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'Let's Vote Her Out,' Says Warnock as Loeffler Vows on Eve of Runoffs to Object to Biden Electoral College Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/lets-vote-her-out-says-warnock-loeffler-vows-eve-runoffs-object-biden-electoral


Sorry folks, but I have a real bad feeling that Perdue and Loeffler are shoo-ins. While the Georgia electorate does appear to be shifting, I don’t believe that it has shifted enough thus far to elect a black man and a Jewish moderate as their senators, especially in the same year.
I hope I’m wrong. However, even if by some miracle they did both win, the democrats still won’t have a solid majority in the senate. It will still be tied, and thats a very tenuous tie at best as they still have the likes of Manchin, Warner, Sinema, and many other blue doggies just waiting to play the role of this years Max Baucus and fuck up any chance for meaningful progressive legislation to see the light of day.


That may be what the oligarchy wants. An excuse for inaction, and a way to placate the people, without actually doing anything. But, I can’t imagine any sincere, non KKK type of a person, voting for the gold digging bimbo.

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Has anyone else noticed how extremely weird this virulent breed of new Republican is? Look at these vacuous plastic trumpists! Look at how fake they are!

Creepy vibes emanate from every pore of their skin. Why haven’t they been shamed and ostracized from mainstream society? Why do so many USians treat them as though they are legitimate leaders? Why has “normalcy” become so gosh darn weird?


“That’s right, that’s right. Thank you. We’re gonna get this done!”

She should go get her hair done. (Or wear a different hat.) Why do all these women around dump look like cloned barbie dolls?


If the GOP loses one, it’ll be Loeffler. She is just so unlikeable that perhaps even Georgians won’t vote for her. But she is white, and that’s a big advantage in the south.
The one I’m really worried about is Ossoff. He’s looked upon as a carpet bagger, and he’s running against Georgia old money. Not a good harbinger.

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Money ~


Too many unanswerable questions there. But i read 4 out of every 100 people in the US are psychopathic. Maybe these are all the 4’s lumped together.


Remember these republicans have always been there. They didn’t change for Trump. They just no longer feel compelled to hide their racism in the closet.
It’s been said before. Trump didn’t change the Republican Party. He freed them


I came across this comment on the yahoo business page. It looks like, finally, some sort of a break in the wall, or at leas a rational melting of the ice.


Agreed fingers crossed.

You are right. How terribly sad. The corporate class’s need for vacuous weirdos in government is very high… at this late stage of global capitalism/cannibalism. Idiotic, vacuous, sociopathic, narcissistic, pridefully ignorant… These are the character traits that corporations look for in the functionaries they select to occupy the “governmental” departments of their predatory machines.


It’s all part of the big scam.

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Well yeah, a criminal doesn’t have to meet another criminal in prison, to find a like minded comrade. Hell, right out there in a political party, the like minded get together.

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Amen. Corporate America got everything they wanted the last four years. No regulations, even lower taxes, and a booming stock market thanks to the treasury dept and the federal reserve printing money and buying up trillions of newly securitized corporate debt. The only thing corporate America hasn’t gotten yet is immunity, and that’s coming this year. It will be in exchange for the $2000 incentive checks. And yes, it will be given by democrats.

I’ve read Barack Obama’s book “A Promised Land”, which takes the reader only up to the take out of Usama bin Laden.

I am almost finished John O. Brennan’s “Undaunted”, which comments right up to and including Trump.

It is entirely obvious that both parties are very much beholden to money, but the democratic party is at heart much more attuned to the people, but struggles with this need for money.

The republicans on the other hand have only a few decent people, and they too need money in this era.

My conclusion so far, is that the US is in fact a democracy - but all, including the people, are in need of money, and the right on the political spectrum are better at getting it, because the nature of the modern big corporations, for whom most of we the people work for by the way, are predominately right wing in their thinking, and some of the really big guns, the Koch family comes immediately to mind, are not just right wing, but Ayn Rand/Ronald Reagan/Margaret Thatcher far far right.

The forces in power since JFK have worked to dumb down the population thru the habitual impoverishment of the education system as a critical thinking tool, and literally impoverished the nation so that everyone save the few at the tail end of the Bell Curve are simply too strung out to do much of anything except survive, or if they are 'lucky;, enter the no man’s land of the middle class - a fate worse than death in the opinion of this tail end of the Curve mountain climber (once upon a time.)

Despite all that I have said - the idea of America has not died.

That says something - the power of that idea.

While there is a free press the right will never win.

So the fight for real liberty continues - and almost half the electorate are pretty close to stark raving mad.


So, the sky is always falling where you live.

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I’ve watched the back and forth between you and @BigB for awhile now.

There is a lot of negativity present on this site - without a doubt.

But the back and forth is democracy in action.

I would be unsurprised if there were not a lot of trolls on this forum - it’s an esy target.

But since there is no real way to tell who is who - I try where possible to just say my piece.


Max Baucus.

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And what? You see rainbows coming out of politicians’ asses? A shining city on a hill? Republican puppies and Democratic kittens? It takes some fortitude to consistently face the ugly truth, while self-delusion is the currency of Pollyanna.