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Liberal Elites Hate the Left


Liberal Elites Hate the Left

Jake Johnson

In 2013, President Obama, speaking at a fundraiser in Medina, Washington — home to a small community of wealthy donors — expressed a sentiment that has become all too common among Democratic Party liberals.


“Liberal Elite” = “Oxymoron”


The elite freeze-out of Bernie Sanders," writes Matt Karp, “is without parallel in modern party history.”

Nonsense. Anyone recall when Dr Stein was not only ‘frozen-out’ but put in shackles to make sure she stayed on ice?
“Liberal Elites Hate the Left”. news item, the ‘left’ isn’t exactly enamored of the liberal elites with their ‘third way’ pragmatism, ‘triangulation’, and other assorted lunacies.


It’s worse than that. Liberal elites not only hate the left but are right wing a**holes.




This article articulates everything I’ve been saying about the establishment Democratic Party for over a year. The one thing they didn’t voice was the obvious conclusion: The left needs to walk away from the party en masse this year and cause Hillary Clinton to lose this election - big time.

The only way the left can take back the party for The People, and make the establishment fear us is by the establishment losing elections. It’s the ONLY way to rip control of the party away from them. Winners never cede anything. Why should they? No, Hillary must lose this election, along with as many of her neo-liberal accomplices as possible, starting with the equally heinous Debbie Wasserman-Schultz! There are few pols more deserving of an a$$ kicking than this lacky for the greedy rich bastards than her, her of the getting-in-bed with the payday loansharking industry cabal. Nothing screams the difference between the establishment and the Sanders campaign like that contrast. DWS wants to help the payday loan sharks, while Bernie wants to set up postal banking to help low-income Americans.

Another glaring example of how out-of-touch Clinton is is how clueless she is about what an evil bastard and war criminal her BFF Henry Kissinger is. Bernie Sanders was totally correct in calling that fact out, and her dismissive attitude about that accusation tells you that this war hawk will take the U. S. to an unnecessary, illegal and disastrous war of aggression. That alone should be enough to get any sensible liberal to walk away from Hillary, but no, the younger ones who don’t remember consider Kissinger to be irrelevant. They will learn the hard way.

Just remember: Run, don’t walk away from the Clintons. Vote Green Party en masse to make her lose. We must take control of the party away from them, and it only happens if they lose in November. #NeverHillary.


The 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was the milestone that institutionalized the Party’s new mission to ATTRACT MORE CORPORATE MONEY THAN THE GOP.

The DLC model was so successful that once Obama was settled in to the White House the DLC was no longer needed and was dissolved…the Party having put the DLC mission on autopilot at that point.

After the DLC turned the Party into a billion dollar organization, the Party is not going to embrace any real progressives and risk losing most of that billion dollar revenue. Billion dollar organizations just don’t do that sort of thing.


I liked this article because it called out Obama and his neoliberal ways. He still has like 40-50% approval rating. It is shocking to me that people still say things like, Obama is a great president it’s the Republicans that have blocked him at every turn or he inherited such a mess he’s done everything he could and look the economy has recovered. The façade has been his cover for 8 years. He’s gotten pass after pass on things we would have ripped a republican for. Like putting Social Security on the table. That’s why I think he is one of the most insidious liars we’ve ever had as President. His high minded speeches and appearance of liberalism has kept us in the dark and fed us bullshit, like little mushrooms. To quote Palin, “How’s that hopey changey thing working out for you”? He was so convincing he got the Peace Prize, what a joke.
Which brings me to this. The things Dems do get a pass and when you look at what the Clinton’s have done you can see that Dems get done what Repugs could never do. That’s why I’m not afraid to vote for Bernie or the Greens. I think if Trump was the President this country and the world would be so on him he wouldn’t be able to do the crazy things he talks about. But Clinton could. She could do most anything and all the mushrooms would still think she’s so liberal. With her war hawk ways she is more dangerous than Trump as well as being a criminal. We cannot allow her to be President, we would regret everyday that we didn’t try harder to stop her.
Never Hillary


The issue of course is were all of those people to vote Green would their votes be counted? I gave a link to a petition being made to the UN to investigate voter fraud in the Democratic primaries with claims made that the variance in the final vote count when measured against the exit polls ranged from over 2 percent to 23 percent in 16 State primaries.

This variance only happened within the Democratic party primaries and all favored one Hilary Rodman Clinton which a University study indicated the odds of having occurred legitimately as one in 70 billion. Do you KNOW where your vote is?


“The Democrats have moved into the Republicans’ ideological turf.
And the Republicans have moved into the insane asylum.”

  • Bill Maher


I second that. One caveat though, and it only applies in swing states: Vote for the second place candidate, whomever he or she is at the time. (Who knows, after the DNC convention, Stein’s polling numbers could go way up.) To ensure HRC’s defeat, the swing state anti-Hillary voter needs to cast a ballot for the next most likely to win candidate. There are two alternative party candidates splitting the left and right vote.

The election of Stein would serve to destroy the Democratic Party, but it would also leave Stein without any kind of governing coalition in the next Congress. Nothing could unite the elected Democrats and Republicans faster than Stein’s election, so it’s not exactly a bridge to solutions. Her success would only manifest itself with a powerful movement in the streets–tricky since she lacks Sanders charisma.


My guess is that the Gingrich revolution in 1994 changed Bill Clinton. All the Gingrich clones that were swept into office made Clinton feel almost irrelevant even though he was president. The main power that he still had was the veto. After that disastrous election I think Clinton thought about how to survive politically in the new era of a Contract with America. Amazingly in this Reagan/Gingrich period he did figure something out and left office in 2001 with high approval ratings. Obama faced something similar with the Tea Party being swept in after his first two years of office. And Obama also had to figure out how to operate with Tea Party opposition. All this explains by Democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are not further to the left.


“Hillary Clinton has effectively won the Democratic nomination”

This is an unfortunate perpetuation of a favorite mainstream liberal myth.

We are far, far, far from knowing the vote tally in California. And, in other states, as certified delegate totals trickle in, they invariably show better numbers for Sanders than was immediately reported after the election. But again, this gap is expected to be gigantic in California, to the point that nobody knows what the totals will be at the end. So please stop perpetuating the myth, unless of course you are a shill (then, you did a good job).


“The issue of course is were all of those people to vote Green would their votes be counted”?

What exactly are you implying here? That our votes “won’t be counted,” so don’t bother voting Green?

If 20% of the electorate suddenly dumped the Democrats and voted Green, do you really think that “losing” all those votes would be possible? Or is it your intention to discourage anyone from voting Green by instilling in them a sense of futility?


Every time you vote your fear, you drag the already right wing Democrats to the right. It is time to hold your ground. If it makes you feel any better, this is a four way race. Gary Johnson is already cutting into Trump’s votes. Don’t vote against the “bogeyman”, because the Obama did what Bush did basically. It is time to stop this fear manipulation by the Democrats as well. They aren’t progressive, and they don’t care about your causes.


…and the trucking industry:



I don’t expect Stein to win. This is a “send them a message” effort, as well as a “get rid of the Clintons” effort. Voting for Trump is an unacceptable alternative. We need to try and focus all of our anger and hatred in one place to quantify it unmistakably.


Despite Carter’s flaws he is RELATIVELY progressive compared to all of his successors, Democrat and GOP.

Carter era trucking and railroad deregulation were nothing like financial industry deregulation. States like Arkansas could no longer prohibit trucks hauling farm co-op shipments.

Note that the Democrats never invite him to speak at their conventions…they don’t want to identify with Carter or any other New Deal Democrat.


Although Nixon successors Ford and/or Carter may have ushered in EPA, OSHA, and Endangered Species Act if Nixon had not beat them to the punch, there is no way any post Carter POTUS would have.

Nixon, Ford and Carter would all be considered as leftist as Sanders if they were seeking the Democratic Party nomination today. The GOP would consider them all deportable.

When Ford appointee SCOTUS justice John Paul Stevens retired in 2010 he was considered by ALL pundits, left and right, to be the most left leaning judge on the court…to the left of judges appointed by Raygun, Bush 41, Clinton, Dubya and Obama. (Carter was the only full term POTUS to never make a SCOTUS appointment).


What was the final count in California anyway?
Unlike that other first woman, Jill Stein will not have a war cooked up for the presidential election in four years time?


Can we please get a poll of Clinton supporters: how many even know the term ‘neoliberal’ ? I suspect very few…