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'Let's Trade Places': Aiming to Unseat Paul Ryan, Ironworker's Campaign Ad Goes Viral


'Let's Trade Places': Aiming to Unseat Paul Ryan, Ironworker's Campaign Ad Goes Viral

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Wisconsin ironworker and union activist Randy Bryce became a social media sensation on Monday following the release of a stirring ad announcing his bid to challenge House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for his congressional seat in 2018.


Sounds like a campaign I can get behind. Yes, get rid of Paul Ryan. But more importantly, have a Congress person that actually represents people and the people of his district.


“Let’s trade places” is a slogan I’m willing to give MY $$ to. Randy, please
send me an appeal; I willl give what few bucks I can. Paul Ryan is a LIAR
who violates his oath of office w/every vote.


That actually brought tears to my eyes. I wish him good fortune in his quest.
He’s the exact kind of person we need more of in gov’t, imo anyway.
No more rich people, businessmen, lawyers, military or religious leaders. No more!
and certainly no more professional politicians! And that means you hillary!


Good guy! On any construction job, the Ironworkers are always the best - the hazards of their job teach cooperation and solidarity and this is imbued in the culture of the Ironworkers International Union.

The carpenters, for some reason, are the worst - the Carpenters and Joiner’s Union even endorsed Trump!


I worked construction for decades with many ironworkers and every other craft. Be assured that Eddie Munster would not survive the first day on the job.


“Let’s trade places” - what a great slogan. I love it. May he get the opportunity to make trading places a reality.


As I recall during the 2012 campaign, Ryan the opportunist phony could only dirty his dainty hands for a dish washing photo op, rather than actually pitch in at a soup kitchen where he wasn’t even welcome:


Unfortunately, humanity and courage showing up in the mid west has become such a rarity, I shed a tear.
Go Ironstache.


In that case let’s make sure that peewee ryan replaces Bryce when he wins his election! :hugs::hugs:


Not to mention how Ryan is the symbol of the new right since Snott Walker got dropped to the wayside. - unwavering stupidity for corporate causes. The nation should get behind Mr. Bryce


We need to make them understand that “we” meaning the working people of America, are not going away, not now, not ever!
They have spent the last 40 years implementing polices that have devastated the middle class and poor. Good hard working people, with dreams of a financially secure future. Their reason, to create a world just for themselves.


Me too – sad commentary on the condition of our country and we peons when seeing a political ad brings tears to our eyes!


I started to work at the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in Sparrows Point Maryland in the Coke Ovens in June of 1969 right out of high school. It was hot and hard work and made me value how hard many need to work to survive.

This was a summer job before college for me however that job set the stage for my entire career.

After watching his campaign ad, I am sure Randy Bryce will go on to unseat Lying Ryan.


Another veteran construction worker here. Started in heavy construction at tail-end of Carter admin, and then watched Raygun begin the destruction of the trade unions. In between the corruption, feather-bedding, and outright racketeering, yes, on the job you had to perform. Dirty, dangerous, and strenuous, those that didn’t have the trust of those around them didn’t last too long.

You’ll probably appreciate this. When I worked on a major addition to the Cleveland Clinic they told a story about a flamboyant ironworker that while working on the Cleveland Coliseum went all around the job-site and asked every man there - union, management, suppliers - “Are you an asshole?” Everyone answered in the affirmative (as the story was told) except this one guy that everyone knew as the biggest asshole on the job.

Saw this ironworker in action. We used the Thanksgiving holiday job shut-down as the opportunity to raise the tower on one of our tower cranes. Already up about 12 floors, it was about 15deg, the wind was blowing, and a thin layer of ice coated every exposed metal surface. This guy and his partner stood on the suspended sections of tower as they finessed them into place with drift pins and sledges. Watching them made me oblivious to how effing cold it was.


Mr. Bryce, please come over and join the REAL progressives in the Green Party. We will welcome you with open arms and totally support your campaign. Do not compromise your values with the establishment Democrats. They will use you and break your heart. #Demexit 2017!


He is the kind of person we need in government – however, sadly, I think elections are rigged so they won’t allow him in. BUT, I’m an optimist so I still have hope it may happen.


Theoretically, representative gubmit means elected representatives who have jobs other than politics and make BRIEF forays into politics to assure that they actually REPRESENT the majority of their constituents. Unfortunately the current examples of this model are millionaires and billionaires who owned politicians before making their foray into politics.

Career politicians like Ryan (who has been in DC for 18 years) live in a beltway bubble that inhibits their ability to represent their constituents even if they are well intended, which Ryan has demonstrated he is not.


Exactly! I was going to comment, ‘How long will it take for the establishment Dems to put forth and fund a corporate tool in that district?’ They would prefer Ryan to someone who actually cares about the people, the issues. Just like how they prefer Trump to Bernie.


The sad part of Randy Bryce’s commercial is that he would be opposed just as much by the Democratic party as by Ryan. Still, it is a dynamite commercial and this old guy got a tear or two watching it.