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LGBTQ Advocates Flood Capitol Hill on Day One of Supreme Court's First Trans Civil Rights Case in US History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/lgbtq-advocates-flood-capitol-hill-day-one-supreme-courts-first-trans-civil-rights

From the article:

“You shouldn’t be afraid you’ll lose your job simply because of who you are.”

The “other side” believes that gayness isn’t a matter of being born that way, but rather a person’s individual choice to “sin.” That attitude goes hand in hand with the notion that gayness can be “cured”–impervious to either logic or experience.

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The SCOTUS is about to take America and it’s constitution full circle. The “great document” as it has become known, has been proven to be a very flawed document indeed. It’s one most glaring, and perhaps most fatal flaw, is that it does give individuals the right to do and say almost anything they want, up to and including infringing upon those same rights of other people.

The final block for a foundation of a christo-fascist state is about to be placed by the SCOTUS.

I hope I’m wrong but I suspect this Court will back the religious zealots that want the right to hurt gay and trans folks. If so, we’d be better off if instead of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh we had two Democratic appointees, but the fools who didn’t back Clinton in November 2016 sold out our gay and trans allies

Three million more fools backed Rottenhams than Twump. It sounds like you’ve got a problem with the Electoral College, Barry.