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Liberals' 'Sunny Ways' Eclipsed by Cynical Old-Style Politics



Excellent commentary John. Justin is shaping up to be just another pretty face politician subject to, and receptive to, the same old pressures/promises from wealth and the powerful - or even a stealth candidate like Obama misrepresenting his true intentions and loyalties.

I would add his apparent weak-kneed servitude to Israeli subversion by joining in attacking the BDS movement, as in many places - craven local politicians supporting Israeli racism and war crimes by silencing critics - a pathetic display of political and moral cowardice.

Here is an example of Israeli ethnic cleansing the BDS movement fights and Trudeau laps-up.......


Trudeau is following the Obama blueprint; and a blueprint, it indeed is.

This is taken from today's pithy piece by Thomas Palley:

"A new world order is being smuggled in using the rhetoric of “free trade” and the economic zombie of comparative advantage. Today, trade is not driven by comparative advantage: it is driven by “barge economics.” It is as if companies float their factories and offices around the world to get access to the cheapest, most exploitable labor, to take advantage of undervalued currencies, and to take advantage of unregulated economies without standards. That is not comparative advantage: it is exploitation by global arbitrage."

The above paragraph explains why "Liberal leaders" are allowed to smile at puppies and make some minor alterations to domestic policy, but little else.

And some call the Truth "conspiracy theories." Of course, that's why they work so diligently to punish any so bold as to expose any truths that challenge the New World Order's preferred Talking Points, rationales, and Official Narratives.


Maybe the message is that you politik not like a consumer but a farmer. Don't buy politicians, grow them. And further, after watching a doc on ancient Greek democracy, have an annual booting vote every year to exile pols from gov and lobbying.


Besides Rabble, what might you suggest for political commentary?

Forgive my bluntness, but my impression is that Canadians are even more stupidly oblivious to capitalist ruling class predation than those of us south of the border. What do you read in order to help yourself survive?


The Liberals seem to be backing down on their promise to reform the Temporary Foreign Workers program, too.


If you want to know more about the lack of progress on medically assisted death (or help to get it implemented) I recommend Dying With Dignity.


Thanks. I'm going to look through that list.

Hard day today, man. It's getting really brutal down here. Two killed by police and a violent retaliation in Dallas; but for some reason this one was the straw ...


Turns out all politicians do lie. So the question is: what's the going rate?


We are more easily oppressed by the promise of bling because we interpret it as a cash register ca-ching. We are the fools fool of North America.



Even Harper took more than a mere few months to implement much of his Maximum Program. Trudeau, on the other hand, has been racing at warp speed to commit countless indecencies upon vulnerable Canadians and ordinary people in other lands. The difference? He smiles and takes selfies while he's doing it.


Also, the Vancouver Observer (online news) now has a National Observer edition. Both have broken some important stories. While the Toronto Star is an old-style news source, they have some good writers and a more independent lens. Other orgs worth checking out include Press Progress and Dogwood Initiative and David Suzuki Foundation. And while much of Canada, and many Canadians, are very passive and 'moderate' in the most deathly sense of the world, happy to wallow in their comfort zones, there's a radical component to the country. And gloriously, much of that radical resistance is led by First Nations. We'll have to see but if Trudeau goes ahead and caves to China's demands for tankers and a pipeline on the west coast, well, hopefully he'll be looking at a s--t fight that'll make the Clayoquot Sound protests look like kindergarten.