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Life Amidst Poverty


Life Amidst Poverty

Andrea Fuller

I have lived in poverty both as a child and as an adult, and I can say with full confidence that it is a life-crushing force. I hated it. “Poverty” is also one of the most misunderstood labels that gets slapped onto individuals without their approval—cast upon them simultaneously by both unseen and more visible forces of society.

Poverty is a word loaded with preconceived notions, common misperceptions, and seemingly innocuous assumptions. What the word does not do is delve below its surface meaning, into the reality of poverty—a world that no one wants to live in.


Poverty should not be just “endured,” it must be ended. It’s not going to happen as a result of the support of family and friends, or looking for “other opportunities.” It will take the realization of our society that poverty is unacceptable and unnecessary. This won’t happen under capitalism.


There is structural economic poverty - which is embedded in the design of a society, and there is individual, casual, unfortunate economic poverty. There is also poverty of values and morals and spirit. Not sure which one is this article referencing…other than this author’s conviction that her life should be of interest to us.


Private property ownership is the opposite of a free society.

The First Nations peoples were far freer in a world where everything was of the commons than any nation state that built its society around the concept of private property ownership.

Even the beasts of the fields , forests skies and seas know this.

The very first time an individual saw a piece of land as his or of hers is when freedom started dying.


Dude you totally lost me when you wrote, “If 40 men own a business…” Way too patriarchal. Harkens back to the ‘Every man a (feudal) King’ routine. Yes, we do need a “new economic ethos which creates ownership” - democratic community cooperative ownership and governance of businesses and land … Land trusts, cooperative housing, etc. Women are actually leading the way on much of this.


The US is rich enough to totally eliminate poverty, and has been for many years. Many “poorer” countries have much less poverty, as measured on an absolute scale, not just a relative one. There are more poor people in the US today than when Lyndon Johnson declared the “War on Poverty” 50 years ago.

Isn’t 50 years of failure long enough to conclude a system is screwed up?

Poverty is a crime, and it’s a crime committed by all of us who support and feed off our current brutal, inhuman economic system. I don’t know any magic formulas, but there are plenty of examples around the world of societies that distribute the wealth more fairly. As a first step, we should stop believing the lies spewed by the priests of the Holy Market – the economics profession.


In absolute numbers. As a percentage the poverty rate has fallen. That being said, a lot of people have no idea what a percentage is anyway so i see how absolute values are easier to grasp.


I would argue that when a planet has 7 billion inhabitants and exponential growth, any aspiration to ensure that each individual (I do assume you are not being sexist in your Utopian dream) owns 2 acres is unrealistic at best. The topography and climate zones of the planet eliminate everyone raising their own food as a viable possibility. Back to the drawing board!


Come to the parts of Pennsylvania underlain by the Marcellus Shale and see how easy it is for a landowner to get bullied around.

Your quaint USAn-style libertarianism (ownership of anything is NEVER the basis for a free society) is nonsense.