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Let's Honor Fallen Workers on Memorial Day, Too

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/25/lets-honor-fallen-workers-memorial-day-too

In 1961, Hurricane Carla devastated the Texas coast, flattening the refineries in Texas City, key to the nation’s energy supply. In response, the Army Corps of Engineers built a seawall around the refineries and the city. The latter was not to protect the citizens, but rather to protect the essential workers to the nation’s energy supply. That’s just the way things go…

Let’s honor the fallen workers and the fallen nonhuman species. And honor the soil, water, air . . . all have been degraded (or in some instances decimated a la “scorched earth”, agent orange etc.) due to wars.


“The environmental effects of war, which can be persistent and long lasting, are often left unsaid and thus are never fully recognized.”



I know this sentiment may not go down well here but let’s feel some pity for the Imperial fodder units (they were conned). Listen to what this one says to Abby Martin about the opium fields.


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