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Letting Corporations Sue Governments Protecting the Environment is No Way to Solve the Water Crisis


Letting Corporations Sue Governments Protecting the Environment is No Way to Solve the Water Crisis

Maude Barlow, Meera Karunananthan

As the world looks for innovative solutions to solve the rapidly worsening water crisis, two Salvadoran experts toured Canada this month to promote a simple strategy that could save the public billions of dollars.


“The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) reports that the number of known investor-State disputes reached 514 in 2012 and argues that foreign investors are increasingly resorting to investor-State arbitration. Many of these cases target national environmental policies and environmentalists argue that the very threat of ISDS puts a chill on environmental policymaking, making investment treaties a serious obstacle to the bold strategies required to address a rapidly deepening environmental crisis.”

This is precisely the kind of “justice” that the TIPP and TPP will enshrine into “law.” All these trade pacts do is allow for further rape, pillage, and plunder under the guise of legality. THAT is why Obama, paying back his $2 billion-dollar campaign donors is totally MUM on the subject: Constitutional law scholar? He is to law what the seasoned white collar criminal is to HOW to gut the law (for his own advantages).

The timing of these anti-Democratic treaties is quite telling given the fact that the volcanic “ring of fire” is now lit, another huge quake just impacted the coast of Japan, another to Nepal, floods to Texas, and so many disturbances escalating… that water access (for human beings and animals) and PROTECTION of natural assets could not be more important. Meanwhile, all those corporate “persons” who made out like bandits during the re-engineering of wealth… deliberately directed to the top of the financial food chain (due to the deregulation of banking and taking down the wall that formerly separated its functions from those of pure Wall St. speculation schemes) are now using all that “ill-begotten wealth” to purchase the “lawmakers” willing to do their billing in this latest heist upon nature, as well as animal, vegetable, and mineral wealth and well-being.


Suing governments that are de facto corporations means that corporations are suing themselves and making the people pay the costs.


That’s one way to make money without investment…write a destructive plan that is likely to be disputed at the local level, then sue for hundreds of millions if it gets turned down…there you have your profit with no real work. Capitalism at its finest.


Added to this those laws that allow a Corporation to sue for “loss of profits” are not to be recipricol.

In other words the Corporation will be shielded from suits if people living in an area can demonstrate a “loss of income” due to environmental destruction or displacement. So if you are a person making their living on the fish got in some stream you can not lobby for environmental protections so as to protect thaty watershed from some mining company dumping arsenic in the stream out of risk of paying higher taxes to pay fines by companies that sue for loss of profits yet that Corporation can kill YOUR livelihood with little repercussion.

Sweet deal.


C’mon, Suspiria… the word is reciprocal. Not recipricol. Dang!


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Trade deals not only allow corporations to sue for loss of profits, they allow them to sue for lack of ANTICIPATED profits which opens the door for corporations to sue for projects they never actually intend to pursue. Corporations will be raking in more money from taxpayer bailouts and lost profit lawsuits than they will providing any goods and services.


That’s a very good point. In this article, we’re talking about a goldmining company. No one needs gold!
The public has no need for gold! You can’t eat it, You can’t make practical clothing with it, and its not used in building houses. In other words, its useless. And don’t try telling me that its used in the electronics in the computer I’m using. Humans got along just fine for a very long time without smartphones… Gold is not necessary! I hope El Salvador is successful in beating down these fools mining the courts for profits.


With the advent of the Federal Reserve the US Government abandoned the only useful purpose for gold and within a few decades no longer backed currency with silver or gold.


You totally missed the point of the arguement as is usual for you.
I suppose you’d award the corporation the suit against El Salvador because a coporation’s profits are more important that the people’s need for a safe and secure supply of drinking water, since you missed that point entirely!
Try selling some gold to me and see how much I’d be willing to pay for it.