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Liberals, Cut Your Cable Cords

Liberals, Cut Your Cable Cords

Michael J. Socolow

They’ve finally done it. For the first time, MSNBC is consistently beating Fox News in total primetime cable news viewership. The number one program in cable news is no longer Bill O’Reilly’s. Oxford-educated Rachel Maddow has supplanted the vanished Fox News host, and her soaring ratings undoubtedly delight the growing community of liberals who now consider themselves cable news fans.

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Was not aware of this - thank you.
How would we not we lose MSNBC by cutting off cable?

Me, I’ve never wanted cable. For my job, I often have to stay in hotels rooms, so I know what’s on cable.

There is no way in heck that I’ve pay for all the unwatchable dreck on cable, it would only encourage them.


If Hannity didnt work for FOX who the hell would hire that dumb fuk.


You use Rachael Maddow as your “comparison” to FOX News? Same two propaganda faces on both sides of the coin. Cut the cable and quit watching/reading any form of MSM news.


I cut the cord about eight years ago. I read. I haven’t missed a thing.


#CableExit #MSMExit
There are so many alternatives to get real info instead of Neoliberal mediated fake news, I don’t know why people still watch TV at all.


Faux News will always be more profitable than other news organizations seeing how creating fake news is a lot cheaper than investigating or even identifying real news.

After serving as a newspaper editor in the 19th century Mark Twain told the world: “People who don’t read newspapers are uninformed while people who do are misinformed”. What would Twain say about 21st century multi media news ?


Maddow is “propaganda?”
That is absurd.

Amen. Did so too.

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If we cut the cable, we would also be preserving net neutrality, so vital for getting the real news, not the propaganda of main stream media. Hopefully more peeps will get online and research to get the truth. I.e., it was MSNBC that really led us into the Iraq war and has consistently waved the flag for war. They won’t tell you that we’re bombing in 8 countries, that more than 56% of our discretionary budget it sapped by defense contractors to maintain perpetual war/destruction of the Middle East–for OIL, that is killing the planet, so that a few oligarchs can get even richer. Remember, it was Bill Clinton who
made sure media was consolidated to 5-6 propaganda outlets. http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/34789-democracy-in-peril-twenty-years-of-media-consolidation-under-the-telecommunications-act
Look at who owns main stream media since then:https://www.forbes.com/sites/katevinton/2016/06/01/these-15-billionaires-own-americas-news-media-companies/#1c6d919e660a
When W Bush illegally attacked Iraq, MSNBC @ the time, was 49% owned by GE, a defense contractor. The American public never was truthfully informed.
If Trump/Adjit Pai, FCC head, have their way, bye bye net neutrality and the means to find the truth.


Just a more subtle version. MSNBC is practices a more subdued form of propaganda; except when they beat MIC drum for war. I stand by what I said.


I canceled cable TV completely. I kept cable Internet. Have been using a Channel Master DVR to record HD broadcast TV for about 4 years. No monthly fees at all with the Channel Master DVR. I noticed that there are some new Over the Air(OTA) DVRs out now that are as good and perhaps better than the Channel Master.

One thing that was surprising was how well the flat patch antennas work for the high def broadcast TV. We got one and tried it out on our TV to make sure we got a reasonable # of channels.

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I could go back to basic cable and get only the broadcast stations but I mainly have more channels for sports since so much of it is on the cable stations. So I guess that I will continue to pay for cable stations. A lot of liberals are sports fans. Cutting cable will go nowhere. Think of something else.

Dump cable, social media, Twitter, smartphones, and all the rest of that mindless junk and start living.


Hardest thing for me was to give up baseball. Listen on the radio a lot, but this year, the Giants are so lousy I stopped caring. NFL is covered over the air though.

I feel like I’m kinda lucky in that I pay Dish $20 for a package that includes MSNBC and no fox. Sadly they no longer offer that package, but they let me keep it.

I’ve loved to listen/watch Minn Twins ever since there has been Minn Twins, but a few years ago I decided that there were better things for my time and I quit paying the $5/mo to watch them. I still spend 2 or 3 minutes everyday to see how they’re doing. I like it like it this way. Today I watched a grandson and his team win a 16 team tournament. That’s better than watching millionaires play.


Amen. I’ve got a six-year-old and am looking forward to watching his team play soccer. Kids are fun! Like you say, much more enjoyable than watching millionaires play.

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Is this author insane? He calls Rachel Maddow a liberal, like she calls herself. But the proper term is neoliberal, neoconservative but certainly not progressive. She is the new Joseph McCarthy, a mouthpeice for all the Democrats who have started a new Cold War with Russia. And maybe the reason they are beating Fox News is that they have taken so many hosts from Fox News and fired any real progressives
they ever had. I only watch Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell now. But I can hardly watch them as they are Russia, Russia, Russia all the time too. That said, I do support a la carte pricing.