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Let's Stop Trying to Predict Who Can Beat Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/23/lets-stop-trying-predict-who-can-beat-trump


It’s very simple, if Biden is on the ticket, Trump will most likely win in 2020. The dem party knows this, they pay a lot of money to political consultants for this information. If this happens (Biden), there will be no doubt where the private dem club stands…against the 99%.


Obama never fails to disappoint.


There’s been no doubt about it for a LONG time.


The Democrats are a centrist party. That’s it.

Any talk about fitting liberals into their big tent is just that – talk designed to paper over the fact that they want our time, money, and votes, and then for us to shut the fuck up.

I like Bernie. But he’s going to look like a cowardly fool twice over by the time the d-party is done screwing him again.


From the article:
“Trump’s base picked him because they liked what he stood for—racism, anti-immigrant and anti-abortion policies, gun proliferation. He laid out his views clearly, and they picked him without a care about his electability.”

He also “stood for” draining the swamp, closing Gitmo, and ending our endless wars; I have to assume his base has forgiven him for reneging on those things because he saved them from “crooked Hillary” (an unimpeachable characterization, if you’ll forgive me) and DC swamp culture. For many, a vote for Twump was a brick thrown through the window of a limousine liberal.


There is only One Choice for the Salvation of the Country and the Democratic Party.



Indeed. The DNC is far more comfortable with Trump in office than it would be with Sanders or Warren and, just as in 2016 (with Sanders), is likely doing it all it can to make sure that neither gets the nomination.


So, if twelve candidates are on the ballot next Tuesday, Joe Biden wins. Whoopie. Trump is out.

But two candidates will be on the ballot November 2020, and how the other ten candidates leave the race and to whom they send their followers is all that counts.

Breathe. Go to the movies. Smell flowers. Feed birds.

Why should we vote for less than the best plan on health care, Jill? Couldn’t you ask Joe for a better plan, and if he doesn’t come up with one, withhold his breakfast?


The Dims have a legacy of running nothingburgers against the GOP and losing. At the POTUS level they have had wins only when Ross Perot diluted the GOP vote in 1992 and after an economic crash apex two months prior to the 2008 election.

The last time a Dim POTUS candidate won because he was worth a dam was JFK in 1960.


Bernie does NOT look like a ‘cowardly fool’! As I’ve pointed out before on this platform - what the HELL was he supposed to do when the bloody DNC or whatever picked the Clinton woman? Disown her and tell people to vote for Trump? Or for Stein or that other guy - which would have amounted to the same thing. He could have decided to stand as an independent candidate - but what future would that have had in your idiotic system? He wouldn’t even have been allowed to appear on the ballot in many states, if I understand your system correctly. And this relates to the actual election - heaven save us from the antics of your insane Electoral College! Bernie was put in the position - which he couldn’t avoid - of being between the proverbial rock and the equally proverbial hard place, or the devil and the deep blue sea if you prefer!

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As a permission slip for running as a Democrat, Bernie agreed to support the Dem nominee. He made his bed, he lay upon it. Many predicted she would lose, Bernie went down with that ship.

In the aftermath, he did what he’d been doing for many years, namely, raising corporate money for the d-party, thus confirming that he’s pretty much a stooge in a 2-party farce.

Like I said, I like Bernie. But he doesn’t have the juice or guts to live up to the (I) he puts after his name except when he submits to getting bitch-slapped by the Dems, which he has and will continue to do. I like him, but he can take that (I) and shove it.

I can tell you who will NOT beat Trump: Joe Fucking Biden. That son of a bitch is gonna cost us 2020 much the same way HRC did.


“Your candidate might be better on, I don’t know, health care than Joe is, but you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election.”

That is an amazing gaffe by Jill Biden. What I assume she calculated on saying was "your candidate might have a position you like better on the health care issue, but I think Joe’s position is the more achievable one and blah blah blah insert whatever nonsense she thought of. But instead she stated it as outside the voters opinion - “your candidate might BE better on health care”. Hey Jill, there is no might in that sentence for me. Bernie is definitely better on this and all other positions I can think of. Even my third choice Warren is better on every position than Biden.

Been watching more https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising and Bernie gets very good coverage there. If only he got a fair shake with the big outlets. I still have hope.


“Is it possible that the Democratic nominee just did not excite her own party’s base enough to turn out the vote and that Trump excited his party’s base disproportionately?”

Kolhatkar makes far to much sense to ever have her suggestions taken seriously by the Party elite.


Unfortunately there’s plenty of places to buy breakfast in Wilmington.:))))

And so who already has the most experience at the executive level in domestic economy, foreign policy, and national security amongst all candidates, including Trump? All these issues will be the decider of who wins the 2020 election. And the answer is Biden, hands down, like it or not.

Whyever not disown Clinton? He would be back as he is, but with more credit to his name.

Why tell anyone to vote for Trump or Clinton? Any other option would at least weaken the mechanism currently working to appoint Biden or Harris.

What’s this notion that Skeptic has a “system”? The system that exists on the planet rigged the nomination. I doubt that system is yours more than mine, but that leaves it a complete mystery why you would support it or imagine that Sanders had no other option.

You know, anyone can come on big and angry. If you can’t be bothered to make sense, so what?

There was another choice, one he didn’t have the political courage to make.

The two choices you give are:

  1. Not endorse Hillary Clinton and run as an independent or at least endorse and campaign for a Third Party candidate like Jill Stein.

  2. Do what he did, endorse Hillary Clinton and campaign his heart out for her because Trump is horrible.

But there was another…

At the Convention endorse her. Meet her on stage and hug her and hold her hand up in the air. Say to reporters, “I support Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. We must not have Donald Trump win.”

Then he goes back to Vermont, takes a nice vacation. Goes to the Senate in DC after his vacation and does his duty as a Senator. He doesn’t go out and campaign for her. He keeps a low profile. When reporters ask him he says, “I support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump,” and then walks away.