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"Let's Shock 'Em All": Kansas Election Seen as First Test of Resistance Power


"Let's Shock 'Em All": Kansas Election Seen as First Test of Resistance Power

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


I wish Thompson the best. I hope he had undertones of divisiveness in his plugs, because there are no Jayhawks in Kansas anymore.


Tragically the Democratic national committee is moribund. Cowardly and cowed. Schumer, Pelosi and Perez. How exciting.


Funny how all these presumed republican safe seats are up form grabs when you run a democrat with the BALLS to stand up for what they believe in. Earth to DNC.... come in DNC......is their anybody out there!!!


Wait, no - didn't you hear? Perez and Sanders are on a cross-country tour to unveil the new 57-state and territory strategy.

Turns out there are, like, 30 states the DNC didn't know about. They were using 1817 maps all along! No wonder they were losing! Everything will be different now.


"I will not vote for any candidate that takes corporate and billionaire money."

Make that go viral.

Direct Online Democracy


Get out the vote is key...


Anyone interested in how the votes are being counted? Hint: not observably in public. In nationally significant "bellwether" contests such as this (see also Coakley/Brown MA 2010, etc.), the incentive to "mistabulate" is huge. In single-contest ballots such as this (cf. the recent Dutch national election, counted by hand), it would be easy enough to count observably, in public, by hand. But that is NEVER going to happen, unless and until the public INSISTS upon it, and backs up that insistence with mass economic action. Meanwhile, best of luck Mr. Thompson. If you win, I will reconsider 16 years worth of red-flag forensics evidence indicating computerized election rigging.


Yes, a bunch of money hungry cowards.


would love a victory


So this guy is a democrat?But what is he for?????Is he for healthcare as a right-Is he in support of campaign finance reform and getting the corporate money out of political campaigns??????

Republicans stand for low taxes---anyone paying attention knows this---what do democrats stand for???

I will never forget watching an Iowa caucus voter for Hillary being asked what Clinton stood for----after a lot of fumbling the Hillary supporter said Clinton stood for kids an education-really


So the results are in and Mr. Thompson, a Berniecrat, won 47 percent of the vote in deep red Kansas in a riding with a big rural component. That is one hell off a showing for a lefty civil right lawyer with no money and NO SUPPORT from the DNC. They didn't even know the guy existed until Monday when some flunky at the DNC phoned asking him if he had polling data he could share. Do we have complete idiots running the show in DNC. The GOP was so scared of losing the seat they brought in the heavy guns and lots of big money.

This next bit is for the wingnuts that run the DNC, including that do nothing, know nothing president Tom Perez. Get off your collective ar$es, and start acting like a real party. How many times do the progressives have to show you how to win!!!! Stop with the corporate kiss up, general public kick down strategy that has failed time after time after time and time. You are nothing but a bunch of well paid election losers, every last one of you.

Let me make this perfectly clear for those that run the DNC. I was a Democrat but no longer. If you run a corporate toadie in my district, I will not vote for them. I will not vote for a democratic president like HRC, ever again. The only person's judgement I take into consideration is Bernie Sanders. He has earned my respect. The rest of you DNC professional election losers have not.


The people are desperately searching for a true people's alternative to the two corporate parties. The Dems are morally bankrupt and done for. They need to go the way of the Whigs. Please join me in abandoning them for the Green Party. It's a new day, and there is going to be a revamped Green Party, run mostly by former Berniecrats, and not beholden to lobbyists, Zionists, and billionaires. This can happen. We have a moment in time of a great political awakening and massive public outrage that can shift the realities on the ground permanently. The question is whether or not we can put on a big enough push to achieve real and lasting positive change. #Demexit 2017.


I do not know much about electronic machines but I do know that I can unlock my car from my kitchen.

Is it not possible to make a voting machine that can be manipulated from across the room.

Should there not be a method of having a hand counted paper trail for every vote so that the counting process can not be subverted, even though there is a mechanical/electronic voting machine.

Who cares if it takes 3 days to count the ballots for a final 'true' count. How about 3 weeks?

Josef Stalin said that the important person was the man who counts the votes.


Kansas is blood red and this district is rated the 79th most conservative one in the country. If the DNC and DCCC dropped a bucket of cash on the district, how would Republicans have responded? They've got a ton of money, especially with folks like the Kochs backing them. Do you think keeping Republican turnout low might have helped the candidate?