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Let's Keep Organizing: An Inside Look at the Biden-Sanders Task Force on Climate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/09/lets-keep-organizing-inside-look-biden-sanders-task-force-climate


I think this process shows that Joe Biden and the people around him are willing to listen and can be moved

Hmm, where have we heard that before?


When governments respond to the climate emergency as forcefully as they have responded to the covid pandemic, I might begin to believe that the needle has been moved. I might also begin to believe that governments’ responses to the covid pandemic are based on concern for the People. I might even believe that governments care about people.

Governments have demonstrated their awesome powers through their responses to the covid pandemic. They have the power to shut everything down… to terminate covid-related risk-enhancing behaviors and make risk-bearing persons stay in their homes. Well, why don’t they do the same thing with climate-related risk enhancing behaviors? Why don’t they do the same thing, for that matter, with all cancer-related risk-enhancing behaviors? Why don’t they ban glyphosate, for example? Why don’t they impose stringent regulations on petrochemicals? Why don’t they shut down the oil refineries along Cancer Alley between Baton Rouge and New Orleans?

The answers? Well, duh. Governments don’t shut down cancer-related risk-bearing behaviors because those behaviors are highly profitable to the persons who control governments. Governments don’t shut down climate-related risk-bearing behaviors because those behaviors are highly profitable to the persons who control governments. And so it goes.

Let’s be candid: Governments don’t care about people. Government “concern” over COVID-19 is fake. It’s a show, a massive virtue signal from a clusterfuck of sociopaths. The lockdown is driven by ulterior motives, motives related to the financial interests of the persons who control governments. Likewise, the indifference that governments display toward industrial and commercial practices that kill millions of people every year is driven by the financial interests of persons who control governments.


It’s all about shutting down fossil fuels. Task-force reports tend to mushroom into billowing distractions from what actually needs to be done: shutting down fossil fuels. Cutting back on energy consumption is the most immediately effective, therefore most urgent step toward shutting down fossil fuels – but that simple commonsense corrective for overconsumption once again gets totally lost amongst all the needle-moving details we’re supposed to celebrate in this task-force report.

The needle is moved, but not Mama or me. I’ll be impressed when they stop prioritizing short-term economics over Earth’s fate, and start talking about shutting down fossil fuels.


From the article:

“…commitments we could hold a future Biden administration accountable to.”

How are you going to hold Biden accountable? Will you write a strongly worded column for CommonDreams?

By using the now-childish word accountable, progressive leaders highlight their political impotence.



And if anything, Ms. Prakash signals her movement’s political impotence by noting that only a couple of primary challenges of incumbent conservadems have been fruitful, and by setting the bar so incredibly low by openly repeating the LOTE argument:

“I think this process shows that Joe Biden and the people around him are willing to listen and can be moved. That’s very different than our current President.”

Ms. Prakash, Joe Biden wants your vote.
And he’ll tell you what you want to hear to get that vote.
Then – when he backpedals – you’ll vote for him anyway because he’s the LOTE.
That’s why he’s under zero pressure to be accountable to you.


There are, I believe, two basic factors standing in the way of resolving the biggest crises of the day, human-induced climate change probably the most existential crisis of them all. The first factor is that both traditional political parties are thoroughly and irrevocably corrupted by big money. The second factor is that so called progressives have had and continue to have essentially no meaningful influence in and on the ultimate political decisions impacting financial and economic justice in the U.S. And it’s nothing new.

The collaboration with the Democratic Party by progressives (or those simply posing as progressives), Bernie Sanders, AOC and even this author, will once again serve only to diminish the likelihood of timely and adequate response to the human crisis of the day, in this instance, climate crisis. What they do diverts attention and precious resources from the only political vehicle by which climate crisis might be timely and adequately addressed, that being a third political party genuinely committed to a comprehensive progressive agenda. Continued progressive investment in the Democratic Party will prove to be as futile as it has in the past.

This article essentially reflects two things, the extent of pandering the Party is prepared to engage in to keep progressive voters in line, and that progressives have achieved nothing from the Party in the way of timely and adequately measures to resolve the crisis. It’s a loser’s game progressives play when they buy into the same old charades.

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It’s hard to take any claims of a “clear-eyed” analysis that characterizes Joe Biden and his army of sociopaths on Wall St as “hopeful” in any way. And the idea that Sunrise or any other group that really understands the politics of the climate emergency really believes they “would have some power and influence in a Biden administration” is laugh out loud funny.

I feel bad that Sunrise is being so brazenly co-opted and don’t seem to understand that the base sees their efforts as, at best, a waste of time. And at worst, a complete distraction and mis-allocations of scarce political resources Instead of using their political capital to challenge the system that is destroying the environment, the professional class emerging from the Sunrise movement is giving Biden and the fossil fuel industry political cover to continue with business as usual.

I wonder if they know they are putting their personal career aspirations ahead of the goals that prompted the founding of Sunrise in the first place?


I think it means something else, and it’s not happy clappy.
(as the article pretends)

One aspect of this crap:
Joe Biden’s health care plan, explained

It’s not Medicare-for-all… It’s a Public option which translates to:
“health Care if you can afford it” And it maintains an evil parasitic sociopathic failed system

task forces = Smokescreens. In the end they will mean Wall Streetcentric pragmatic triangulated - No We Can’t - incrementalism.

JFC we are screwed

“ Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

  • Frederick Douglass

THIS is what these task forces are trying to identify -
"Find out just what any people will quietly submit to…"

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Well it is sad to see that someone like Varshini Prakash is so easily co-opted and duped. If this is the best the young people have to actually fight for what is needed to actually address climate change then there is no hope whatsoever. I would like to see what she has to say in a year from now when she realizes that Biden gave her the finger and how meaningless her input was as climate catastrophe has turned out even worse since then.


She’ll be making excuses for this, for years.

I just think they are gullible and love all the attention they are getting while they are being used as nothing more than lipstick on a dead and rotting pig.


If Biden is elected, he’ll appoint six Presidential Select Committees, to be named after the six Unity committees, and V. Prakash will be on the environment committee. We’ll see plenty of articles like this one, telling us that we have lots of work to do and that the committees prove Biden’s interest. Nothing will happen until 2023 - when Biden will appoint six Presidential Select Committees, etc.

Rinse and repeat. V.Prakash will be happy.

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I still say framing the climate crisis as only a fossil fuel issue is incredibly short sighted when most climate damage comes from other sources such as animal agriculture, military operations and human overpopulation. We’re doomed for sure if this is how they are going to approach the problem.

I wish they’d try to push biden to the left on his foreign policy, too.


Reasoning from the ground up
Pathway to A Regenerative Economy

48 page toolkit

" A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy offers community groups, policy advocates, and policymakers a pathway to solutions that work for frontline communities and workers. These ideas have been collectively strategized by community organizations and leaders from across multiple frontline and grassroots networks and alliances to ensure that regenerative economic solutions and ecological justice—under a framework that challenges capitalism and both white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy—are core to any and all policies. These policies must be enacted, not only at the federal level, but also at the local, state, tribal, and regional levels, in US Territories, and internationally."


Here’s an interesting take on this crap from Jimmy Dore:

Biden’s Meaningless “Task Forces”!
May 21, 2020

IF there are ever any conclusions from these they will be:

  • Medicare For all won’t work and is not needed
  • UBI won’t work and is not needed = “Affordable” healthcare and current systsem are better
  • Free College Hurts the poor
  • Police can manage themselves
  • Corporations can manage themselves
  • Too Big To Fail Banks are OK
  • Etc etc etc etc

We are circling the toilet bowl and picking up speed

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Well holding Mr Biden accountable is easy really. You indicate you will not vote for him or any other Democratic Candidate in any future election. This unless of course said Democrats run against a Republican . If they run against a Republican what you do is vote Democrat then hold their feet to the fire. It never works all the time.


I agree with so many of the comments. Joe is definitely not my choice. However, I think about the consequences of 4 more years (and even one more day) of our current “administration” AKA the current occupant of the Whitehouse and I can’t sleep at night. I am so disappointed and angry with the practices of the DNC…