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Liberty Is Security: The Lesson Not Drawn From 9/11


Liberty Is Security: The Lesson Not Drawn From 9/11

Karen Greenberg

One vivid image of the historical relationship between government power and individual liberties in America has long been the swing of the pendulum. It catches the nature of the perpetually changing balance between the two.


The current US government is the prototype of that feared by the founders.


The lesson WAS DRAWN that pushing voters' fear buttons, blaming the victims and rewarding the perpetrators is a formula that has worked very well for the corporations, the media and politicians they own. The LESSON WAS ALSO DRAWN that creating more terrorists assures eternal occupations and wars that assure eternal revenue for the military industrial complex (MIC).

Voters' fear buttons are being pushed harder than ever in election 2016.


Hillary loves the National Security Agencies almost as much as Trump does.
If the NSA were defunded by the congress, all Americans would be safer and more free.


"Feeling safe" and being safe are 180 degrees apart.


The modus operandi of Amerika has been and will always continue to be fear and xenophobia. Native indigenous people, Reds, Japanese, Germans, Commies, Muslims, terrorists ad nauseum!


Many millions of us are not ignorant to the fact that 9-11 was the intended tool to fraudulently justify the very overreach that is expanding in every area of government and Wall Street Mafia 15 years after the treason and official cover-up of that treasonous destruction.




It's true that surrendering Liberty has brought the US little security against terrorists. But that's the smallest lesson to draw.

"Security" measures such as torture, Guantanamo and wars of aggression have inspired thousands to fight for al-Qa'ida and PISSI (the Pseudo-Islamic State in Syria and Iraq). They worked directly against our security against terrorists. Maintaining Liberty would have kept us safer fro them. That's a bigger lesson to draw.

We should immediately release all prisoners in Guantanamo except those that will soon be tried, so that they cease inspiring people to hate the US.

However, the biggest, deepest lesson is that Liberty keeps us safe from the biggest danger of all.

To do its job, government must be powerful; but any powerful instrument is also dangerous. There is nothing in the world today as potentially dangerous as the US government. In the 2000s, it killed more Americans than al-Qa'ida did, by sending them to fight a war of aggression in Iraq. (That's in addition to the hundreds of thousands of still uncounted Iraqis that were killed.)

We must maintain Liberty as a way to stop the power of the US government from hurting us.