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Libya’s Incoming Strongman Haftar Will Send the Oil Out to Europe—and Keep Its Migrants In

Libya’s Incoming Strongman Haftar Will Send the Oil Out to Europe—and Keep Its Migrants In

Vijay Prashad

You can well imagine the tension when Libya’s beleaguered Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj met with the UN envoy Ghassan Salamé in his office in Tripoli on Monday morning. Not far away, in the south of Libya’s capital, the troops of the Libyan National Army led by General Khalifa Haftar had made rapid advances. They had taken the shell of Tripoli International Airport and had made a dash toward the road that links Libya to Tunisia. Haftar’s troops, well-armed and well-disciplined, had moved northward toward the Ain-Zara neighborhood.

Prashad sez:
“European(s) … want oil to travel northward, not people. Haftar, at the cost of the Libyans themselves, will make that happen.”

As long as the oil is traded in dollars, everyone who matters is happy, no?

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There are people and issues over there that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere before. Thank you for giving us an insight into the players who are still intent on destroying Libya and have no regard for the people there.


Hillary Clinton should roast in hell for what she did to Libya. And it was her pushing Obama that made it happen - weak-ass pansy that he was to go along with it.


the west had no business interfering in Libya and to some extent the blowback is ironic cosmic justice. That said, it has to be recognized that most people follow their self interest which for the migrants its to get to better places but to Europeans its to get the oil they want but especially with high youth unemployment they have no need or use for a flood of migrants/refugees who have little in common with or respect for European culture. No use expecting (most) Europeans to not follow their interests

In a more perfect world the home country would purchase and have developed land for a mass migration. Have the migrants do the building where it can accommodate them. Then they can quickly be valued citizens.

We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE! Why is there no real reporting on what has happened in Libya------The US created this situation-----and reporting from Aljazeera is that Trump talked with Haftar on Monday and on Tuesday Haftar stepped up attacks on UN forces in Tripoli???