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Liberals Strike Back... Against Single Payer


Aversion to complexity? Tell me, who turned out to be correct about NAFTA? The WTO? The Iraq War? Austerity? The financial deregulation that Bill Clinton pushed for, proudly? The existential threat posed by global warming and environmental externalities? Hillary Clinton as a candidate? The fact that privatizations are almost always sure to increase inefficiency, not decrease inefficiency? Have people like Sanders been in charge of the Democratic Party as it collapsed? Have people aligned more with Sanders or Clinton been in charge of economic policy in recent decades, as inequality and private debt have exploded, as wages for most have stagnated, as the infrastructure gap ballooned and as the costs of college education and healthcare began to far outpace wage growth decades ago? The left has a far better record than the “center” and the right on almost every major issue, yet it is always the group being lectured by the people that have been dead wrong about almost every major issue.

Oh, and McGovern! Boo!

“we need is to get rid of the Democratic party (and replace it with what?)”

Well, since the Democrats got together with the other party to fix the system in ways that one party states do, who knows. What I do know is that that party has collapsed, will not change, is corrupt and backs deeply unpopular policies. I’d imagine people in Colombia, Mexico and Greece feel the same way about their rotten choices.

“elect Bernie-Bernie-Benie and bread will rain down from heaven.”

LOL! Says the “anarcho-syndicalist”. Way to sum up what everyone but you recognize is a complex situation.


“Political pragmatism” isn’t the acknowledgment of what can’t be done

But the attempt to ensure it isn’t


I wish everyone who has voted for Democrats in the past would realize this obvious truth. The Clintons turned the Democratic party into the other corporate owned and controlled party. They advocate war, corporate mergers, and anything that will make big profits for corporations (it’s the economy stupid!) always at the expense of regular working taxpayers. We can afford wars all across the globe, and huge subsidies for fossil fuels, and bank bailouts, but not healthcare for the citizens of the country. They are Republicans in everything but name.

On a related note, I would ask everyone to start boycotting the MSM channels like CNN, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS and of course FOX. Stop reading the NYT, and go elsewhere for your news (try Democracy Now with Amy Goodman). Every time you go to one of those stations they get ratings and revenue. Starve the MSM beast and it will be forced to change.


Exactly so!


Is Bill Clinton, the first Democratic president elected after 12 years of Republican presidencies, really responsible for all you say? Have you read about his 1993 budget and the reversal of Reagan-era tax cuts in it, and the hostility that budget engendered? Did you know that the traditional labor backed Democratic candidate, the kind Democrats supposedly ditched, was nearly knocked out in a far closer primary in 1984 than the one in 2016? Did you know this was by a candidate who we’d say espoused a “neoliberal” agenda? Said candidate was that year’s Bernie Sanders, backed overwhelmingly by youth voters too. The party’s nominee then went on to get crushed in the biggest electoral loss since 1936 by an avowed and openly anti-union, trickle-down, deregulatory president. Oh, and his party increased their margins in the House and held the Senate too.

I forget we don’t do nuance around here, or history, or policy. I forget we are supposed to think all voters think like us at all times and there are no such things as political realignments. There is only the righteous and pure “us,” always back-stabbed by neoliberal counterparts, and nobody else, like, say, Republicans and voters.


Single payer is the only solution to the ongoing FUBAR known as for profit HC. Insurance companies should not be involved with HC, period as unqualified people make judgements on doctor prescribed Procedures and Diagnoses that indirectly costs lives and drives up costs. Insurance companies do not want to pay, period, so the song and dance continues ever onward in a system that does not work.

Question, How much does it cost for a 1 day stay in a hospital for a gallbladder operation? Compare this to…
How much does it cost for an iPad Pro? That alone should tell you that something is wrong with HC in this country.

End of rant, for now.


One aspect of this issue that is being ignored is the loss of many jobs that will be the result of the closing down of the basic insurance industry. I’m sure the industry will find new ways to sell health insurance, but it won’t be enough to continue the current staffing levels. We need to, in tandem with Single Payer legislation, provide a re-employment/re- education program for these folks. It would go a long way to show the compassionate nature of the progressive movement and its members. This is a WWBSD teaching moment. I haven’t, like most of us, read all that is written on this page. If someone has brought this issue forward, keep going with it. I’ve been making this comment, many times now, for the last two years. It’s too important to ignore any longer.


Yunzer: We are entering a time when what the people believe becomes more real than corporate media or the Neo Liberals. The same thing is beginning to occur in the Republican Parties base as well. To stop the trend will prove to be a bridge too far for our citizenry and our standing military to tolerate.


The ghosts of Reagan, Dukakis and McGovern animate the blindly loyal D-Party rank and file more than ideas.

Impossibilities inform their outlook more than possibilities.

As for the fact that their party is a hollow, bought-and-paid-for servant of oligarchs?
And the fact that they’re being abandoned in droves?
And the fact that their losing streak has reached epic proportions, even against the likes of Trump?

Stay the course! Chuck Schumer is a genius!


McGovern? Are you serious?


Keep drawing parallels with the past. It’s working perfectly for your party.

Good heavens, you lost to Trump.


I didn’t lose to Trump and I’ve seen your tale before, say in 2004-2005. Believe it or not, it’s just a matter of modern history that voters are finicky and sentiments change quickly. Aside from 1981-1993, flipping parties in the White House has been the rule, not the exception. Congress may be a bit tougher given gerrymandering and vote suppression, but we’ll see.

And I wasn’t drawing a parallel, but using history to show the sellout narrative is stupid. Unless you want to call the sellouts the people of the country.


Ah yes, the American gut instinct to throw the bums out, except our local bum, and then do it over again when the next guy turns out to also be a bum. Yep. A pattern.

Some people want to do something about that. Others lack the imagination to even try.

But hey, I guess it’s lucky for your bums that the Republicans are bums. Meanwhile, income inequality of epic and worsening proportions. Go Blue, right?


Only 116 Democrats out of 188 are sponsors of Conyers’ Medicare for all bill. Those 71 need to be replaced with progressives.


Medicare as it is now would have to be changed very significantly before it could pass as anything that looks like Universal Health Care.

I’d say this “Medicare for all” campaign is supported by insurance companies hedging their bets in relation to the uptick in calls for Universal Health Care.

Medicare, as it is, relies heavily on privately provided supplemental policies to reach toward full coverage, does not cover vision or dental and requires each participant to pay substantial amounts taken out of their social security earnings every month for basic coverage. My wife’s amounts to over $1200 annually out of Social Security (and that does not include premiums she pays for her supplemental insurance to cover what Medicare does not cover).

Basic Medicare covers 80% of many medical procedures. Sounds good until you have a 100K procedure…

NOT universal coverage… people still end up in bankruptcy who have Medicare and cannot afford the supplementals while their overall income, often based on Social Security, is seriously hobbled by the monthly “premium”.


Well, I am working with my local progressive democrats organization to try and take our district from our tea party Congressman. If it’s a vote against the Ryan budget and a check on Trump, that’s a start.


And they could have done a hell of a lot more: end the wars, build infrastructure, massive job program to employ the many and as a consequence they would have had the population on board for SP.


Read HR-676 so that you know what is meant by “Improved Medicare for All.” It is only 31 pages. Everyone tries to make it so complicated. You hear it all the time, “Healthcare is complicated.” I agree, healthcare is complicated. Paying for it through a single payer is not complicated.


Then we have other methods: General Strikes and total, non cooperation.


AMEN!!   Bernie isn’t perfect by any means – what human is? – but IMHO as a politician he’s WAY ahead of whoever’s in second place, with a record of real accomplishment and a consistent message.   And as I have pointed out several times before, O’Bummer himself spoke the truth at least once during his presidency when he confessed on January 27, 2010, “The differences between the two major parties are not nearly so great as they are sometimes made out to be.