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Liberals Strike Back... Against Single Payer


(Sorry - back to my correct identity here…)

Actually, the classic liberal era was the robber baron-satanic mill era of the 19th century. That is why resurgence of global robber-baronism in the present day is called “neoliberalism”.


Ladies and gents! The reason why Democrats will lose again. I present you with the Typical Liberal. Stands for nothing.


In the name of political reality, some liberal pundits, politicians and policy wonks are scolding progressives to give up on Medicare for All.

Part of right leaning Democrats broader campaign to get progressives to give up on efforts to promote social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, and an end to war mongering.


The U.S. health care system is an abomination and needs to be drastically reformed. Once taxes are at 90% over $1million per year, maybe the CEOs won’t have the incentives to keep their fiefdoms in place. There is no courage in the political class today. Probably nothing good is going to happen in the near term but people need to start firing their politicians and only putting those in that will support single payer whether federal or state.


yes, and we still have the namesake bank of the classic robber baron - JP MORGAN CHASE.


You’re exactly correct. But if Bernie is serious about Single Payer, he’s gonna have to take progressives out of the Dem wing of the Duopoly. Until he - or someone else - does that, this is alot of lip service and Kabuki politics.


This is EXACTLY CORRECT. Thanks for this clear summary.


The DINO establishment will never lead, be the moral force we need, or allow any diminishment of their power - we saw that when they betrayed us and Sanders to foist HRC on the us. I don’t know how this will actually play-out or what Sanders will do, he does alot but has lots of opposition - as well as support - we just gotta keep fighting, demanding, pushing, putting our bodies and words out there, and maybe, just maybe, we will see some real change - not holdin my breath though Tom…keep the faith!


One major flaw in Obamacare is the issue of Medicaid expansion to cover lower-income people.
That is great, unless one lives in one of the states which “opted out” of the Medicaid expansion.
Florida, for example.


Few to none. The modern capitalist propaganda about that time 100 years ago is thick-thick-thick! There was this meme that the October Bolshevik Revolution as savage and bloody and Lenin as some kind of mass murderer - even I constantly have to chase this image out of my head. In reality the revolution was virtually bloodless - nothing like the current bloody right-wing counterrevolution underway right now in Venezuela.

All the bloodshed (even probably the execution of the Tsar and his family) the following years was precipitated by the western capitalist sponsored White Russian counterrevolutionary civil war.


No. Just no. Single payer would have never passed any US Congress since the 1970s. Where do you live? Do you ever talk to ordinary USAns? Come here to western Pennsylvania! Do you have any idea how marginalized we on the left are???


Thanks. The aversion to complexity and the need to yield tactical concessions as part of moving forward is one of the great failures of the US left. Lately, the biggest problem with the left is this sense of electoral-political-keyboard-messianism - all we need is to get rid of the Democratic party (and replace it with what?) and elect Bernie-Bernie-Benie and bread will rain down from heaven.


Remember when we used to think that in a democracy, “the government” included us?

Mobilizing We, the People for Medicare for All just might be a mechanism to get this democracy turned around, and actually working for the best interests of the citizenry.


Now is the time.

The groundswell of the moment is bi-partisan.
60% want health care provided by the government.


A LONG way to go before Medicare for All is a reality!


“The left is serious…”
–all 14 of us?
Not even an organized group.
No statement of beliefs/values/priorities.

As well written a piece as this paragraph of yours is, ideas must be turned into action.
I do agree, soon, the workers, the poor, those still hurting without civil rights or societal respect, those without effective health care --this mass of humanity will be ready to be led.
But as of now, The Left has no direction.


On no, the D-Party thought winning was important.

In fact, winning favor with oligarch donors has been the most important thing to them for decades.


If you are opposed to single payer, you are NOT liberal. You aren’t even a real Democrat.


First, if we are talking electoral politics, what exactly is the left to do? Has the Democratic Party proven itself to be a home to the left? Does it treat the left well? How does it treat candidates like Sanders? How did it treat Sanders? Is the Democratic Party serious about getting people to vote? The DCCC’s strategy is to appeal to right wingers (which they call “centrists”) and are courting Blue Dog Democrats. Doesn’t seem to matter to them that a large percentage of people in those races simply don’t vote because they see no reason to vote. There’s a huge gap between government policy and popular opinion, and the 2014 Princeton study showed that not only is popular opinion well to the left of government policy, but the rich simply get what they want. Their strategy seems to be to give the rich what they want, and to win without giving people an actual reason to vote. Does the system allow other parties to emerge at the national level?

“–all 14 of us?”

Can you find a single major issue where the public disagrees with the left? Kind of a head scratching situation to be in, where the left’s ideas are popular without the left actually existing nationally and with both parties and the media being entirely against those ideas. Speaks both to the power of those ideas and the total ineptitude of the left. I have to say though, given that this is the case, doesn’t it seem that something is wrong with the left’s strategies, at least electorally? Large percentages of people agree with the left on policy, even if they don’t do so for ideological reasons. Are they not the left? Seems that people that agree with the left on policy are the actual left, whether they realize it or not, and more so than the people in power that claim to be on the left but support policies well to the right of the public. Seems to me that people place themselves on the ideological spectrum not by what they say they are, the label, but based on the policy positions they take. Just because the Eastern European totalitarian states in decades past called themselves “democratic peoples’ republics” didn’t mean they were democratic or republics.


And the biggest problem with the Dem establishment is that they depend upon dampening expectations and poo-pooing the bold solutions (that the rest of the world has had for decades) to remain in power.

By the way, I hope you guys are enjoying all that power in government you no longer have.