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'Let's Get Our Priorities Right': Outrage as Bipartisan Group of Senators Pushes Bill to Punish Boycotts of Israel Amid Shutdown


V, hats off to you for not maligning Jews in any way and sticking to the fact that the malevolent actors are Israelis, and most probably, just as greedy, narcissistic, and cruel as Dump and his handlers.

Obviously, there are bad apples in any religion-group, and to paint all members of the group with the same tainted brush as the rotten apples is hateful, divisive, and furthering of the same us-versus-other meme pervasive throughout the world today.


The Texas school pathologist lost her (individual) job because she wouldn’t sign the oath.


Both of these fakes need to be removed from polite society. They reek of scum. Cess Pool?


Thank you Toni. This issue is not about Jews per se, as that demographic is not monolithic, but has its left and right, sane and depraved, moral and immoral, secular and religious, just as others do. The Jewish progressive left has been overshadowed and repressed by the right-wing in Israel and its American backers, some of great wealth. That group includes ordinary thieves, religious fundamentalists both Jewish and Christian who serve a very restricted, even fantasy, view of life on earth, and political repression/oppression that beside a supremacist racist view that the indigenous non-Jewish people of Palestine and surrounding areas are nothing more than vermin to be exterminated and ethnically cleansed to make way for Jews only; it is that racist agenda and MO including crimes against humanity, that hundreds of millions/billions of people around the world, Jews as well as others, find as reprehensible, odious, and criminal as the worst supremacist regimes or beliefs thru history. The pre-meditated plan by early Zionist/Israeli leaders to co-opt and subvert America to serve their racism and expansionist goals in Israel and elsewhere, has come to dominate our politics, undermine our sovereignty, manipulate our politicians, elections, foreign policy decisions, and foment, create, wars to serve that foreign power and agenda, are what I stand and write against - in many ways the pro-Israel agenda includes treason against our nation and supposed/claimed role in the world.


V, you make a lot of sense. You refer to a pre-meditated plan by early “schemers.” Any recommendations of good books [ for non-history majors :slight_smile: ] to read on this?


The linked piece is a fairly comprehensive and accurate primer.IMO and experience “The Origin of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict” published in 2001, I don’t think it has been edited or up-dated since, so there is gap of 18 years in the narrative, but the origins are enough to keep one going.

The various parts of special interest can be explored further via searches.to the quoted authors and sources. Many quotes by early Jewish/Zionist and Israeli leaders as well as journalists both Palestinian and Jewish/Israeli are included.



Mil gracias, amigo!

Again, I appreciate your integrity. Others herein could learn from your model.


“We Are One! : American Jewry and Israel” by Melvin Urofsky.
It ain’t just the Zionists and Israelis.


And yet in the face of repeated insults and horrors is it not to be expected some mud blowing back on the others?
I am familiar to you. I grew up in a Jewish community. Too many of my friends and acquaintances thought nothing of lying and cheating, almost as a natural way of existing. But then I remind myself that most all poor people I have known find truth to be a luxury. It’s just when you see the wife of a wealthyJewish lawyer making petty lies to get aheadin a line, or your wealthy Jewish neighbor cheating his mortgage lender , and so many of them declare a deep, emotional bond of support for Israel. It rankles.
How coincidental that the UNAMERICAN BORDER WALL, what will become a blight in history, is pushed by our very own “philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler”.
But I have too known very wealthy Chinese who lie cheat and steal. (And one in particular, while in the process of lucrative bank fraud, described his people to me himself as “The Jews of the Orient” !! His father was Chiang Kai Shek’s minister of agriculture!)
Israel is a monstrosity, perhaps not what the Rothschilds had intended, but now described by its very own Yuval Diskin as a “racist and belligerant state”.
My first two girlfriends were Jewish. I was guest of honor at my best friend’s Bar Mitzvah. He and I stopped speaking after Rachel Corrie was crushed under an Israeli bulldozer. It was he who first told me that Jews don’t consider themselvs part of the “white race” Race is a meaningless word" Ashkenazi are caucasians, and their tribe subject to the same opprobrium as any other for the crimes it commits!


Emph, this article is soooo long that I have to take a break periodically! Then when I return to it, half of what did sink in flew out in the interim. Thank you. Once I’m done, I’ll let you know how the content affected me, not its length!


I know. I know. I can’t be anti-Jewish because some of my best friends are Jews.

Ed, I’ve never lived amongst any group of any tribal affiliation that didn’t have its own rotten apples (opprobrium). Period. And I haven’t painted any full tribe with the contaminated rotten-colored paintbrush except for the full-on Nazis I’ve had to be exposed to.

You and I agree on some issues on CD. I just find it very offensive when you stereotype and speak in glaring global generalities. And if I think it’s anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, anti-Black, etc, I’ll flag your post.

Maybe we all need to be very careful about how we tread… and it’s really not ok for a member of a tribe to diss his whole tribe and pour fuel on the outside’s hatefulness and ugly stereotyping.


I don’t share my previous affection for my Jewish loves to deny anti-Semitism but to illustrate how much I’ve changed since examining the history of Israel and the power the Jewish community wields in my country.
The murder of Rachel Corrie and the manner in which that story wasburied by the American corporate mass media, which actually, really is controlled by Jews and Zionists, it really is, that’s when my attitude towards Jews began to change.
The shooting of 18,000 Palestinians and almost zero coverage of this in the US media! Please, Jewish power is real, it is corrupting and it makes rational people resentful.


Look, Ed, there is an awful lot of high passion on this issue, and IMO, it’s pretty damned important to vilify or hold accountable the culpable decision-makers and implementers of hateful/violent or despicable acts against ANY grouping of people. It’s equally important to remember not to paint all the members of a group with the same brush you’d paint the malevolent actors with.

I think it’s controversial and difficult, if possible at all, to demarcate clearly the line between anti-Semitism and good faith criticism of heinous actors. In trying to find the “right words” to suggest for use by people like you whom I’m calling out for sounding anti-Semitic, I looked up “Jewish organizations opposed to Israel’s policies.” There are plenty of Jews in Israel and in the US who are opposed to Israel’s violative actions against Palestinians & AIPAC’s lobbying/power; I think you already know about one, Jewish Voice for Peace. The following link came up in the search, and the author expresses relatively well some of what folks should understand. (I don’t necessarily agree 100% with her, but her points are well-taken.)

How about we compromise and when you don’t want to specify Israel, Israeli policies, Israeli right-wing government, AIPAC, etc. and you want to say “Jews,” you qualify it and say “some rightwing Jews”? Because not all Jews belong in the categories you’re talking about…just like not all Americans belong in Dump’s camp of xenophobia, racist, misogynistic, elitist liars. I’m an American alright, but I don’t want to be painted with the brush my Irish, Mexican, or European acquaintances would use to describe our rightwing Cabal “representing America.”

Last point, the vile MSM (whoever the owners be) has been egregiously lying by omission and co-mission to wethepeople for centuries…about MOST things, not just Israeli violations of human lives. You know that.