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Liberty Is Crumbling

Liberty Is Crumbling

Talk about the sands of time. The winner of Texas Sandfest 2019 created this astounding image of Abraham Lincoln lamenting the state of the republic under the exquisitely apt rubric, "Liberty Is Crumbling." Argues British Columbia sculptor Damon Langlois, "We should realize that, and fight for it." Abe would likely agree: “America will never be destroyed from the outside," he wrote. "If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”


Totally brilliant!


HI 4thefuture, YES , YES, YES !Thank you sculptor Damon Longlois. And to quote Steve Job’s lats words: " Wow, just Wow!"

“…and some castle’s made of sand slip into the sea, eventually…” Jimi


Attend the Scholars that have Withstood the Centuries…Lincoln…That Prescient Mind


I have Sworn upon the Altar of God Eternal Hostility Against every form of Tyranny over the Mind of Man.

We Must Overcome.

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Our liberties began eroding during the 50s, disguised by the postwar prosperity we enjoyed, until the supremely justified protests against the Vietnam war reinforced the WWII era Security State, largely developed by Bill Donovan and the Dulles brothers.

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