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Let's Stand with Mother Emanuel Church and Against Violent Gun Culture


Let's Stand with Mother Emanuel Church and Against Violent Gun Culture

Dan Gross

Once again, we are as a nation horrified by another mass shooting, this time an apparent hate crime that took place June 17 at "Mother Emanuel" -- Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the nation's oldest black churches -- in Charleston, South Carolina, and claimed the lives of nine people during an evening of peaceful prayer.


The south (as in some other rural areas) is a big part of gun culture in the U.S. Guns are a way of life - hunting, collecting, target shooting, and are oftentimes correlated with the xenophobia which permeates this mindset.
I could understand owning one firearm for protection in the case of a legitimate threat - like someone being stalked or receiving death threats.
But when it comes to the availability of guns and the regulations, I have to say they are kind of like drugs - even if they were illegal (like assault weapons should be), people who want them badly enough are going to find a way to get them.
Aside from stricter laws and buy-back programs, what I would suggest would be moratoriums on the manufacturers. How legislation to periodically shut down the plants could be enacted is anybody’s guess.
The gun lobby seems to have a load of these politicians by the throat.
The MSM inflames the populace, along with the steady intake of FOX News and pundits like Beck, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and their ilk, and until those who oppose these viewpoints can actually gain consensus among the populace, they will continue to have (what appears to be) the upper hand.


My heart goes out to the family members of those lost in this massacre. May peace be with you.


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The entire U.S. is infused with a virtual idolatry shown towards weapons.

From the national anthem “bombs bursting mid-air” to the military flyovers, from the emphasis on wars at GREAT expense to funding genuine defense in the forms of investing in higher education for all who qualify and building this nation’s infrastructure in ways that bypass fossil fuel dependency, Mars, god of war and weaponry holds a disproportionate influence over too many (mostly male) minds.

When police shoot to kill with impunity, and our nation’s leaders actually kill people at will (sans jury, trial, or evidence), as Hollywood glamorizes the armed-and-loaded tough guy persona, it’s no wonder that so much violence is breaking out all over.

Where is Oprah on this? Where is Eric Holder and Condi Rice and other persons of color who have (or currently possess) positions of power?


Thank you for your thoughts, rings of the sixth. I concur completely. And I might add that as a most firm believer in the death penalty to rid society of unnecessary expenses for incarceration, I do have a new candidate in mind.

But I do note in the 6 hours since this article has been created, it has had only 17 views. Does this indicate that the only people interested in this topic are the nutjobs of the NRA who know they have succeeded in making us their bottom and intend to keep it that way and the perennial losers who luxuriate in abuse? Are we afraid to read of our own failures? I had an NRA friend of mine lately say that he would state flat out that he and his ilk had us by the cajones except for the fact that we were such easy losers that it was obvious we did not have any. Not much I could say in return. Results speak for themselves. Are the screams of the Christians in Mother Emanuel the same as the sounds of military aircraft going over us or the sounds of blank weaponry on the beaches of Camp Pendleton as we drive by and thus nothing more than the sound of freedom? If so, theirs or mine? I do have an answer for that, but so what?


Can you provide a citation on of this person who killed five people with a knife nd “squirt gun full of acid”, because I’m calling bullshit on it.

There have been actual cased like you describe - where nobody gets killed, becasue it is damn difficult to kill someone with a knife once the element of surprise is gone.


On this I whole heartedly agree-


Obama SHOULD be worrying about how NO OTHER COUNTRY in the
World, Imprisons so many citizens, nearly half of them, for Non-Violent Offences, and NO OTHER COUNTRY in the WORLD, invades, destroys and kills so many innocent civilians around the globe, and also, NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD Rewards greedy money magicians(wall street, ceo’s bankers) after they destroy the economy for millions who lose their jobs, homes, livelihood and then reward the crooks with even more money.