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"Let's Not Subsidize Our Own Extinction": Rallies Across Canada Fight Back Against Trudeau's Kinder Morgan Buyout


"Let's Not Subsidize Our Own Extinction": Rallies Across Canada Fight Back Against Trudeau's Kinder Morgan Buyout

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Expressing outrage at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's announcement last week that his government will purchase Kinder Morgan's climate-killing Trans Mountain pipeline with $4.5 billion in taxpayer money, demonstrators took to the streets at over 100 locations across Canada on Monday in a grassroots effort to stop the Kinder Morgan "buyout."


Trudeau is a neoliberal corporatist earth-killer.
The good people of Canada know this.
They’re reading two books: The Monkey Wrench Gang, and Ecodefense.


US media probably won’t even cover it.


But did these same people voluntarily decide to stop having children, along with stopping the use of fossil fuels?

The causes of extinction are resources depletion, habitat destruction and overpopulation.

Oil kills us. Yet, people keep having more children to buy oil without first putting into place alternatives.

It may be stupid, but it’s true.


Hats off to the Canadian opposition–what a fantastic show of solidarity!


And these are caused by overconsumption fueled by a thoughtless and superficial assumption that we can have infinite “growth” and that our technology will somehow “save” us.


Thank you for that truth bomb. The problem with the truth is its inconvenience with the self imposed narrative being “We aren’t the problem, somebody else is”. Yes, just like Marie Antoinette “we can have our cake and eat it too”. This bit of faux environmentalism is of course completely wrong. Rarely in human history has efficiency or new technology dropped our consumption rate. There are plenty of books on the subject and perhaps these faux environmentalists could take some time to read them.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand and the hyperbole which seems to knows no bounds. Where did they pull the 20 billion number from? I think we know where. Even if you took the absolute worst case scenario, the number you come up with is 12 billion. Of course, nobody thinks that’s realistic given the intrinsic value of the infrastructure and the transported oil.

Perhaps, one should take some time to ponder why the transmountain pipeline is being built. It centers on the fact that there is a huge price discount (up to15 dollars per barrel) between the world price of oil and what Canadian produces get. Vancouverites like the discount, or should we call it a subsidy. It keeps gas prices down or as I like to call it the “Oh goody, somebody else is paying my bills philosophy”. If you add it up and you find the Canadian economy is losing 1-2 billion dollars a month on heavy oil production revenue. That is lost revenue, lost taxation and lost high paying jobs in the top economic sector in Canada. And where does the government get its revenue to build the water treatment plants which native reserves do require (a legitimate concern). It’s time to do some serious thinking and to move beyond cheap slogans.


Yes, it is time, because time is quickly running out for the habitat of humans, and many other species.

I hate to accuse people who seem to be well-intentioned, however it’s become increasingly clear that what the “progressive” people want is for everything to stay the same as far as convenience for their families, and at the same time change production of everything.

No plan on how to do this has ever been presented. So we’re told we should just protest evil corporations and greedy CEOs. If only the corporations would share more and stop making oil and being polluters, then people could go back to driving their kids to the mall and go to Disneyland and stuff.

Meanwhile the entire world economy is based on oil production, and most of these people would starve within weeks if not for corporations doing what they do.

All parties involved, (except for recent developments in the world’s largest insurance companies,) seem to forget that the ecology does not care, that climate change will continue since the damage is already done, and having more kids just adds to the stress.


Nevermind, you are misinformed if you think gas prices in Vancouver are low. They are the highest in Canada. And aside from the climate destabilization linked to tarsands extraction, which will sabotage Canada’s Paris Climate Accord commitments, the BC coastline stands to lose millions of dollars in tourism revenue when (not if) the pipeline and/or tankers leak.
I can’t speak for every other demonstrator who was out yesterday (I was outside the office of Justice Minister Jody Wilson Raybould in Vancouver) but I have not had children, have a near-vegan diet, don’t take airplanes across oceans etc. etc. Does that mean I have more right to protest the use of my tax dollars than another protester who did have children and now has grandchildren and wants them to have a habitable planet?