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'Liberty is the Rule': Federal Court Blocks Immigrant Detainment Policy


'Liberty is the Rule': Federal Court Blocks Immigrant Detainment Policy

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A U.S. federal court on Friday put a temporary halt on the so-called "no release" policy to detain immigrants seeking asylum from violence in Central America.

The New York Times reports:


Our government’s behavior reflects an extreme version of cruel, bigoted, regressive and oppressive policymaking.


The Obama Administration, like the GWB Administration it imitates routinely and consistently, never imagined any offence it could not commit. Repeatedly and for as long as the same peacock is in White House.


What better way to veil the sordid history of destabilization, drug running indigenous genocide and usurpation and its legacy of mothers and children attempting to flee for their lives than to hand the 21st century reins of colonialism to its most recent iteration … the corporate prison complex.
No ladies and gentlemen, the policies of this government, the ‘shining example of democracy’ that for so many decades, centuries that sold its lies by veiling the dehumanization,marginalization and infection of the “middle class” coercion to exceptionalism - for your own good because ‘life is brutish and short’. The ‘crock’ of the ‘melting pot’ is is that the melting is a forced assimilation so crassly defended in the ‘love it or leave it mentality’ as we now see having sucked the planet dry leaving a wasteland of toxifying unviable monoculture.

AFSC noting, “the court wrote that the “incantation of the magic word ‘national security’ without further substantiation is simply not enough to justify significant deprivations of liberty.”

Just the latest iteration of the “Incantation”. This term ‘incantation’ should be taken very seriously at this point in history with its devolving clawing away at life constantly re-generating ‘terrorism’. It is a mafia-like model of induced misery for nature and human society that we hesitate to fight at our peril.


Nice to see a reasoned ruling from a court, pushing bank on the smothering blatant use of national security to extend police powers and savage the BiIl Of Rights. Now will the fascist five keep their filthy hands off this ruling?