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'Let's Get Our Priorities Right': Outrage as Bipartisan Group of Senators Pushes Bill to Punish Boycotts of Israel Amid Shutdown


'Let's Get Our Priorities Right': Outrage as Bipartisan Group of Senators Pushes Bill to Punish Boycotts of Israel Amid Shutdown

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After The Intercept reported over the weekend that a bipartisan group of senators is pushing, as its first legislative priority, a bill that would hand states more power to punish boycotts of Israel—even as the prolonged and deeply harmful government shutdown continues into its third week—Sen.


Aw, is the Senator from Tel Aviv disappointing everyone again?

Only the perfectly predictable can shock a Democrat.


How un-American. Pathetic bunch of entitled losers.


Dear Chuck, it’s about time you owned up to being a repub. in dem. clothing. Please change your party affiliation. Thank you.


He’s Joe Lieberman’s ideological stepson.


Thanks for the giggle, I needed that.


America’s duel citizen congressional Jews are showing their alliances are not with the people they are suppose to represent. To better understand this: Research how many duel citizen Jews are in congress. The number will make my statement clearer. Start the list with … Schumer. He would rather give Israeli’s $500,000,000,000 in aide than have it save 1,000,000 lives.


Can anyone deny that U.S. Mid-East policy is written in Tel Aviv and that many congressmen are probably Mossad assets. Israel probably meddles more in American elections and governance than Russia ever does.


He actually looks like a blood sucking vampire. Can you picture him in an old fashioned black tie tux with tails and a cape a la Bela Lagosi floating down Wall Street, forearm raised to hide his fangs? The fangs of the Ruling Class are out and since 2007 at the very least , the majority of the 100 most powerful people ( The Ruling Class) are now Jewish. “Jewish Power Dominates at Vanity Fair” 2007


This battle for free political speech has been waged before in the US with many, particularly the communists and IWW members going to prison. So repression and hypocrisy are “American” traits. We will wage this fight again.

Strange is it not that companies are rewarded for refusing to bake wedding cakes for same sex marriages for exercising their “religious” right to discriminate but punished now for their right of conscience in stopping a gross injustice–the oppression of the indigenous of Palestine?


Our moral responsibility is to defy every unjust law.


Lets be crystal clear here. Think for just a minute. A bipartisan bill to “punish BDS” participants hasn’t jack $H!! to do with the well being of Israelis. It is carte blanche precedent for corruption to undermine any integrity of the social contract ( in the US any integrity left of the Constitution) for the benefit of predatory models of industry shoving the identity of “consumer” down the throat of every living creature in all phases of life.

A challenge has just been issued. Bend over and smile or be subjected to further terrorism. It is government by ‘soft’ terrorist tactic. It is acid to erode because the globalization model - which demands that 99% of the human population be dehumanized, enslaved WITHOUT QUESTION - and humanity has NO INTENTION of going quietly into that goodnight.

This will never be said about yellow vests in France or about the desperate inversions of far right movements, which are, unfortunately, only slapping against the most successful corrupt narrative ever perpetrated against natural balances. There are too many “externalized costs” for the truth to prevail in the latter formats. They will be used like heavy cream for whipping.


Dual citizens in the united states congress will keep pushing until they eventually create a backlash against their foreign sponsors.

Israel is becoming a doomed pariah. It’s no wonder the Jews of Iran, second largest Jewish population in the middle east refuse to move to Usrael, they don’t want to live in a Jewish pariah state.


This move by American supporters of Israel over our nation’s interests shows how far we have allowed the pre-meditates subversion of our republic and politics to come! The actions of schumer’s and the other tools of Israel, may open more eyes to the perfidy of foreign loyalty people like schumer.

The AIPAC works to undermine our nation to serve a foreign power - an extremist racist entity, that shows contempt for international law (as does the trump regime and its favored neo-fascist allies, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey - all ruled by vicious de facto dictators/killers, trump admires and emulates!) All those also have zero respect for the rule of law, for Internal law and human rights!

The subversion of American politics by stooges for Israel like schumer are led by people who hold first loyalty to that foreign power whether “religious” or secular - there is no difference where treason is concerned.

The BDS movement will not be stopped or silenced by anti-democratic scum. The voices of truth and justice will not be silenced by people of low moral character that support the kind of crimes against humanity and war crimes trump or his depraved “friends” ruling foreign powers show daily! Israel is the one that has consistently subverted our sovereignty, and that is what schumer and the other traitors do when they support the anti-BDS voices/movement for truth!

BDS! End Israeli subversion of American politics, representatives, and elections!


The parties of the Duopoly are conspiring again to put our Constitution in the shredder.

Rise Up!

These disciples of the Duopoly are perfect examples of the Evil That Men Do!

This, ($$$$$$$$) is all they care about.


Well Menendez is a fucking criminal and Manchin is a Republican and Rubio is just a plain opportunistic POS.


And the United States of America has become a Shithole country for allowing men like this to govern us.


Yet the latest act of our so-called government’s participation in the Apartheid taking place in Israel.

It is a means of expanding that to a global scope.


This is not a Jewish position. This is the position of the Israeli government and their agents, lobbyists, and Sheldon Adelson who put pressure on our legislators. Here’s what J Street has to say about this:

5 The Global BDS Movement can only be successfully opposed with a genuine commitment to ending the occupation and achieving a two-state solution

6 Efforts to exclude BDS Movement supporters from public forums and to ban them from conversations are misguided and doomed to fail. We support publicly debating and otherwise engaging with supporters of the BDS Movement

7 J Street is opposed to legislative attempts to penalize or criminalize BDS activities because they are the wrong way to combat the BDS Movement.

Don’t allow these attempts by Israel agents to be equated with the will of the Jewish people in this country. It isn’t. Many Jews oppose these unconstitutional laws.


OK, but why why why is this being considered to become an actual policy in the US?
Does Mossad have dirt on everyone?
Putting this law on the books is insane by any democratic metric, setting a legal platform to stifle, stop dissent and protest.
That this is already a law on the books in many states chills me to the bone.
Again, why?