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Liberal Zionism Begins to Make the Journey Towards a One-State Solution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/17/liberal-zionism-begins-make-journey-towards-one-state-solution

“…it would be foolish indeed to imagine that there are not many others already contemplating following in his footsteps.”

I certainly hope so. And if so, it has certainly been a long time coming. If anyone has ever believed, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” then Israel is among the key locations to check on to see if we are there yet.


This is not for me to decide, but I’m glad that one state solutions are going to be discussed more. Every year goes by and it looks harder and harder to make a two state solution work. If this were 1965 or even 1975, that would be a different story, but it seems too much of what a Palestinian state would have been has been lost. Of course I blame my own country for its role, but that doesn’t change the calculus today.

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“Liberal Zionism”? Doesn’t exist.
The inherent Israeli/Zionist supremacist mindset and racist military occupation, domination and repression make a one-state solution more absurd and unworkable that a genuine two-state. Palestinians and other minorities deserve a state without Israeli Zionist racism and discrimination.

Zionism is Apartheid, and Apartheid is racism, and all that Israeli leaders and their Fifth Column AIPAC have worked-for for over half a century is based on racism and supremacist social - religious beliefs that exclude Palestinians and other ethnic groups like the Bedouin, Lebanese, and others as lesser life-forms.

The Occupied Territories, West Bank, Golan. Negev and all other territories taken by force as the birth-right of Israelis based on manipulated-falsified ancient history and fantasy mythology to “justify” such racism and the violent theft or territory, as well as ignoring International Law, UN Charter, and common decency, to take by force what they want regardless the violence, brutality, ethnic cleansing, destruction of critical infrastructure and ordinary Apartheid, in the subjugation and de facto cultural genocide intentionally inflicted on target peoples! The depraved killings/murders of the indigenous peoples, international advocates like Rachel Corrie, and medics, press and ambulances by Israel have been intentional and unrepentant!

A sovereign, secure and genuine Palestinian state is essential, that includes justice and independent security for all minority communities in Palestine! Not a faux racist one-state charade that only exacerbates Israeli racist expulsions and ethnic cleansing already nearly a fait accompli - such terrorist and racism must NOT be tolerated regardless the power or propaganda and subversion of Zionist supporters or complicit sheep sycophants!


one state solution. Is this so repulsive to the isreals??? You are treating your Palestinian brothers worst than the holocaust. Imagine one state where Palestinians get to enjoy life???

equality for all, can’t the isrealis grasp that concept? Does the tora tell you to steal, kill, dehumanize Palestinians, what do you learn in your religion

since the 2-state solution now sees impossible and while Jew haters both in the US and in the Middle East reject any Jewish presence there, and similarly Arab haters want Palestinians to disappear, Beinart’s vision of one democratic state is the only possible way to achieve peace and improve the lives of the people there.
The question that should be discussed is how to get there as it won’t be easy to convince Israelis and Palestinians to give up their maximalist dreams of removing the other, especially the former who have more power.
It would help if Israeli-Palestinian cooperation was encouraged and promoted, there already is some in music, universities, medicine, it needs to expand to business. It would help if both Jewish and Muslim religious zealots were countered whenever possible so religion doesn’t get in the way as much. It would help if Israelis moved to reduce discrimination against Israeli Arabs. It would help if Palestinians moved to fully accept the rule of law ad a free press, rights for women, gays, religious minorities and accepted the idea that if there was one state both peoples could live and work anywhere in the state

Neoliberals like Beinhart like to call themselves liberals to shed the neoliberal stigma.

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