spent on the military. After infrastructure, health, housing welfare, scientific exploration is one of the few worthwhile things government does.

Go here for just a taste:




But I just noticed that this article is a month old and just vanished off the front page!


The USA should use more public transportation especially trains. If more people used trains, we could build trains as fast as France's TGV trains & Japan's Bullet Trains. If the nations south of the border improved their standards of living, we'd be able to use those trains to travel all over the Western Hemisphere as well as all over the Continental US & Alaska. We'd still have to travel to Hawaii by plane or ship.