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Letter From CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Details Federal Prison’s Scandalous Treatment


Letter From CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Details Federal Prison’s Scandalous Treatment

Kevin Gosztola

Shadowproof Editor’s Note: Concerned with the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ failure to provide medical treatment and their indifference toward CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling’s heart problems, Shadowproof exchanged letters with Sterling to bring more attention to his mistreatment. The federal government’s position is that Sterling is fabricating medical information and lying about his health.


Your fears are justified Kevin.
The last reporter to cross paths with the CIA in a serious way lost his life when his car mysteriously sped up to 120 miles per hour and smashed into a tree in Los Angeles 2 years ago.


My fears? I did not mention any fears. I know you are referring to Michael Hastings, but you really should focus on the content of the letter. What Sterling shared is important.


I will pass it on.


All of this involves tremendously complex issues, and we're in an era of simple. While populations in women's prisons have soared, we know virtually nothing about them. They are treated as an affront to our notions of femininity, and we've been fine with disappearing them. Further, we have (since the 1990s) ignored the inevitable, complex consequences of our war on the poor, so are unable to see the direct connection between this and the fact that we've been building a prison system that makes the old Soviet gulag look so puny in comparison. One overlooked factor is that the significant growth of businesses moving jobs to cheap prison labor has created a strong financial incentive to increase prison populations.


Much work went into improving prison conditions and implementing education and job skills training options that are vital to enabling people to secure jobs when they get out. Our middle class hated it, and demanded that prisons focus on punishment. Get tough on crime, no excuses, not tolerance, etc.


Hi there, I just recently read an on going current case in Pennsylvania where an African-American man is still spending 35 years in solitary confinement all alone, except for about one hour per day to go out to a caged area outside. Never touched another human in 35 years. He is about to be released to general- population soon. It is said he has a third grade education, and was ? convicted of murder in 1970. What got him in to solitary? A few escape attempts, but the gag and tying up of a guard gave him 35 years in solitary. When I read that story recently, my blood boiled out of my body! The warden, the governor, and all the people involved to enable this horror to go on for all these years, and it is going on some place else in America I just know it! If I was king, the wardens, and governors would all be doing time in an IRON MAIDEN!


I read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich", and Aleksandr never mention such brutality, such as almost a lifetime of solitary confinement. Also worth mentioning, Virginia earlier this year, state house, and senate approved the reinstating of the electric- chair, because they were denied death drugs by their former supplier who found out what Virginia was up to, killing people. The democrat governor veto the bill. The American way of life is rotting! How much more horror, I can't take anymore!


The inhumanity of the system described here reads like something out of a Dickens novel. It is evil and immoral. In addition to the suffering and despair of the prison pollution, the prison personnel are roped into a system which effectively makes them into accessories in psychological and physical torture.

Just doing your job in a facility like this has a whole other meaning. Will some become so hardened to the situation that they lose their ability to sympathize and empathize? Will they suffer from PTSD?

And on the outer edge it is we, the people, who are funding this system. Is this the product we want? Most of us are so far removed that prison reform is not on our radar screen.

There are people who need to be locked up for the safety of individuals and the general population. There are people who need to learn a lesson by losing their freedom for a short while. But the punishment is their loss of freedom. Anything further is cruel and unusual and unconstitutional.

Very long prison sentences for people who are not a threat to us are vindictive and costly.

Any prison sentence for a government whistleblower is unconstitutional in my eyes. If this is our country we have a right to know what is being done in our name and paid for by us. But, I think this is not really our country, if it ever was. This country belongs to the itch and powerful who see the rest of us as expendable, and whistleblowers as their deadly enemy.


Yes, he used the wrong word. It's pretty telling that you felt the need to correct Jeffrey. Out of all the significant things in his letter, that's what you care to highlight with a comment?


It's big of you to admit all that. Thank you for supporting my work, and all the best.


I too read his story and have concluded that the dollar demons and the criminally insane are now running and ruining this country and the entire World for that matter; all for MONEY, power and control........the imperialists, the white male testosterone terrorists' mantra..."Control, Conquer, or Kill.....all they have ever done! We are the most unbalanced species in the World as Women's emotional intelligence has been denied a voice, an ear, or any power by the same male, "Go along to get along!" deadly MO Stronger, sicker, more sinister nature for all the pleasures of sin that their death dollars will buy them! =Where are the moral men with love in their hearts for ALL? Time for the women to protect ourselves, our children, and the web of life that GOd intended us to and that every religeon in the World has corrupted by man FOR MAN! ( President Jimmy Carter espoused this observation in a Ted Talk, and he knows what he is talking bout!)


Interesting. If he has congestive heart failure, drinking water is the last thing he wants to do. He should be restricting fluid intake. They are trying to kill him.