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Letter from Pérez Esquivel to Barack Obama in Occasion of His Travel to Argentina on March 24

Letter from Pérez Esquivel to Barack Obama in Occasion of His Travel to Argentina on March 24

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

Buenos Aires, March 2nd, 2016

President of the United States of America
Dear Mr. Barack H. Obama,
A greeting of Peace and Goodwill:

We have learned in recent days that you shall be undertaking a historical trip to Cuba, and that later you shall be coming to Argentina, to develop closer cooperation bonds with the newly elected government.


Perez Esquivel seems to be the type of individual the Nobel Peace Prize was intended to recognize. Someone who campaigns for human rights and justice regardless of the personal danger he faces from powerful corporate entities including the U.S. government. Someone who is not afraid to tell truth to power. I support the letter he has written to President Obama.


Has the US ever had a president who wasn’t arrogant and condescending with that arrogance and condescension backed by both overt military thuggery and covert thuggery backing monsters like Jorge Videla (R of the young Kissinger monster - who is the thug on the far right?)?

Was there even one US president who was at least “moderate” in their Monroe Doctrinist arrogance?


Senor Esquivel

Thank you for your brave life’s efforts and the heartfelt eloquence of your letter.

There are many here who share your beliefs and have spent many, many,
unfulfilled hours fighting the injustices of which you speak.

One day, in the future, when people act from a compassionate heart, Justice will ring from
that young Court of Law in the Hague.

Unto that day, we must all work with the knowledge that we will prevail.

Thank You Sir.


How dare you offend the greatest protector of human rights in the world today.

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The closest Obama should ever get to Latin America is when he and most of the US Congress serve life sentences in Guantanamo.


So what do we think:

  • Obama was fully informed of the history, and knowingly approved that date to visit Argentina;
  • Obama’s handlers know the history, and scheduled that date without immediately briefing him on the history;
  • Obama’s handlers were unaware, and the date was proposed by the current Argentinian administration to mousetrap Obama into supporting the historical, ongoing (and future!) neoliberal repression in Latin America;
  • Everyone was completely oblivious as they scheduled the visit on this date;
  • None of the above?

i hope the organizers produce one hell of a protest against neoliberalism, militarism, and the USA, as Obama visits on the 40th anniversary of the US-sponsored coup and launch of The Dirty War in Argentina.

And oh hell no, Obama will say none of the intelligent, compassionate, historically factual and accountable things that Pérez Esquivel recommends.


We have a person on these boards who attacks persons not of the United States of America if they choose to critique the policies of the governmnet of the United States of America.

This article , like so many others posted by Common dreams helps to explain why that the case. As Martin Luther King said “the United States of America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world” yet they have Presidents who proclaim to the world that the USA does not have to apologize to anyone or any nation for anything they have done and who proclaim they the worlds exceptional nation standing above all others when it comes to morality, liberty and freedom.

What happened in Argentina was repeated times beyound count the world over and continues to happen to this day even as Obama claims a new page has been turned. If one reads any books by William Blum on this sordid history , it very clear that the support of tortures, murders of indigenous leaders and labor leaders, coups and the backing of fascists are not anamolies.


He and his staff knew exactly what they were trying to do.

The stuff it in your face attitude of this administration is quite evident.


A heartfelt “Wow!” for these powerful words–which bear repeating:

"But if you come with the intention of forcing Free Trade Agreements on us, in the defense of privileges of transnational corporations who strip away our peoples and our mother Earth, or with the intention of endorsing the illegal claims of financial funds, or “vulture funds,” as we call them, seeking to extort us through the justice of your country; or if you intend to recommend the failed recipe of intervention by Armed Forces in matters of internal security, in order to suppress popular organizations with the excuse of fighting against drug traffic, in that case, I cannot but remind you of the words by the Liberator Simón Bolívar, who warned us that: “the United States appear to be meant by providence to plague Latin America with misery in the name of freedom.”

The understanding of Earth as Divine Mother is well-recognized throughout South America.


Perez Esquivel deserves the Peace Prize he got. Obama never did anything to get the prize and has done so many things to make him give up the prize. I know why Obama hasn’t prosecuted Bush. He is just like him on foreign affairs. He chose Hillary as his Secretary of State during his 1st Administration.


Beautiful poetic words, ringing words that speak to the valor of peoples that have been abused for so very long by the dark and devious that hold sway in this ever embarrassing country. Them and their bought and paid for flunkies wherever they find them.

I also hear it as a warning to those same forces that there is a readiness to maintain the vigilant fight by the people who have stood tall for so very long despite ongoing and unrelenting attack.

Inspiring, electrifying and a laying bare of the pathetic nature of our collective movers and shakers.


I don’t appreciate you reminding me of that Obama actually, and nauseatingly, received a Nobel Peace Prize. I had temporarily and blissfully forgotten about it until I read your post.


As to recall O’s Nobel acceptance speech, in which he praised and committed to war…

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And Hillary pulled in Robert Kagen ’ s (signer of PNAC right wing plan for US world dominance) wife, Victoria Nuland, straight from GW Bush and the White House as an Ass’t Sec of State and in a position to overthrow the elected President of the Ukraine and restart the Cold War.

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I did not mean to rain on your parade. He received it and should relinquish it. Or they could change the name to the Nobel War Prize.

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