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. "Let's Make It Happen!" Declares Jayapal Says of Medicare for All After Single-Payer in Canada Lauded as Shield Against Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/lets-make-it-happen-declares-jayapal-says-medicare-all-after-single-payer-canada


One more time:

Ask yourself - “Do I want to pay for insurance, or do I want to pay for Healthcare?”

  • Private Health insurance Companies do not provide healthcare - They only pay the bills . For this ‘service’, they skim 20% +/- off the top for themselves, leaving less of your money for your care. Overhead for Medicare is 2% or less.

  • Private Insurance companies have no incentive to keep prices down in fact the more healthcare costs go up, the more money THEY make.

  • Private-based insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare NOT by PROVIDING healthcare.

  • For Profit insurance means Less healthcare = more profit. How will that motive affect their decisions for you and your family?

  • Private-based insurance still leaves you with Corporate Death Panels . Their requirement for profit sits between you and your doctor and dictates what care is available to you, or not.

  • Private-based insurance still includes co-pays, deductibles, limits, MEDICAL BANKRUPTCY, and for most, ties you to your employer. If you lose your job, you probably lose your healthcare care.

Isn’t this a No-Brainer?

Ask yourself - “Do I want insurance, or do I want Healthcare?”

Yes. It’s worth fighting for


A Biden or trump presidency will see at least four more years pass before single payer is even considered again.
That is all.


Obama/Biden and the d-party cemented for-profit health care in place.
And now Biden has said he’d veto M4A if it got to his desk.
Which is why teasing us with M4A happy talk is insulting.


Phred_P, you nail it in this informative and concise post. Thanks. I’ll have to refer to this again, as it’s well stated.

If only USAns were smart enough to accept this goal of Healthcare for All. At 68, I won’t see this transition in my lifetime, and I feel guilty that I have Medicare. Wish it were Medicare for All.


I really am curious what % of the u.s. population supports M4all at this point in time.

Obviously not enough during the primaries given the clarity of Bernie’s position on this vs. Biden and the other candidates.

It is utterly mind blowing that not everyone in this country is behind M4All . . . . what is that about? Brainwashing? Willful ignorance?

If covid doesn’t turn enough people around on this I don’t know what will.

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. It requires legislative approval but he did say he would veto M4all if both houses passed it.

And there is the Senate . . . what would it take at this point to get the Senate to pass it?
And what are the odds of flipping the Senate? This is the latest I found on that:


March 9, 2020 in an interview on MSNBC:

“Joe Biden just told Lawrence O’Donnell that as president he would veto Medicare for All if it passed both houses and came to his desk.”*”

And of course the “markets” are watching this closely:


Biden wants to build the American health-care system on the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act. This could benefit the established managed-care giants as more Americans obtain health insurance.



It doesn’t matter if the d-party wins back the Senate. Because their majority will include plenty of anti-M4A Joe Manchins, Gary Peters, and Kyrsten Sinemas. So M4A is a non-starter in a Schumer-led Senate.

And if you need an example of what I mean, please recall how we got the healthcare industrial complex wet dream called Romneycare when the d-party had 60 senators and a huge House majority (34 Dems in Nancy’s House voted against ObamaCare because even that was too liberal for them!).


Thanks for that uplifting reminder on this lovely Friday afternoon SkepticTank! (lol)
Yes, I remember . . .

I think it’s important for clarifications with headlines that are so exciting (“Let’s make it Happen”!) and make it sound almost easy.

We need to have the specifics on how to make it happen----repeated clearly, loudly and in basic terms for people to fully understand.

I suspect many people don’t understand what is required to get Medicare for all in place and what/who the main obstacles for this are.

Just one example what would be the truthful (with details as in names/titles/amount of $$$ etc.) answer to why Joe Biden is so firmly against this?


Obviously as more people lose their jobs, the numbers of people in support of funding health care through taxes goes up. KFF (~https://www.kff.org/slideshow/public-opinion-on-single-payer-national-health-plans-and-expanding-access-to-medicare-coverage/ ) doesn’t have recent data but looking at May results it is disappointing to see how many stupid and uninformed people live here. Quite a few people think they keep their private insurance under M4A. My lesson learned is that we need the simplest damn M4A plan possible - 10 pages preferably. No complicated tax plan, no confusing language. If people don’t know what it means we are further behind than I realized.

Yes plenty of polls show a big majority of Democrats for M4A and a bunch of them still voted Biden anyway. These voters either:

  1. don’t know what M4A is or don’t know that Biden is against it, or

  2. know what it is and that Biden is against it but don’t care because they have fallen for media bullshit about Biden being more electable than Sanders, or

  3. Know same as 2 but actually emphasize something else they think Biden is better on

I would say almost no one falls under 3 and I used to put most of Biden’s pro M4A voters under 2 but now I’m thinking a lot of them are actually under 1.


August 22 National Day of Action From National Nurses United


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Thank you for your helpful, thoughtful posts!

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At 70, I agree I probably wont see it either

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including Biden and Pelosi, and most likely which ever 3rd Way stooge is picked for VP - and by default will become the presumptive 2024 Wall Street Blue candidate.


Not so sure about the “presumptive” candidate part this far out.
And frankly, I’m not so sure Biden is going to win.
The ineptitude and corruption of the d-party is hard to over-estimate.


Rep. Jayapal is doing what Bernie Sanders did, she is hiding the fact that we signed a treaty which committed doizens of service sectors to be globalized, the General Agreement on Trade in Services. India is hoping to get a lot of jobs out of that treaty, people in India know a LOT about it. they are determied to getting what they feel they are owed out of it. Basically, jobs and business, trade in services like healthcare and many others. they see themselves as the back office of the world. But despite having been promised them 25 years ago, red tape is still holding all these changes up. Especially a quota that limits the number of jobs to a tiny fraction of what its natural number would be, which would number in the high tens of millions, perhaps even more. (two studies which left out public services which is the main focus extimated 26% or 41% of our total jobs so it would be more than that.)

It goes back to the 80s and its a scheme between the oligarchs of the world to lock in the capitalist system and put all kinds of sharing and people centered policy in its grave forever, by privatizing everything. It prop up the most unequal countries in the world with jobs. the jobs in these service sectors and our poor patients are essentially bait.

So, we cant do all the things that people - one politician in particular were promising, unless he actually won and announced we were withdrawing from this treaty, which would require we compenate other countries for their lost expected profits. (jobs)

But he didnt win so the promises whould stop because there would be nothing more dangerous than trying to make these changes without getting out of this treaty first. That would expose us to punitive penalties which we already know would result in the privatization of Social Security and Medicare and all the others. because they are competing with commercial companies. which this treaty frames as unfair to corporations.

I swear this is true. We’ve been lied to for 25 years, ever since this treaty came into force. Another treaty which was being put forward by the Obama-Biden Administration, the Trade in Services Agreement arguably will have an even wider scope with the potential of binding even more jobs. So ut vould be much worse, Since treaties last forever there would not be any expiration date. This is why politicians have devolved basically into actors, these kinds of treaties have taken away their power to change things (like healthcare) when they involve business, reaching down to change all kinds of laws and policies undertaken by nations if they have made commitments in these treaties. That takes voters and voting completely out of the loop…

Rep. Jayapal appears to be unaware of this situation. However, realistically that is impossible. So I think she owes the country an explanation on how she plans to address the GATS obstacle. It could be addressed, the President would need to task the USTR with withdrawing from GATS.

This would prevent the economic suicide situation I mentioned earlier where we lose social services right aw we are about to really need them because of massive job losses.

Remeber, we decided to end public services whenever they were not completely noncommercial and intended to stay that way, many other countries did too.
and pushed this agreement on the entire rest of the world, we cannot pretend this treaty doesnt exist as its one of the major things that has happened in global health policy ever. The amount that has been written on it in the scholarly literature bears that out…

I highly recommend we all read the following paper:

Journal of Business Ethics (2006) 63: pgs 313–332


International Trade and Health Policy:

Implications of the GATS for US Healthcare Reform

by Patricia J. Arnold and Terrie C. Reeves

Thank you.

Better safe than sorry!

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And M4A isn’t the only glaring example of Biden’s corporate sock puppetry:


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They can do anything that makes corpprate profits bigger. So half of the policy options are still there, the ones that make investors wealthier. There is a big gold rush going on on policy and there still is a lot more rights, money and policy the corporate oligarchies of the world see as there for the taking here in the US… “Like taking candy from a baby”.

The government is completely captured by the corporate state.

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I note that what Dr. Hendry advises America to do, omits three basic facts:
1] Universal healthcare in Canada did not just happen. It was fought for and the same market forces that did not want it to happen were in play.
2] Universal healthcare in Canada is not just more economical in every possible way. It is not just responsible for fantastic health outcomes like lower birth mortality, longer life spans, and quality of life. It is a…wait for it…a VALUE. When I see an old man stumble in the street or a young, poor, pregnant woman?What do I see?I see fellow citizens that I KNOW will get the care they need, free at the point of service. That is a VALUE about life! Healthcare is a Right to Life if ever there was one.
3] Doctors: Gee wiz, Dr Hendry presents like all the doctors are just innocent, well meaning by standers to the appalling conditions that deprive people of healthcare if they cant pay!Doctors, unlike nurses!do NOT endorse en masse!Medicare for all, single payer, or universal healthcare. No!They do not!And their SILENCE as a group?is deafening! The big three! stop universal healthcare in America. They are?Insurance companies, Big Pharma and…wait for it…DOCTORS! Doctors tried to stop single payer in Canada, way back in the day. Get Dr. Hendry’s views on that eh?Or how about asking her why the doctors of America dont get together and CONDEMN! for profit healthcare?!
I’ll tell you why, they have a vested interest in the status quo!They have allowed tens of thousands of Americans to die every year for lack of care…for DECADES!!! They have allowed MILLIONS more to go without proper care. They are apparently?Just fine with it. So Dr. Hendry needs to call out her own class, her own professional, ruthless, colleagues who remain silent to this day!In the midst of a pandemic that has already claimed ~160K!of their fellow citizens!WTAF. Why?do Americans not see who that third pillar IS?! that keeps universal healthcare…always out of reach?**its the doctors!**Without the doctors Big Pharma could not bribe their way into clinics and push their drugs. Without the doctor’s complicity in keeping things the way they are! Universal healthcare would have happened LONG AGO, as it did in Canada!they need to be told as a class…what will happen, not asked!That is the lesson of Canada’s healthcare system that she has conveniently overlooked. Its not magic!It involves CONTROL of the doctors. They unfortunately are NOT innocent.
"Do no harm"PFFT. Exactly how, does Dr. Hendry think the doctors in America are exempt from this equation? Ask her that!!! Would LOVE to hear her answer.
“Lets make it happen”!Golly gee, got drug companies pushing their wares on TV?Only one other country in the world allows that!Why?Its called disease-mongering, something Dr. Hendry no doubt understands. Where IS that statement condemning anything less that the value of human life enshrined in universal healthcare! by the AMA[American Medical Association]?eh? I will wait right here.


Not a single human on Earth needs insurance.

All humans need healthcare.

Medicare-For-All can serve everyone from birth to death.

Any politician who says anything different, has been bought and paid for by the Healthcare Industry and does not have the people’s best interest in mind.


Lots of rich people see those high yields as their entitlement. “The only bright clouds in a dismal economy”. Thats why they put healthcare into a treaty and hid it from us.

We still dont know.

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