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. "Let's Make It Happen!" Declares Jayapal Says of Medicare for All After Single-Payer in Canada Lauded as Shield Against Pandemic

The fact that people need it, the rich feel makes it particularly profitable. Buy or die, literally. We created a bunch of treaties that lock that kind of thinking in after the fall of the former Soviet Union. They were endorsed by governments run by rich people all around the world.

After all if America wants it we have to do it… They go way beyond and subsme our old laws. They havbe hidden this for us for > 25 yrs.


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It’s not the Healthcare Industry that’s stopping M4A. It’s the " JesusCaresMore " Industry of For-Profit Healthcare and the pro-lifers who don’t want to provide their tax dollars for any of these gov’t programs. The Big Cloud Guy rules the day.
The 1%ers and political operatives they hire ( and/or hide behind ) use $$$ Billions!!! to see that they get what they want, as well.
It’s just the way it is. Most Americans would rather live on their knees, kissing the ring than fight standing up, maybe dieing for something.

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You know that selling healthcare insurance is a corporate right.

its in a treaty. Bernie for one reason or another wasnt telling us the truth. The signing of the URAA on December 8 1994 was one of a chain of events that officially took at least a dozen separate service sectors out of the llist of things we could change. Now if we elected a President who had some balls. (meant in a non gender specific way) they might be able to do it only until those jobs (these deals also outsource the jobs in these sectors, potentially millions of them) because the mainstays of other countries economies, once that happns our cost to escape will rise exponentially. So the only thing we can do is elect somebody else. Not any of the people who have scammed us. Only people who have been telling us the truth should get our vote so that excludes all the current politicians. We have a couple of weeks., DO THIS NOW. Dont allow liars and their syncophants to steal the country. Dump the incumbents for people who arent traitors.

they lied, we died. Maybe a million of us. Dont listen to sock puppets who tell us this isnt important, it is.

Just read a quite good paper by Patricia J. Arnold and Terrie C. Reeves in the Journal of Business Ethics Journal of Business Ethics (2006) 63: 313–332
DOI 10.1007/s10551-005-2358-7

about this health care issue. (Springer) Its worth hunting down to read.

We need to snap out of this trance, This country must stop being like North Korea where governments get away with killing millions of their own people.

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Zed, you’ve been making a compelling case during the past week or so in different forums on CD.

The GATS and WTO treaties are notable, and they do explain the convoluted mess that is Obamacare. More convoluted than a Rube Goldberg machine. Designed in various and sundry ways to keep making that profit for the insurers.

From day one, the question I had with Obamacare was: Why is this so complicated?
You’re providing the answer.

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Last week i ended up in emerg. Chest xray, brain scan (symptoms leading to could have indicated heartt) Had pneumonia. Two days in hospital. Antibiotics, my regular meds & then home. Cost?? ZERO!! I will probably get an $85. bill for the ambulance. Go CANADA !!


Follow Doctor’s orders Ron.

Love the sarcasm!

Hell, he’s talking about Jamie Dimon on his cabinet too

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If Biden wins, he’s probably not going to run for a second term, he might not even finish the first term. From there the VP is in the catbird seat for 2024, 28

Theyve rigged at least 2 primaries in a row. I think they are in the process of choosing the next Dinocrat presidential candidate. Or at least attempting to.

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Yes Pramila EIM4A !! Oh wait, perhaps you should have brought that up when you were negotiating on the Biden/Sanders Task force a month ago, you know, when you were the co-chair of the healthcare task force. But you didn’t did you, not even once. Why??
“Let’s Make It Happen!”, please, you had your chance and were silent.
Stop insulting us.

“Bernie/Biden Task Force Ends In Extreme Failure” / Jimmy Dore Platform

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Your one track extremiost mind does get a bit boring.

I try! Feeling much better & more energetic than last week. Not doing to bad at 85 9/10 !! Cheers!`

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In Britain, Boris Johnson’s government is reportedly offering up the National Health Service
(less extensive than Canada’s, but still a damn sight better than in the U S of A)
for corporate plunder in a post-Brexit ‘trade deal’ with the United States.
Johnson denies it, but leaked documents say differently.

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Rather an understatement PB.
I believe we are preaching to the choir on this one, but we need to keep the hope alive.

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Whoever the next president is will be saddled with a Depression, a pandemic, a monetary crisis, climate chaos, BLM protests, and a polarized electorate. That’s the recipe for a one-termer like Biden being replaced by an even more blatant fascist than Trump.

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Cant argue with that

before, I was only depressed


Historically, Treaties are made be be broken

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Thank you, that is a very very nice thing to say and I really appreciate it. Please tell lots of people. The big favor you could do is get the media to write about it. Write or call politicians and tell them point blank, this is not the way it really is. get them on the record as knowing because they always try to claim ignorance. Dont give them that option.

Fake “public option” is made impossible by GATS. Even the ACA is supposed to be temporary. So Biden’s argument he plans to extend it wouldnt be possible unless he plans to leave GATS. So I think both parties likely have already agreed Trump must win. Because how could Biden explain the ending of the ten year ACA otherwise? Its against the GATS ideology and breaks a bunch of gATS rules. GATS will also privatize Social Security and Medicare and turn Medicaid into a scheme to move our millions of newly poor people out of the country if they get sick and need care of any kind, and they will because the experience they are likely to be going through will make everybody sick. Also climate change, homes falling into extreme disrepair or homelessness, living outdoors or in abandoned buildings will make people very ill. Its guaranteed to. That will be caused by extreme weather events and a rising cost of heating so many buildings will be flooded by broken pipes and abandoned.

Also rising is exposure to EDCs which are causing a large number of cancers in people. these illnesses have risen so much that in the EU the cost is already between one and two percent of the entire GDP.

Its certain to be much higher here but we dont know.

Thats another reason why they are preventing a decent healthcare system they dont want people to have evidence they could use to get some compensation back.

And its going up as pollution becomes more.

Additionall peoples bodies stress (which is a sensitizer) will increase the likelihood most people become sensitized to all these toxicants, especially when combined in mxtures. They will cause chronic health conditions worse than any we have seen to date.

Mold exposure if its continued over a long time, makes around a quarter of all humanity sick with an immune related situation which leads to multiple chronic infections, which symtomatically present and require a differential diagnosis and eradication which its guaranteed the healthcare system we’re likely to offer people isnt going to wnant to pay for. It will just write them off as lost to society and push them off into the margins somewhere, probably prisons because they will be buried in debt by that point. They will toil for a dollar a day in prison factories.

Please go to my not very good web site, and in there there are a lot of links to resources that vwill explain the parts I am not explaining well. Its a huge and important global story. And its led to oppression of not just us the whole world. There has got to be a better way than this.

We’re being set up so that the middle class is being sacrificed to allow the worlds inequality to not just continue, grow. Which is the thing we need to get out of this mess. Study after study shows that the way for people to not grow up with this disease that trump has,m biden has, hillary has, and millions of others, including most politicians do, is physical and economic security and two loving parents and a family life, with security, and dare I say it love. Exactly what our global rich elite are trying to steal in this endgame of theirs.

Thats all important. People dont need wealth or riches, they just need a decent life, thats why people come to America because so many countries have beeb captured by a tiny few. Now its happening here. They are trying to kill hope. By killing America and the future of a decent life for all they are killing hope in people that things will get better, that talent will be rewarded.

GATS is the deal from hell because its the exact opposite of everything it claims to me. And as such its an extrinsic fraud on the nation and the world.

This fraud we are seeing, thats its name, extrinsic fraud. Its a legal concept, an important one. But its very hard to explain but one knows it when they see it.

My sites url is in my profile. Most of the value is in the great many links but I also try to explain key concepts and there are a lot of random documents which are worth browsing. You can also look at the links and documents in reverse chronological order Also the glossary is useful and about to get vastly expanded.

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But this treaty does all the things our powerful want my friend.

They arent able to tell people that but its true just the same.

They want to go on with us thinking its a democracy but it not being one.

If a few million poor folks die, they dont really care. They are VERY worried that poor people are living too long and outliving their savings, etc.

People dont know much about the rich here. They really are very different than the rest of the country. All around the world they share the same attitudes. GATS is the result of them all making a deal to keep themselves on top and roll back the changes made in the last century that made life better for working people. Now they feel its time to take back that power as people arent needed to work as much as they used to and because they can import workers from elsewhere who will do everything for less. Or simply do it elsewhere. That loss of power also means loss of property. People are taking up space the rich feel they no longer deserve. They want to literaly roll back all those changes, and they are doing so. In a treaty so it wont be easy to prevent as they already agreed on it.

Our entire system is largely a theatrical performance, much more than we realize. We’ve fallen for it hook line and sinker.

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Hi CIyde_AnkIe:
Did that Obama library end up stealing some of the pubic park after aII? If it did—NO Library is worth stealing pubic space!!! When did PresidentiaI Iibraries start anyway as WE DON’T NEED THEM. If you feeI a need for one read SheIIey’s poem Ozymandias, and you wiII be cured. : )

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