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Letters to the President: Return to Sender


Letters to the President: Return to Sender

Ralph Nader

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

I am enclosing a copy of Return to Sender: Unanswered Letters to the President 2001-2015 (Seven Stories Press), which contains over 100 letters that I sent to you and President George W. Bush (from 2001 to 2015). They were almost entirely unanswered and unacknowledged.


Thank you, Ralph Nader,

You are indicating the problem of modern governments world-wide, including small-town USA:

There is no input portal for distributed human intelligence to be used by old fashioned representative democracy. Additionally, there is resistance to such a portal within corporatist governments which support increased growth at a time when the world economy uses more than one earth of pollution recycling services.

Lack of information-age input from distributed human intelligence leads to lower than possible autopoietic utilization of the higher IQ available from the general population than is presented by faulty selection processes leading to assemblages of representative decision makers.


I didn’t realize how important Ralph was for progressive legislation and the power used against him

The Congress, between 1966 and 1973, passed 25 pieces of consumer legislation, nearly all of which Nader had a hand in authoring. The auto and highway safety laws, the meat and poultry inspection laws, the oil pipeline safety laws, the product safety laws, the update on flammable fabric laws, the air pollution control act, the water pollution control act, the EPA, OSHA and the Environmental Council in the White House transformed the political landscape. Nader by 1973 was named the fourth most influential person in the country after Richard Nixon, Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren and the labor leader George Meany.

then the push back and complicity of NY Times supporting the oligarchs

“Then something very interesting happened,” Nader said. “The pressure of these meetings by the corporations like General Motors, the oil companies and the drug companies with the editorial people, and probably with the publishers, coincided with the emergence of the most destructive force to the citizen movement—Abe Rosenthal, the editor of The New York Times. Rosenthal was a right-winger from Canada who hated communism, came here and hated progressivism. The Times was not doing that well at the time. Rosenthal was commissioned to expand his suburban sections, which required a lot of advertising. He was very receptive to the entreaties of corporations, and he did not like me. I would give material to Jack Morris in the Washington bureau and it would not get in the paper.”

This is a 2010 article by Chris Hedges

How the Corporations Broke Ralph Nader and America, Too

Posted on Apr 5, 2010


The complete citizen-inaccessibility of the US president is unique among first world democracies - letters never get answered except for perhaps one of those insulting robo-form letters. Public appearances are tightly orchestrated affairs with the audiences carefully screened for their political viewpoints.

However, in the case of Ralph Nader I’m sure the refusal to answer his letters is quite deliberate. Anyone else with his level of fame would get their letter answered right away - although besides the open animosity of the democrat party scumbags to Nader, this may mostly be due to those other people (CEO’s, Hollywood or sports stars) have this thing Ralph doesn’t - lots of money.

And it isn’t just Mr. Nader. I had read that through his entire first term Obama didn’t answer any letters from Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO - representing millions of union workers like myself. But then, in 2012, the democrat scumbag apparatchiks had the fucking gall to then ask Trumka to show up at a smattering of Obama campaign appearances. Of course, Trumka complied - he represents the utterly sold-out AFL-CIO which as sold it workers down the river anyway…


Run again Ralph.

I’d like to vote for a candidate who doesn’t make me feel like leaving the ballot box is a walk of shame.


Really Ralph-letters to the president?!


Would you prefer the two other alternatives -

  1. Letting out a long sigh and doing nothing aside from complaining away on and obscure corner of the internet; or maybe,

  2. Sending bullets instead of mail?

Both are likely to be even less effective than letters.


Twenty years ago I heard a speech by Ralph Nader. I knew then it was not me and that I was not a failure and yes….I was a victim. I was a victim of a system that preys on its own body.

I knew it then that Ralph Nader was our National Treasure. His life’s dedication to the people of this country should be held up to those in Congress as an example to follow. No super hero of any kind could have done more for this country than Ralph has.