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Lewandowski Hire Makes Journalists Choose Between Defending Their Profession and Embracing Its Demise


Lewandowski Hire Makes Journalists Choose Between Defending Their Profession and Embracing Its Demise

Jim Naureckas

Faced with the destruction of journalistic values by the corrupting effects of the profit motive, journalists can either stand up for the principles that brought many of them into the career in the first place—or else identify with the corruption, telling themselves that they’re siding with the smart money even as it destroys the institutions that form the basis for their profession.


Who was it that said: "There's no such thing as bad publicity"?

All this media spotlighting on Trump will infuse the national conversation with this individual's prejudices. When these types of views become widely heard, the culture begins to TOLERATE them more and more. And it then becomes axiomatic that some unstable individuals will ACT on the various and sundry hatreds being espoused by Celebrity Trump.

I am worried about this sort of thing because given the breadth of my field (Astrology), I can already see repressive trends tightening in 2018. One way to make that possible is by saturating culture with memes designed to turn specific population pools into target camps upon which the growing anger (over Leadership's betrayal of The People, lousy jobs and equally lousy salaries, lousy health "care," ridiculous costs for a higher education, more and more people on the receiving end of toxic Fracking waste, coal slurry, oil train derailments, etc.) can be projected.

None of this is accidental.

The Mass media serves Big Business AND The Military Industrial Complex. Within these sectors there are very smart people who have a keen understanding of history's precedents. They understand the trends they are setting into motion; and for those who argue "it's just about money" (or the Capitalist Profit Agenda), that is only PART of the story.

Don't forget: These entities already have tons of money. The Piketty Study proved that most newly created wealth (over the course of the past decade or so) went EXCLUSIVELY to the already rich.

This is about Power and Control.

As the masses rumble and exhibit their angst against policies that undermine their lives, health, and opportunities... rather than shift the calculus, the elites are positioning events to allow for certain groups to be preyed upon.

Like Shirley Jackson's chilling short story--The Lottery--where a community believes its ongoing prosperity is determined by annually sacrificing ONE member, the elites understand they can best retain their prosperity so long as specific groups are held up as sacrificial lambs.

Trump is a master of the sort of rhetoric that will FEED this twisted reflex until it reaches a crescendo.