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LGBTQ Rights Groups Denounce Trump's 'Reckless' New Proposal Banning Transgender Service Members


LGBTQ Rights Groups Denounce Trump's 'Reckless' New Proposal Banning Transgender Service Members

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump administration's late Friday announcement that it would move ahead with a ban on transgender service members in the military—which has previously been rejected as unconstitutional in court rulings—was met with anger and condemnation by LGBTQ rights groups on Saturday.


“LGBTQ Rights Groups Denounce Trump’s ‘Reckless’ New Proposal Banning Transgender Service Members”

Well that should certainly show him…

At this place and time, what could possibly be a reason someone in the LGBTQ community might want to join the military? The purpose of the military is to project force against those who might challenge the power of the Oligarchs, and to expand their power threw the physical theft of other peoples resources. Why would any person of the LGBTQ community want anything to do with such evil. History is replete with examples of the military being used as a tool to subjugate, torture, and murder those of the LGBTQ community. If I was of that community I would feel glad to not ever have to participate in their crimes against humanity.


I think it was Rodney Dangerfield that once said he didn’t want to be a part of any organization that would have him as a member.
While our military should have to follow all EEOC regulations just like every other employer, I have but one message for all LGBTQ people that are either already in the military or are thinking about it…
What is going through your minds?
NOBODY should be volunteering for our openly fascist, misogonistic miltary, especially LGBTQ folks. What? Are you an openly proud and patriotic LGBTQ person that wants to serve your country? Great. Go to school. Educate yourself. Get a good job. Pay your taxes. Live a green lifestyle. You know, be a good citizen that not only accentuates the health of our society, but makes it better.
We all serve out nation every day. It’s time to stop this bullshit axiom that the only way to serve is playing a part in our military. We should be working to abolish our miltary, not be a part of it.
Aim higher.


You typed faster than me, but thanks for the good thoughts. I echo them.


No, it was Groucho, BigB


Thanks. The old jokes are the best ones, eh?


I am beyond depression, disbelief, anger, and wonder at the acts of evil this hideous person commits daily - that millions are not taking to the streets to rage against this corrupt destructive regime that is a threat and destroyer to everything it touches - to everything that makes a nation truly “great” - that any person can be so utterly depraved and shallow. That all people do not respond to his threat - a threat to all life, truth, wisdom, nature, our republic and even notions/teachings of religion - an overt insane evil, that every day commits another atrocity against people and nature/Mother Earth. His mental illness and depravity is metastasizing!
We as a national and world society cannot take another outrage or crime from this truly evil mental case called “president” and his “administration” - if one can even call his reign of destruction and death and bigotry and racism and exploitation such!


I’m sorry, but ANYONE who “wishes to serve” in the US military has lost my respect.


No shit. I wish they had this back during Vietnam. What an easy way to avoid the draft that would have been!


War is state sanctioned murder. Why would anyone want to participate?


I second the above comments about ANYONE volunteering for the U.S. military as currently exists. I also challenge CD and any other ‘progressive’ media outlet to look beyond cliches about non-binary communities and other communities, none of which are homogenous.

Where are quotes from non-binary peace activists, who in addition to having struggled for their identity/gender freedom, have had the courage to challenge out neofascist imperialist capitalist state?

This kind of knee-jerk ‘journalism’ serves no one except our masters who would divide us by class, gender and identity.


To hell with the federal courts.
Donnie and Mikey have a bigotry-based agenda to implement in order to appease their sanctimonious evangelical supporters.


It was Groucho Marx, and he was referring to golf clubs that wouldn’t accept Jews like him.


I don’t have any respect for people who volunteer for the Empire’s war crimes organization, no matter what their gender orientation is.
The American military is a criminal gang.
Some trans people join so they can get government-paid reassignment surgery and hormonal treatment.
They’re willing to be complicit in the American violence machine for their own selfish benefit.
If you suffer discrimination while helping invade and occupy small countries that never did anything to us, that’s your karma.


Just so I’m clear here - and please correct me if I’m wrong - but Trump is now breaking the law by violating a court order which found that the ban is unconstitutional - and he is saying “who cares” and implementing the ban anyway: correct?

If that is correct, then our “democracy” - such as it was (and it really wasn’t) is effectively over, and the President has made it clear he can do what he wants without any checks on his power by the other 2 branches. I’m surprised this fact hasn’t at least been mentioned in the MSM, even if only a 5 second blurb. You would think that a President declaring himself Emperor/King and no longer being restrained by the Constitution would be considered a larger news story.