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LGBTQ Advocates Cheer Historic Victory After US House Passes Equality Act

LGBTQ Advocates Cheer Historic Victory After US House Passes Equality Act

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday passed the Equality Act—a historic development that drew cheers from LGBTQ advocates.

"This vote is a monumental step forward in the fight for true, lived equality for LGBTQ people," said Ronald Newman, national political director at the ACLU, in a statement.

Human Rights Campaign celebrated the vote on Twitter:

Thank you LGBTQ brothers and sisters!

The creation has ALWAYS produced a full spectrum of diversity as necessary for full adaptability in the ever evolving life force from stones to spirit and EVERYTHING in between.

Throughout history the spectrum of sexual creation has been recognized. It would seem that only those constructs that are predatory, parasitic and manipulative demand that nature be forced to be seen according to their delusional whims. The irony of demonization by the users being that the premise is so twisted that it cannot even recognize its death wish made manifest - even when the consequences are staring them in the face.

The 6th mass extinction; the poisoning of the planet… helloooo…


From Stonewall to ACT UP, from Obergefell v. Hodges to the now passed Equality Act, it has been a long, tremendous fight by and for the LGBTQI community. We cannot slack off now and delude ourselves into thinking all is gonna be fine. There is a right-wing SC lurking in the shadows and homophobia is ever present in American society.

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I don’t suppose that the Founders considered this, but the Constitution of the United States does begin with the words , “We the People.” So in essence, since we are all people, LGBTQ should not have been left out in the first place.

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